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DC : let’s give the fans a movie with a female superhero, feminism, excellent fighting sequences, stunning photography, solid acting, and a pretty damn good movie about superheroes in general.

Marvel : let’s give the fans another remake of Spiderman, and wait other two years to release our first movie with a woman as lead character.

I don’t know why but there’s something about Driver[Adam] that is very beautiful. I find that he’s very meek but assertive, and very delicate, tense, but endearing and appealing at the same time which is what you don’t really find in an actor. He is ginormous and very eccentrically good-looking. He is absolutely stunning when acting and it’s stupendous. He’s cosmic, hulking, and prodigious. He’s just so……excellent.
—  Kylieles21(xhoneymoonlight on tumblr)

Can’t believe we met Harry again for the second time within 24 hours???? @malecisright
Jo called me when he walked past her and I literally sprinted like 2 streets down to her and he was across the road. When we finally ran over, he was walking towards us (actually towards the rubbish bin to throw his empty food wrapper away) and he saw me like just gawking at him and tried to walk on since we weren’t reaching out to him at all. Then i started waving at him to grab his attention and he waved back and walked over to us omg. Long story short, he said he was running for the bus or something and he could take a selfie with us if we’d like and after that he told me “thanks for running here” 😂😭😭 I was too stunned to act cool and he probably thought I was hella weird omg
Also he was finishing up some food that he was eating while walking and Jo noted that it may have been something from Old Chang Kee and I noticed he had ketchup on his pants (right leg, mid thigh) !!! I didn’t say anything about it though because I was afraid he’d take it the wrong way 😂 Like how precious can he get !!!

PS: he looked so good!!! He was so tall and statuesque in this outfit and I regret that I didn’t take full-body photos of him because he looked So Good it would be doing the world a disservice.


I don’t need any proof that bi women’s experiences are typically closer to straight women’s than to lesbians’, beyond the fact that you so rarely see any of them express the same visceral anger lesbians feel when faced with homophobia.
Most bi women are able to remain completely cool and detached about it (”like a therapist”) and even condemn our angry reactions to homophobes, and that tells me everything I need to know. The same bi radfems who get outraged at genderists’ misogyny are completely apathetic when it comes to their homophobia, and we’re supposed to believe their straight privilege doesn’t shelter them from most of it and/or ensure they benefit from it?
They tell us to calm down, be nicer, don’t judge this book before you’ve read it, move on, stop with the pointless squabbling and go do more productive things with your time, they pride themselves on not getting involved / not caring as much as we do about homophobia - and then act completely stunned and betrayed when we assume they don’t have a clue what our oppression feels like and group them with straight women. But if they never choose to side with the people actually angry about homophobia, if they would rather find fault with our reactions than with the bigotry we are reacting to, what do they expect…?

Out of all her contemporaries, Elizabeth Taylor may have been the most flagrant and strong-willed actress in Hollywood. She put her entire private life up for public display and seemed almost to revel in the attention she got, both good and bad. This may lead one to dismiss her as a simple attention junkie or stunt queen, but the truth is that the public life is all Elizabeth Taylor ever knew.

Spurred on by her headstrong mother, the gorgeous young Elizabeth Taylor began vying for an acting career at a young age. It is said that she was inspired after watching a Shirley Temple movie, and when asked if she wanted to be a great star, Elizabeth replied ‘no- I want to be a great actress’. Her features were strikingly beautiful even at a young age, and her genteel English manners gave her a uniquely adult air. Her first feature film appearance occurred at age nine when she co-starred with Carl Switzer (‘Alfalfa’ of The Little Rascals shorts) in the light farce There’s One Born Every Minute. Her first real notable appearance was in 1943’s Lassie Come Home in which she played alongside Roddy McDowall. It is said that she was at first considered too ‘adult-seeming’ for the role, and in early stages of filming, the director complained that she was wearing far too much mascara. In truth, she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. Elizabeth Taylor was born with a rare genetic mutation: a double row of eyelashes.

Elizabeth’s early experiences in film set the precedent for the rest of her life and career. Although she was treated like an adult star by her co-stars and directors, and treated as an adult breadwinner by her family, she was emotionally still a child. Her entire childhood and adolescence would be chronicled onscreen and in fan magazines, shaping Elizabeth’s self-image as well as having an enormous effect on the way society viewed child stars and their ascent into adulthood.

