stump saturday

I personally think it’s the hottest thing when guys moan and become almost helpless getting all caught up in their own pleasure and lately all I’ve been thinking about is Patrick being that way in bed sometimes. Where he becomes a desperate grunting, whimpering, moaning, mess if you try to take control of him just begging you to continue. omg the thought turns me on SO much!!

What song did you grow up listening to that you wish was on your album?
  • Patrick: Let's answer for each other! I'm gonna say Pete would have wanted to have written… Paradise City?
  • Pete: I would say for Patrick… it would be a Tom Waits song but I can't think of one right now, so I'm gonna say Radio Radio by Elvis Costello
  • Andy: (to Joe) I don't know what you wanna write
  • Joe: I don't know what you wanna write either

Fall Out Boy - Saturday Feat. Joe Marro (Live from Cruise Inn - May 2003)