stumptown comics awards


Oh my gosh!!! I won BOTH “Best Colorist” and “Best New Talent” at the Stumptown awards last night! Skin Deep: Exchanges is now AWARD WINNING! Thank you to everybody who voted for me! I was also nominated for “Reader’s Choice” which was a wonderful surprise!

My acceptance speeches were stupid and blubbery and I didn’t do any thanking like I should have, so I’ll do it here! THANK YOU, SFÉ for being my best friend and helping me with Exchanges in more ways than I can count (examples include: CONTRIBUTING THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS of Anthony and Blanche and also making sure my pages weren’t a horrible jumbled mess of spelling and grammar errors). There wouldn’t be a book without you. UuU

Also thanks to my family and whatever I GUESS they’re pretty cool too or whatever I kinda love them a lot.

The second day of Stumptown is starting SOON! We’re at table D7 so come on down to see TWO HUGE NERDS I mean rad people selling comics.