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We haven’t posted an article in a while, but here we are back with great news for you, especially if you work every day with the most used software for digital painting, Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop comes with a nice Brush Manager. It’s clean and simple but when it comes to organise our hundreds of brushes’ sets, here we stumble upon a little weakness: we can’t. Or, at least, we can but regrouping brushes into categories by creating new sets can be not so easy and it might take away time.

There are a few nice plug-ins out there to do the organising job and today we want to share the newest one.

Panorabrush is a PS plug-in you can use to easily organise your brushes by folders. Said folders can be colour-coded, searched through using a search bar and of course you can save your brush preset in .abr.

The plug-in is compatible with PC and Mac, though it can be installed only in Photoshop CC 2014 and 2015.

The only con we have found is the price, $19.99, though the number can be easily forgotten if an artist works every day with Photoshop for a living: the plug-in lets you save a lot of time, after all, and it makes your life easier.

Our beta tester, Gabrielle, is also beta tester for the official plug-in and says: 

I think it’s a great start. It’s useful, almost life changing, because when you have hundreds of different brushes it’s a pain looking for that particular one with a forgotten name… I was actually disappointed when I opened the “official” brushes manager of PS CC and found this plain list where you can only rename but not organise by categories your brushes without saving them first and re uploading. I mean, if you are not a nerd, that may not be very easy.

For more information, here’s the official website of Panorabrush.

G & M


Having noticed Joaquin’s arrival, Dylan headed over to say hello. Right as she’d come around the edge of the tent, though, she stumbled onto something she wasn’t prepared for.

“I wasn’t actually looking for one of the girls,” Joaquin confessed, “I, uh, I came over to see you.”

Me?” Sebastian chortled, looking over at Joaquin suggestively, “And why’s that?”

Joaquin faltered for a moment before finding his strength, looking at Sebastian proudly. “Because I find you incredibly attractive.”

Do you ever start writing something and half way through you realize it’s going to be epically long? I’ve been doing research and I keep going off on these tangents because every time I stumble across something that helps support my ideas I get such a rush. I live for this shit.  

I’m such a fucking nerd. 

August 26th excerpt:

Halfway out, he tripped on the thick carpet fibers. Stumbling, he toppled forward and landed on his front with a quiet Oof! that sent ice up his spine. He turned to look over his shoulder at the bed behind him to see if he’d been heard.

The tiny sound was just barely audible over Dean’s breathing. His eyes blinked open, staring blankly up at the ceiling while what he’d heard sunk into his head.

