The important thing is to not be bitter about life’s disappointments. Learn to let go of the past. and recognize that every day wont be sunny. And when you find yourself in the darkness of despair remember, it’s only in the black of night, that you can see the stars. And those stars will lead you back home. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, because most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you’ll get everything you wished for. Maybe you’ll get more than you could have imagined. who knows where life will take you, the road is long. And in the end, the journey is the destination.

So this is the list of some of my top favorite blogs for the anon who wanted to know and needed more blogs to follow ! I tried putting them under what band they mostly blog about and added some great ones who blog about multiple bands and stuff. So here you go! :)

Some that post Muse are:

Some that post the Black Keys are:

Some that post Fall Out Boy are:

Some that post Cage The Elephant are:

Some that post MCR are:

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Some that post Twenty One Pilots are:

And here are my favorites that blog a variety of bands and stuff

REGINA:  What?  Where am I?  What the hell kind of CURSE is this?  Why am I dressed like a high priced call-girl?  Am I crying?

JUDGE:  Ms. Mills, do you have representation?

REGINA:  What?  

JUDGE:  You’re being charged with the brutal murders of Killian Jones and Robin Locksley.  


JUDGE:  Do you have an attorney?

There’s a commotion from the back of the court room.  Emma Swan stumbles in with a briefcase and files in disarray under her arms.  She is wearing a teal colored business skirt suit, dark rimmed glasses and her hair up in a ponytale.

EMMA:  I’m here, I’m here,Your Honor.

JUDGE:  (pounds gavel)  ORDER!  ORDER IN THE COURT!!  And who might YOU be?

 I’m Emma Swan.  Council for the defense.  I’m Ms. Mills attorney.

REGINA:  (rolls her eyes skyward)  Oh, Jesus Christ.


Photo Cred: beegoddess, Lana Parrilla as Betty in “The Defenders“

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Wincest, things you said when you were drunk 😘

Dean comes stumbling in at around midnight, which is early, for him. Sam is pouring over Lord of the Flies, as required for his advanced english class. 

“Hey.” Sam murmurs, and looks up from the novel suspiciously. 

Dean gives him a small smile and waddles in to sit beside Sam on the bed. Sam waits for him to say something, anything, really, but Dean is silent, just watching him.

Sam continues to read, overly conscious of Dean at his side. 


Sam glances up, startled by Dean’s slow voice in the quiet motel room. “Huh?”

“You’re gorgeous, Sammy.” Dean blinks. “So pretty.” When he reaches up to ghost a hand along Sam’s blushing cheeks, Sam ducks out of his grip.

“You’re drunk.” Sam says uneasily. Dean didn’t know what he was saying. 

“’Course I am.” Dean smirks. “Saw a girl there, y’know? She wanted me.”

Now Sam is angry. “Why didn’t you take her home?”

Dean tilts his head thoughtfully. “Because.”

“Because why.”

“Because I want you, Sammy. Not them.” 

And then, as if on cue, Dean falls asleep. 

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okay but. nb grantaire who teaches art at smol citizen's elementary school but when smol citizen stumbles across old photos of grantaire's ballet day. smol citizen decides, hey, i want to do ballet! cue smol citizen discovering the ballet-world that is rife with gender roles, lets say that smol citizen is more masculine presenting at this point. the moms are all like, ah yes, so good to have more boys in ballet! and they throw so much suburban mom shade (along with enjoldad and grantaire)


And Grantaire takes his bab French fry to ballet every week and he stands next to Judy and Carol and watches HIS small bab be the best one there.

And once the ballet instructor was like, yes, hello, Sir, the Citizen of Your Family Crest is the best in the class, and Grantaire fucking FIST PUMPED.

“Hear that Judy? I have the best baked goods AND ballerina.”


Carelessly I stumble over this desire

 again and again

for you are unexpected

and I find myself lost in thought.

Unguarded I was to this fervency.

How untested my abilities,

my weaknesses revealed.

I am a soldier in the wrong war.

My enemy, nowhere in sight.


100126 Jonghyun Solo Live - Tears @ J-Fanmeet

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Salam. I'm a Muslim, and have been one my entire life. But a while ago I was having many issues with my religion, and I prayed to Allah to help me keep my faith. I stumbled upon your blog not too long ago, and your posts about distancing yourself from the Islam you were thought and finding your own relationship with Islam really helped me, and I'm much more comfortable and happy with Islam now. You've helped me, and many others, I'm sure. I thought you should know. Jazakallah. :)

I never thought I’d help someone strengthen their imaan. This is really good news alhmadullilah and don’t thank me for that.

A lot of Muslims base their understanding of Islam off of two things: fear and obligation. “We should follow Islam because we have to and we should fear Allah’s wrath if we don’t.”

It’s as if Muslims portray Allah as some Machiavellian God who commands respect through fear.

But here’s the thing: you should do things for Allah because you desire His love and because you want to. After all, the earliest Muslims weren’t people who reverted to Islam because they had to but because they wanted to. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had absolutely no power to forcefully change anyone’s mind, yet the most revered people in our history are those who chose, in their free will, to become Muslim without any overarching obligation. That’s the beauty of the religion.

This is how I frame my beliefs. I seek out the love and compassion of my Lord and therefore I worship Him. He isn’t someone waiting to strike me down just because I’m not the best Muslim. No, instead He’s cheering for me and doing all He can to bring me to Him. I don’t fear him as much as I try to love Him.

