So as a couple of you may know, or not know, Patrick Stump went to my high school, class of 2002. My brother is graduating today (congrats William!) and Patrick was supposed to be a guest speaker and win an alumni award. HOWEVER, he couldn’t make it because HIS WIFE IS VERY CLOSE TO HAVING BABY NUMBER 2, AND HE WAS AFRAID TO LEAVE HER!!! Here is the video message he sent in, in his place! Congrats to Patrick and Elisa!

I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention that patrick stump literally wrote a song called coast (it’s gonna get better). Like the entire song is just a message to his fans that even though their lives might suck atm to stick with him and keep going. No digging around for the meaning, no single lines that might be about one thing might be about another, it’s written simply in every lyric. I honestly can’t name one other musician ever that has done that and it’s one of the main reasons I care about him so much