Her big break came at age 12 when she was chosen out of thousands of other girls to play the highly-coveted role of Velvet Brown in the 1944 film adaption of Enid Bagnold’s novel National Velvet. The role was not given to her easily, and in adult life Elizabeth would later claim that she willed herself to grow four inches in a few months in order to win the role. In all likelihood, it was probably her determined nature and persistence that won her the part- a personality trait that would follow her well into adulthood and which would bring both happiness and misfortune to Ms. Taylor.

The making of National Velvet, and its subsequent release and reception, were integral in shaping Elizabeth Taylor into the mammoth star she would soon become. Elizabeth’s co-stars and crew were quick to warm to her, recognizing both her stunning beauty and acting ability as well as a certain ‘x-factor’ that translated into a sizzling star quality. National Velvet was a huge hit, grossing over $4 million at the box office, and Elizabeth was signed for a seven-year contract with MGM. This was the beginning of her life as a celebrity.

Elizabeth’s experiences on the set of National Velvet are worth mentioning as they would  have a profound effect on her life and health. While filming, she fell off her horse several times, leading to de-habilitating back injuries, for which she was prescribed extra-strength painkillers. Due to this experience, Elizabeth would not only struggle with her back problems for the rest of her life, but she would also undergo extremely public battles with her addiction to prescription pills and alcohol. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that the studio’s treatment of Elizabeth as a commodity and cash cow- rather than a child to nurture and protect- had a profound influence on her self-worth and actions. She certainly wasn’t the first child star to be exploited for the studio’s gain, but she was affected quite severely. Her reliance on painkillers began before she even hit age 13- she was far too young to exercise the good judgement and critical thinking skills that come with age. But because she was as bankable as any ‘adult’ star in MGM’s roster of actors and actresses, she was treated like an adult and expected to exert the willpower and stamina of her fully-matured contemporaries.

It’s important to consider, too, that Elizabeth’s professional expectations as well as the expectations of her family were not reflected in media coverage and her public image. Press releases and fan magazines positioned Elizabeth Taylor as more or less a typical child, albeit one with far more money and beauty than the average elementary-school student. In reality, she  had no notion of a typical childhood, and didn’t attend public school, instead receiving private lessons from MGM’s on-set instructors. Elizabeth expressed some frustration with this as she wished to socialize with other children, children who were more concerned with toys and playtime than the box office and earning starring roles. However, Elizabeth was first and foremost a commodity to the studio, and they maximized her earning potential by squeezing as many working hours out of the young adolescent as they could.

In short, her public image didn’t reflect the reality of her childhood. In 1946, she published a children’s book, Nibbles and Me, a picture book about her pet chipmunk which had been a writing assignment given to her by one of her on-set tutors. The book, written and illustrated by fourteen-year-old Elizabeth, suggests a far more idyllic childhood than was her actual experience, a childhood replete with animal friends and relaxing days spent in the country. It’s not to say that the book was was an outright lie- Nibbles was very real, as was Elizabeth’s time spent with the creature. But the choice to put the book out for public consumption suggests that the studio as well as Elizabeth’s mother-cum-manager wished to portray a very different picture of Elizabeth’s life than what she was actually experiencing.

Her established image was elegant, sweet, and gentle. Unlike other child stars such as Shirley Temple and Natalie Wood, the public fascination for Elizabeth lay in her placidity, rather than the cutesy impish qualities that were the standard for child stars at the time. Perhaps it was this image that allowed her to transition smoothly into more adult roles, or maybe she just got lucky. The most important takeaway from all this, though, is that the life of a star was all Elizabeth Taylor ever knew.

Her enormous presence in film and popular culture made Elizabeth Taylor easily recognizable and iconic to a generation of filmgoers at quite an early age. Despite her early ambitions, though, she was considered more of a ‘star’ than a proper actress. The way the public saw Elizabeth Taylor was a reflection of how society thought young girls her age should be: beautiful, decorative, pleasant, and above all, charming and compliant. Although in private Elizabeth was prone to typical bouts of petty adolescent rebellion and temper tantrums, as well as being known among friends to curse a blue streak, she was more or less seen by the public as a genteel young lady of proper breeding. This was reflected in her film roles. She played in light comedies like The Big Hangover, and portrayed Amy in an adaption of Little Women.

Offscreen, however, things were quite different. She had grown tired and listless of life in Hollywood. Her ‘graduation ceremony’, photographed at Hollywood High School, was a phoney publicity stunt. She stood onstage and accepted a diploma with a group of teenagers with whom she had never attended school, and smiled for the photographers sent by the studio to capture this typical ‘rite of passage’.

