stump saturday

What song did you grow up listening to that you wish was on your album?
  • Patrick: Let's answer for each other! I'm gonna say Pete would have wanted to have written… Paradise City?
  • Pete: I would say for Patrick… it would be a Tom Waits song but I can't think of one right now, so I'm gonna say Radio Radio by Elvis Costello
  • Andy: (to Joe) I don't know what you wanna write
  • Joe: I don't know what you wanna write either
Peterick Theory #5: Saturday

Okay, as we know, the song Saturday was written by Patrick, as opposed to being written by Pete like the vast majority of Fall Out Boy songs, because it was on Fall Out Boy’s (technically) first album, Take This To Your Grave.

This song seemed to be about Fall Out Boy’s sort of “take off” as a band. Especially speculating off the lyrics of the chorus;

“When I say,
Two more weeks,
My foot is in the door.
I can’t sleep,
In the wake of Saturday.
When these open doors were open-ended.
when these open doors were open-ended.”

The album Take This To Your Grave was the beginning of Fall Out Boy’s somewhat apparition in the eyes of fame, the song Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy being their first (though on a lower scale than say Sugar, We’re Going Down, Dance Dance, or Centuries, etc.) “hit”.

The second verse of the song, however, states,

“Pete and I attack the laws of Astoria with promise and precision,
And a mess of beautiful innocence.”

Now, ‘Astoria’ could be taken as a town in Oregon, but Astoria is also the name of a banquet hall that Fall Out Boy, in their earliest years of being a band, would play.

The line also gestures at the fact the two are reckless, pushing the limits, like any teenager. But, again, together, as mentioned.

The way he uses the term 'promise’, as if he were promising success to Pete, or Pete were promising success to Patrick, or even both of them were somewhat hoping for it for themselves. Success in the band- at a career together- at just living life in general.

Now, the chorus as stated before, is changed in the last time Patrick repeats it, with,

“Two more weeks,
My foot is in the door.
Me and Pete,
In the wake of Saturday.
When these open doors were open-ended
When these open doors were open-ended.”

It’s rather obvious what this (though slight) change is about. The boys were sort of taking a risk, leaving their old ways behind, making something out of themselves. Their foot in the door, if you will, making “Fall Out Boy” out of themselves.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I’ll be back with more.


Trying to make my nephew (6 years) emo
  • Me: *shows The Ballad of Mona Lisa*
  • Nephew: If I was a ghost I'd kill everyone except for my friends
  • Me: Am I your friend?
  • Nephew: You are my girlfriend so no.. But I'd kill your friends
  • .
  • Me: *shows A little less sixteen candles and a little more touch me*
  • Nephew: Vampires use blood as their weapon right?
  • Me: uhh
  • Nephew: But they drink it too.. I don't get it *thinks really hard*
  • .
  • Me: *shows The emperors new clothes*
  • Nephew: The more he dances the bigger he gets.. *giggles* funny
  • .
  • Me: *shows Welcome to the black parade*
  • Nephew: That's a lot of black
  • Me: .. Do you like it?
  • Nephew: yeah