Bioforensics turns 1

aka I apologize in advance for this long piece of crap I’m about to write…

One year ago today, I was just fresh into the AOS fandom. Just finished off both seasons of the show and knew that it was my new obsession. I wanted to find a place where I could share my love for this show (and my evergrowing shipping problem with Fitzsimmons)…and im not gonna lie, I dont remember how I stumbled across Tumblr. I think I had gotten to the point where I was searching through the social medias on the Play Store and something about Tumblr popped out at me. Had I heard of the app before? Probably, but I guess it was cool enough of a description to have me press the install button and create an account. For those of you who may remember, you first saw me as happygohydra, this person fresh into AOS and Marvel, with a whole blog dedicated to showing that new love. I was just scrolling through my followers yesterday and the first person at the bottom of that list was @everyl1ttleth1ng who, by the way, writes such amazing things. My happygohydra days lasted a little while before I switched over to what many of you remember me as, jemmaslittlemonkey. I think it was at that point that I collected some of the craziest and greatest blogs, most of whom actually decided to follow me back. I just realized yesterday that @agl03, who is my #1 source for theories, and @perthshirekisses, who writes some of the best little ficlets and drabbles, both follow me. ME! Can you believe it? I’m super amazed (and confuzzled) by some of the people following me because theyre some of those blogs I look up to for their greatness and I’m just crazed that they clicked the follow button on my blog and haven’t left yet. Then you’ve got those blogs from people you’ve known for a bit longer than tumblr. @kaitiebishops, who I’ve known since my IG stages and @foreverengel11, who could turn off her hearing aids if she wants to ignore me but doesn’t because she loves me that much, i mean those are the kind of people you stay for. And I’ve never really been a social media guru. In fact, the only social media I’ve ever had was IG and that only lasted for what…I dont even know how long. Those people from over there on here @avengers–x, @kaitiebishops, @fritzen-lcaos, @pesto-aioli, and probably others I may have followed over there were such great mutuals who posted amazing edits ( @fritzen-lcaos’s never failed to make me laugh or freak out) and made the AOS and FS fandom a great place. And then there’s that one day where Jemmaslittlemonkey went and binge followed hundreds of blogs dedicated to AOS and Fitzsimmons, and that’s when I met a great deal of awesome people. @agent-85, who’s fics I actually binge read last night because they’re so good, @agentcalliope, aka the amazing Casey who’s “Do Us Part” fic actually blows me away and who is a beautiful soul inside and out, @agentverbivore, who’s amazing gifsets have me laughing and saying #same almost every day, @agl03, who I’ve already mentioned in this, but ngl she’s pretty awesome with her theories and fics, @amanda-rex, whose fic “The Project” is one of my faves, @blacklolitarose, who I must include in this because her Fitzsimmons trailers on Youtube give me LIFE!!! @chinese-bakery, YOUR FICS ARE AMAZING!!!! @eclecticmuses, oh my goshnuggets your art is crazy good like *explosion noises*, @fitzsimmonns, aka the fav Nikki who I will never forget messaged me the day I wasn’t feeling good (short conversation, but truly made me smile), @fitzsimmvns (putting you right next to Nikki)…TEGAN!!! you are one of the nicest people who actually wants to talk to me. You slay at everything like…writing, giffing, quote-ing :P Amazing person, good friend Tegan everyone<3<3, @fortheloveoffitz, my beta-er when I actually write things, thank you for everything you’ve done for my writing and for helping me make decisions on my writing as well, @grapehyasynth, your drabbles, truly, are,,, amazing…liKE How DO I LiVe w/out THeM???, @inevitablyfitzsimmons, truly so sweet and fellow book lover :), @memorizingthedigitsofpi, YOUR. MANIPS. OH MY GOODNESS. Also, A June Wedding began my love for the fake dating trope, so thank you for that :), @mrsdecaestecker and @msdevindanielle, your gifsets actually give me life, like honestly, @nerdlove4thewin, such a sweetie ngl, @omgfitzsimmons, RUTH YOUR FS GIF OF BLACK AND WHITE THAT BURSTS TO COLOR ACTUALLY HAD ME FREAKING LIke I was legit in Friendly’s and saw this and was flipping I’m surprised I didn’t cause a scene. Seriously like how do you gif???, @perthshirekisses, whom has already been mentioned but lets all appreciate this amazing writer like come on, @pesto-aioli, I am envious of your edits like omg, @renisanz, I am just not over your Fitzsimmons art. Truly. @shieldsil, YOUR ART OH MY WORD!!! Like how??? so perfect!! @superirishbreakfasttea Paige, glorious fic writer like…I cry? So much? At your writing? “Look On Tempests” I almost fell off my bed at the last chapter’s ending, “On Paper,” I love to no end, “You Are My Sunshine” oh mY GOD IM SUCH TRASH FOR THAT STORY and also may have cried endlessly while reading it, @teambiochem and @teamengineering for making hiatus bearable, and esp all the writers of “Meet Cute” from @teamengineering for writing such an amazing piece that made me want to kill Devin when updates were posted. Still not over Devin’s interruptions guys. @thefitzsimmonsnetwork for accepting this dork who’s talking too much, @ughfitz for being an amazing giffer :), @whentheskyequakes because “Before You Go” has consumed my life and BUNNIES, @writeonthrough, killer good fics like oh my word, and *deep breathes* my best friend @pxggycxrters, IRL best friend for years and for the rest of my life, you are my world and I’m so fortunate to have someone like you. Ilysm my frizzy clam. 