Deep inside, she longed for the normalcy she’d never known, the typical young adult life she’d compellingly portrayed onscreen.

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your masterpieces tell the stories of unheard voices. you gave those voices the recognition they deserve through hard work, beauty, and stunning acting. im sure the black family is eternally grateful.

(( OOC: I swear I heard the voice of Phineas Nigellus Black reading this. Not that I’ve heard it before. But I’m pretty sure I have now. ))

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Headcannons with Kyoutani, Daichi, Akaashi, Semi & Ushijima (my tough thigh boys need sum love), when their crush kisses them on the cheek when they are off guard and when they turn around she gives them a peck on the lips. (Let's say she's accustomed to giving kisses to show someone that they like that person) HOPE IT'S NOT CONFUSING BUT I WANT THIS HEADCANNON TO HAPPEN LOL

Thanks for the request!

Kyoutani Kentarou

  • He won’t be stunned or anything
  • He’ll just act like it’s nothing
  • And then he’ll surprise kiss her back later in the day

Sawamura Daichi

  • He turns bright red
  • Cheek kisses are kind of his weakness
  • Then the cheek kiss turns into an actual kiss
  • And Daichi is Deadchi

Akaashi Keiji

  • He’ll smile a little
  • It makes her heart melt
  • He’ll kiss her cheek in return
  • And make her heart melt even more

Semi Eita

  • He’s flustered
  • He’ll stutter a little bit
  • “What…what was that for?”
  • She just shrugs, and continues walking
  • His face is red and he’s flustered for probably the next hour

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • Pretty chill about it
  • He’ll be happy that she wanted to kiss him
  • And will probably kiss her back
  • But he doesn’t make a big deal about it at all

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You are very pretty and I love your writing. Can you finish the headcanon and do Mamoru for what he would do if MC adopted a child

Aw thanks my love, You are great! Enjoy! 
                                                           HIS POV

Wanting to know more about this woman, and what she does when she is always in a rush to leave work has me always questioning. I don’t want her to think I am interested even though I am in a kid like her, but I need answers so I followed her.
Makin sure I’m not seen as I follow her we pull up to a school, she got a younger brother or sister? Damn this is a lot of work. Hidden in the shadows I see a little boy smiling widely running over to her. “Mommy!” he yells and I’m stunned, the kid has a kid?. Trying to get more questions and why she turned me down for a date, still hidden in the shadows I follow her to a park where she sits on a bench and the little boy plays as she goes through his bookbag. Casually comin out of hiding I will act like I have been just passin by the park. I pass by her. “Oh hey kid, whats up?” Her eyes widen and got to her feet quickly, “Mamoru! What are you doing here?” she acts stunned and I smile. “Just had business in the area”, “Mommy!” the little boy runs over to her side and she smiles down at him clearing her throat “Theo say hi to Mr. Mamoru he is mommy’s friend”, he hides behind her a bit as I bend down to his level and I chuckle. “Hello Theo I’m Mamoru”, “Hi” he asks shyly, than he looks up at Mc who is just smiling down at him, “Its okay he isn’t a stranger” she giggles and he nods stepping out from behind her and held out his hand to shake mine. As we shake hands, Theo looks back at Mc, “Mommy I am hungry” she nods smiling “Play for a little more then we will go out tonight” he cheers and runs away to play again on the playground.
As he leaves, she watches him smiling and I cant help but look at her with that soft and lovable expression she wears. “So you got a kid” I say and she looks at him sighing as she sits back down, I sit next to her. “Yes he is mine” she speaks softly watching him play smiling, “Is the dad around?” she looks over at me sadly and I know something isn’t right. “His mom and dad both aren’t around” she says biting her lip and I just stare at her, “They died?” I asked questioningly and she shakes her head looking back over to Theo. “I don’t know what happened to them. Truthfully I don’t care either” she looks down sounding sad I felt like I had to comfort her somehow, taking her hand in mine. Her eyes snap up to meet mine and she sighs, “I found him.. one night outside” she smiles with tears in her eyes. “He would have died out there on a cold winter night, and I didn’t want to turn him in and he goes to foster care..So I took him in” she smiles looking back at the little boy. “He will always be my son” I smile watching her, squeezing her hand, she looks back at me and giggles a bit wiping her tears. “Sorry I hardly talk to anyone about this.. only people who know are my family, a few close friends and now you” she looks at me and I nod standing up and she watches me. “Lets go eat.. Together” she stands up looking at me. “Are you sure?” she asks and I nod seriously. “Yes I want to take you and Theo to eat”, she was stunned but nodded.