Additionally, I don’t pray or read Qu’ran because I have to or because “it’s good to.” I try to pray because I want to communicate with my Lord on a daily basis, and I try to read the Qu’ran because I want to understand His principles. 

I question Islam and I ask why we do things and why we don’t do other things. I don’t do this to commit sin but because I’m genuinely interested in understanding my religion. I mean there would be no other reason Allah gave me a mind and critical thinking if it wasn’t to get closer to Him.

Honestly Islam becomes sooooo easy and really, really simple when you realize Allah is your #1 fan and you want to follow the religion. Not because your family or the community pressures you to and if you don’t, they’ll judge you. Not because you have to. Not because you don’t know any other way to live. Not because you always did since you were born. But because your heart is genuinely in it.

I’m glad I helped in some way, jazakallah :) 

The Evil in its Pages (demon!AU) @redheadedwidow


Three months into her dissertation Sigyn had been sent a book.

Her uncle, a slightly eccentric collector of religious and mystical works who currently resided in his Manor House in Yorkshire, had stumbled across an almost pristine copy of a demonology book - one he had previously collected and found an earlier edition of (and it seemed, forgotten about) - and, recalling that his favourite niece, a complete innocent and just as bookish as he was, was currently studying the topic he had decided to send it to her as a gift.

The note Sigyn held in her hand was as simple as it was short:

I found this among my collection - It is probably of more use to you than it is to me, since I already have the first edition on my shelves.

Uncle Alfric

The book itself was bound in rich, blood red leather, as supple as though the book had just been freshly bound - A Compendium of Demonic Hosts, as it was called, was perfect. Just what she needed for her dissertation. She leafed through it eagerly, pausing briefly on a page depicting what seemed to be a woman, completely naked with flawless alabaster skin and hair as red as the leather that made the book’s cover - the creature that started the legends of Incubi and Succubi, the caption beneath it said. She made a “hum” of interest and made to turn the page.

“Ow!” Sigyn yelped, as the page sliced through her finger and a drop of blood welled up from the wound, spilling onto the illustration before Sigyn could suck the blood away.

When she came back, her cut finger now bound in a plaster, she could have sworn the image looked more lifelike than she remembered - hadn’t it been beckoning before? She must have been imagining it - now the figure appeared to be trying to crawl from the page. Must have been a trick of the light, that and her tiredness. It was nearly 3am now.

Sigyn yawned and changed for bed, turning off the lights in her flat and curling up in the sheets - she’d look at the book again tomorrow. At least the blood didn’t seem to be there anymore, maybe it missed the page?

She closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep, bundled in the blankets and, she thought, safe from harm.

psa: “yeah, i’ve SEEN it”

if you have family or friends who you don’t get to see that often, and rely mostly on texting/social media to keep in touch w them on the regular, please omit “yeah, i’ve already seen that” from your vocabulary.

we all have busy lives, but there are things i stumble across online, or irl, that are funny, cute, or relevant to your interests, that immediately makes me think of YOU. so i send you that picture/meme/article/video etc. as a way to stay in touch, and to let you know that i’m thinking about you, and value having you in my live, albeit on a now-smaller level…

saying “yeah, i KNOW, i’ve already seen that” does NOTHING but invalidate my intentions, make me wanna punch you, and is dismissive and rude! so what if you use reddit or 4chan or whatever, and you’ve already seen the thing i’m trying to share w you.. are you trying to say you’re/your social media platform’s cooler than me/mine? because that isn’t the POINT!!! 

why can’t you simply acknowledge the intent behind the effort, to stay in touch w you, instead? i’m just trying to stay involved in your life, as we see each other sooo much less than we once did, or to just put a little smile on your face w a silly/sweet/interesting little thing that takes you all of 5 seconds to see (yeah, again, blarghhhhhhhh…) and then you can be on your way.

Fear and Love

Alistair feels his heart drop when he sees his brother’s Fae fluttering towards him and chattering among themselves.

A few minutes later he was frantically digging through his wardrobe to pack a bag then he was racing to his car. Why had he’d left Arthur alone? He hadn’t wanted to but he’d been needed in his own lands for a bit and now he was driving as quickly as he could back to Arthur’s capital. He was in the hospital…He should’ve never left! God damn it.

Alistair stumbles out of his car and up to Arthur’s house, sensing the magic swirling he’d had to stop here first. What had-Why had Arthur tried to do that spell all by himself? Damn it Arthur.  Alistair pushes himself through his brother’s magic, curling his own around himself to make it into the house before he starts the counter spell. He tries to send his lover’s magic back to him but he knew only some of it would go, the rest would dissipate.

Then he’s back in the car heading towards the hospital before trotting inside and spouting Arthur’s name. He was lead to the room and he pushes open the door, pausing in the doorway and whispering, “Oh Arthur…”


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"I know you're holding back Raph, the enemy wouldn't go light on me the way you do right now" Leo panted as he ran towards him, ready to send a punch to his abdomen.

Raph knew he was going easy on his brother, he was just concerned about his brother’s health, and nothing more. He knew Leo was right, but he couldn’t get himself to fight him with more strength, his brother wasn’t ready yet. He pushed as gently as possible his brother’s hand away before it hit him. He then froze when Leo stumbled and nearly tripped, but thankfully he balanced himself.