Well, it’s been a fun and eventful year. I doubt any of you will actually read every word of this (trust me, I wouldn’t want to either) but just a few words, a follow forever of my own style, to thank those who’ve made my stay here on tumblr more than amazing and I can’t thank you all enough for everything you’ve done to make the AOS/FS fandom a great place for me to hang my hat and my feels  and I’m all out of words to say but a huge thank you!

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Hiatus Update.

I wish this was happier news. 

Because I miss you guys so much, I do.

The thing is this, though: when I come on here, and scroll though my dash, the predominant feelings I have aren’t happiness or community or fun, but rather worry over what I may stumble over unprepared, and sadness that a place that used to be an enjoyable social outlet now brings me anxiety and a feeling of disconnection. 

I want this feeling to go away. God, I do, so much. But I don’t think I can make myself feel better about tumblr or fandom. It has to happen organically. Or, I guess, maybe not happen. Whichever the case may be. The reality that the good feelings might not come back, that I may continue to feel this disconnected and hollow from the things I used to love–that possibility makes me terribly sad, but I can’t make myself feel ways I just don’t right now.

I still love Sherlock and John and all the wonderful things they mean to me. I am still trying to write fic, though it’s hard to work past this kind of hollowed-out feeling to the good place where the words flow naturally.

I’m not leaving. I keep saying that. But I don’t know what’s here for me, anymore, either, and I am so sorry for that.

Time will tell, I suppose.

i stumbled upon some terf’s blog and saw some post that was like “if you completely exclude trans women from your dating pool youre not a lesbian” and the replies were like “OH COOL im being PRESSURED to HAVE SEX with PENISES WOW thanks!!! they want us to SUCK DICK SO BAD and RIDE ON IT and HAVE IT SPRAY CUM EVERYWHERE!! that is terrible stop pressuring lesbians to do stuff with dicks! rapists!”

and it was hilarious cause no one said anything about doing anything with dicks. no one mentioned sex until the terfs reared their ugly heads and their ugly obsession with trans girls genitals. terfs refuse to acknowledge that not all trans girls want to have their dicks touched or even have a dick to touch (post-op) cause they wanna be so obsessed with the idea. that is an amazing level of objectifying & fetishizing that rivals actual chasers

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Hi, just stumbled over your site and you seem like an expert for this question, for which i din´t find the right platform till know ^^ I am just reading book number 5 and got to the point, where sansa thinks to herself about the differences between her and the "childish" girls from Margery. She remembers the evening of the blackwater and says, that the hound had actually KISSED her that night... did i miss something while reading no 4? He hadn´t kissed her, did he? (read the german versions)

In short, no dear Nonny, Sandor did not kiss Sansa.

Many have discussed this at length, so here I have linked you to meta that I hope you will find informative:

Corseque’s Unkiss Meta

Analyzing the Unkiss from a psycological standpoint

On Sansa’s Memory of Sandor 1

On Sansa’s  Memory of Sandor  2

The Unkiss

More Musings about the Unkiss

On Repressed/Changed Memories

GRRM’s Own Words

Enjoy! - mod feather

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So to reinforce the message that the gay is here to stay... Do you have some headcanons for any of the ships? Like RiDe maybe~

Mod: Bless your soul! The gay is INDEED here to stay, my friend! RiDe headcanons? Coming right up! (These are mostly AU headcanons, but some could also be placed during the apocalypse)

- Dempsey always manages to make Richtofen smile. Nomatter how depressed he may be, Dempsey’s dorkly jokes always make him crack up

- Richtofen waking Dempsey up at 3am on nights with full moons to go look at the stars