After getting Theo finally off the playground, he gets excited because of his new friend Mamoru is going with him and his mother. finding out that she has a child and hearing the background makes me wonder, maybe I can do some detective work for her to find out his real parents, but make sure they are to never come around him or her again and give justice where it should be given. I want to know her more, I want to know him more. As they walk and hold hands I walk a little bit behind them, watching them and smiling. “Oh I forgot to tell you, guess what Mr.Mamoru is?” Theo looks back at me questioningly “What are you Mr. Mamoru?” he asks eyes light up and I chuckle a bit. “ just call me Mamoru I’m a cop kid” he lights up like a firework, “That what I wanna be and do when I’m older! You help and fight bad guys!” I ruffle his hair smiling and Mc giggles watching us both. Yea, I think something new is starting right now.

Preference "How they take your virginity" (NSFW)

(Hope I got this request right and you all like it :3 PS. I tried my best to make them all different and be as descriptive as I could for this :D Yay for our favs being nice XD tags:@ichimaruai @mistwolf4 Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- He had pushed you against the wall, claiming your lips aggressively and was fumbling to remove your clothes. He’d chuckle to see you help him but the moment you admitted you were a virgin, he’d stop and back away in shock. He wanted you badly and ,at that moment he was willing to change from his plan on taking you roughly to making sure he was making you feel comfortable with him.

Daryl- He’d be kissing you tenderly on the bed and touch you and feel you as much as he could. From the way you reacted, he figured you were a virgin and he’d ask you if you were okay with him doing this to you. When he learns that you’re alright, he’d keep making you feel comfortable and whisper words of encouragement and tell you his fantasies about you and how much he loves you.

Rick- Looking into your eyes, he just couldn’t resist kissing you and make sure you knew where it would lead to. Eventually, you’d tell him you’re a virgin and he’d suddenly feel a little awkward. He’d think about if he should go on and later just grab your hand to promise you he wouldn’t hurt you. He’d proceed to kiss you again and this time pull you over on top of him to make you feel in power.

Merle- He traced your lips with his finger and grabbed the back of your head to pull you in for a deep kiss. His hand slid down your body while his kisses trailed down to your neck and he just loved looking at how good he made you feel. You’d eventually tell him you were a virgin and it made him chuckle and promise you that after this you wouldn’t be anymore.

Glenn- He would nicely ask you if you wouldn’t mind having sex with him. You’d smile and shyly admit you were a virgin and he’d want to be with you even more. He’d grab you in for a kiss and tell you everything will be alright. He’d gently push you down and remove your clothing while kissing you all over and making sure you were comfortable with him being with you.

Carl- You were both playfully giving each other kisses and tickling one another when suddenly it started to get more and more intimate. As he kissed you, you’d finally admit to him you were a virgin and it would make him chuckle. He’d admit to you as well and tell you how happy he was losing it to you.

The Governor- He had persuade you into loving him and was going to make you his. He’d ask you for a kiss and you’d gladly give it to him and slowly he’d start to build it up. He’d reach down your body and eventually you’d tell him you were a virgin. He’d initially be in shock but just couldn’t stop himself from wanting you and tell you he didn’t mind and promised you he wouldn’t hurt you.

Abraham- He’d kiss you roughly and push you onto the bed. He’d climbed on top of you and try his best to remove your clothes without just ripping them off. However, he’d see you being suddenly nervous and would ask what was wrong. You’d eventually admit you were a virgin and he’d think about it for a while. In the end, he’d tell you how much he loves you and would make sure he didn’t hurt you.

Eugene- You pulled him in for a long kiss and although he’d hesitate at first, he’d eventually kiss you back. You’d then back away and admit to him you were a virgin and he’d be totally stunned but act casual about it. He’d then take the lead and gently lay you down on the bed. He’d then tell you he’ll try his best to not make it too painful.

Jesus- He’d kiss your forehead and suddenly just have the urge to want you more. His kisses would trail down to you lips and he’d eventually push you down on the bed. He knew you were a virgin and as he removed your clothing, he’d start to tell you how beautiful you are and how much he wanted to be with you.

Ron- He’d kiss you softly and eventually start to kiss you even deeper. You were both virgins and he really wanted you to lose yours to him and his to you. He’d back away looking into your eyes and tell you about how much he loves you and how much you meant to him.