- Dempsey waking up at night and stumbling upon a sick and shivering Richtofen in the bathroom, so he sits next to him halfasleep as he wraps his arm around him and cuddles him

- Richtofen being so in love with Tank’s singing voice and constantly ask him to sing (I know I used this one before, but it’s just so adorable)

- Them sometimes making random walks at night, so the streets are calm and no one bothers them

- Dempsey having Richtofen in his phone as ‘Babe <3′

- Richtofen having Dempsey in his phone as ‘Darling <3′

Anon Request: ok so this will sound out of nowhere but could you do some poly roadrat soulmate au headcanons. Please im dyin’ squirtle

I hope I did this right. I’ve read a few soulmate AU’s, and I love them. If you have any questions, message me.

• Obviously, it took no time for Roadhog and Junkrat to encounter each other, but they were shocked to find that another name was on both of their wrists. They didn’t know who it was, but they spent quite some time focusing on each other.

• They didn’t meet you for quite some time. Actually, they ended up meeting you during a break-in with a bank. You were a slightly annoyed customer, impatiently waiting for them to give you the money you needed, when Roadhog and Junkrat stumbled in.

• In the next second, you ended up on the ground with the skinnier of the two pinning you down, slightly panicked. It was then you felt a strange burning on your wrist, and you looked over. One of the two names on your wrist was itching slightly.

• He seemed shocked to see you, realizing it was you, and his partner returned a moment later. Your eyes met his, and the second name burned with a fury.

• It took a bit of time for you to move in with them, especially since you never really had roommates before. However, you quickly got used to it.

• If anything, they were perfect. Though, the three of you never cuddled all together unless it was much too cold outside. The three of you together resulted in quite a lot of warmth.

• Expect some weird looks. Most people only had one soulmate, so seeing someone with two made some uncomfortable.

• Also, a lot of gifts for each other. You’ll have to get used to Junkrat showing you his new inventions, occasionally covering you in soot when he hugs you. On the other hand, you and Roadhog will paint each other’s nails and joke around. You like to rest on his belly since it’s so comfortable.

• That doesn’t really matter to you three. You love each other, and that’s all that matters.

• Besides, you can’t control who your soulmate is.

The Gift of Divine Power.

Paladin, Rogue, and Cleric were on the ground, struggling to get up. War huffed at this. “Is this all you so called warriors have to offer?! Pathetic.” he looks at Cleric as she detransforms to Maddy. War humphs and holds his Axe up to her neck. “Since you are the healer, your life goes first!” he raises his Axe and gets ready to strike.

“Stop!” Arin interferes and kicks War to make him stumble back. “Arin, what are you doing?!” Maddy gasped. “Get outta here!”

Hey, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries fanfic writers, I just came across a little fact that is too fun not to share.

The Detection Club was formed in 1930 by a group of British mystery writers, including Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ronald Knox, Freeman Wills Crofts, Arthur Morrison, John Rhode, Jessie Rickard, Baroness Emma Orczy, R. Austin Freeman, G. D. H. Cole, Margaret Cole, E. C. Bentley, Henry Wade, and H. C. Bailey. Anthony Berkeley was instrumental in setting up the club, and the first president was G. K. Chesterton. There was a fanciful initiation ritual with an oath probably written by either Chesterton or Sayers, and the club held regular dinner meetings in London.”

Couldn’t you see Phryne and Jack stumbling into one of their dinner meetings while in London?

Dear 19 Days Fandom

Okay you people need to chill out about the latest chapter. You need to understand that He Tian… is a dick. Though he might harvest some feeling for RedHead that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop being an ass.

He Tian is going to have to do something seemingly out of character for RedHead to spark some feeling towards him. 

Example: RedHead accidentally stumbles upon He Tian helping a child that sprang their ankle.

It makes sense that HeTian would kiss him out of the blue. Its to his benefit AND it would piss RedHead off, but idk why he did it in public…….