Dwight- He’d take you on for a run and admit his feelings for you. In the heat of the moment, he’d suddenly pull you in for a kiss and roughly claim your lips. You’d kiss him back and later admit to him you were a virgin. He’d be shocked for a moment but he’d then remove his shirt to lay it down on the ground. He’d grab your hand and pull you over to lay you down on his shirt. As you got on the ground, he’d promise you he wouldn’t ever hurt you.

Morgan- He’d be surprise by you just kissing him and would hesitate as to if he should kiss you back. He’d eventually give in and want more of you. He’d back away and grab your hand to pull you over to his room. On your way, you’d eventually let him know you were a virgin and he’d stop to think about it but ultimately take you to his room. Once there, he’d push you on the bed and promise to be gentle with you.

Shane- He had been flirting with you constantly and wondered as to why you never completely gave in to him. So one day, he’d walk in to your room and grab you for a deep kiss. In that moment, you couldn’t resist to kiss him back and he’d push you down onto your bed. He’d ask you as to why you never flirted back with him and you’d finally admit to him you were a virgin. He’d chuckle and start to undress you and tell you to not worry as he wasn’t going to hurt you.

Milton- You were both sitting next to each other and talking when he suddenly reached for your hand to hold. You’d look up at him and he’d suddenly kiss you gently. You’d kiss him back and admit to him you were a virgin. He’d be genuinely surprised and chuckle realizing he was going to be the one teaching you things. He’d take you by the hand to go in his room and try his best to convince you he’ll be gentle with you.

Aaron- He’d kiss your forehead softly to tell you goodnight as he usually did but this time he’d suddenly kiss your lips. He’d admit to you that he’d want more of you and start to kiss you deeply. He’d get on the bed and that’s when you told him you were a virgin. He’d smile and tell you how special he felt that you were about to lose it to him.

Michonne- She’d come back from a run and walk over to you to kiss you gently. She’d slowly build it up and push you on to the couch. She’d climb over you and that’s when you’d finally admit to her you were a virgin. She’d smirk and just couldn’t believe you. She’d proceed to undress you and at this point as she touched you she believed you. She’d kiss you again and proceeded to be gentle with you.

Maggie- She’d find you in your room and just ask you if you wanted to have sex with her. You’d be surprised and stutter and in that moment she’d figure out you were a virgin. She’d chuckle and approach to ask you again. You’d shyly nod and she’d suddenly kiss you. She’d push you back into your bed and convince you that she’ll treat you gently.

Andrea- She’d talk to you late at night in your room and would start to get closer and closer to you. She’d look you in the eyes and would just press her lips to yours. It would gradually get rougher and you’d eventually admit to her you were a virgin. She’d smirk as her hand slid down your body and tell you, you weren’t going to be anymore.

Jessie- You were about to leave her house but was suddenly stopped as she grabbed you in for a kiss. It got gradually deeper and eventually she’d pull you back in. She’d expect you to push her on the couch but be surprised by your inaction. You’d eventually tell her you were a virgin and she’d then understand. She’d smile and approach you and promise you she’ll be as gentle as she could.

Beth- You both sat in her room talking and you started to sit closer and closer to her. You’d then pull her in for a kiss and suddenly you’d admit to her you were a virgin. She’d be surprised and back away for a moment. She’d ask you how come and be curious about it but eventually she’d push you back onto the bed and reassure you that everything will be alright.

Sasha- While on a run alone with her, she’d suddenly tell you about her feelings and pull you in for a kiss. Eventually it got deeper and deeper. She’d start to try and remove your clothing and that’s when you’d admit to her you were a virgin. She’d stop and ask you if you were joking with her but then realize you were telling the truth. She’d stop and tell you she’d get back at you once at home.

Rosita- She’d push you against the bed and start to kiss you all over. As she’d explore you and try to remove your clothes, you’d eventually tell her you were a virgin. Knowing that, she’d proceed to remove your clothes and try her best to make you feel special.

Enid- She’d shyly press her lips against yours and start to follow your lead. You’d then back away and admit to her you were a virgin. She’d feel somewhat relieved and admit to you the same. You’d both chuckle and try to make each other’s first time as comfortable as possible.

Tara- The two of you were walking hand in hand until she’d walk you to your house. There, she couldn’t resist pulling you in for a kiss and you just had to pull her inside your house. She’d keep up with you and eventually you’d tell her you were a virgin. She’d be surprised at first but would smile and take things with you slowly.