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What He Didn’t Know

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: SPN canon violence, unexpected pregnancy, angst, language I think, I think that’s it. If I missed any let me know.

Word Count: 3697

A/N: I wrote this specifically for angst appreciation day so I hope it’s angsty enough for y’all. This story is basically a rewrite of the Season 5 finale Swan Song with added bits of the reader. So like the long conversations the guys have are directly from the episode so credit to the writers of the episode for that. I would also like to thank @idreamofhazel because she gave me a list of ideas that helped inspire this so thank you love. I’m unsure if I want to continue this or not so if you want more let me know.

Summary: You have been Sam’s girlfriend for years and are basically soulmates however you found out you are pregnant. Right when you are going to tell him, he tells you his plan of saying yes to being Lucifer’s vessel and jumping into the cage. What happens next? Does Sam find out about your pregnancy? Does he still take the fall?

***Italics are flashbacks***

Sorry I went crazy with the GIF’s I couldn’t help myself 

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You Can Stay

Part 2 of Girl Goes on Sunday Drive

Reader Gender: Female
Words: 1,414
Author: Sammy
Warnings: Language
Note(s): 4 people requested a part 2 (Which is a better response than I was expecting thank you guys!) so here it is! Probably awful I didn’t go over it because I have to leave for work. If you want a part 3, send a message in to me or angelsxreader and I’ll make it happen. Thank you!
Summary: After a tense ride home with Michael and his brother, you have to make the choice between letting the brothers stay at your home or kicking them out to the street. But who are they running from? And why?

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We took a little family outing to the Stull cemetery today, on our way back from going to the grocery store (because going to one of the Gates of Hell is what Kansans do for fun on a Sunday afternoon). 

It’s just a typical old small town cemetery, only it has half a dozen store-bought No Trespassing and Keep Out signs for when the gates are closed. (They were open today. I am a law-abiding citizen, people.)

The Baptist church that supposedly had occult connections was torn down a decade ago. The town consists of fairly new Methodist church and a bait shop. Nothing else.

The names on the old gravestones probably do look morbid, especially if you didn’t grow up around these little German towns. Including one called Wittche (pronounced Witch). The townsfolks were rumored to be into witchcraft, but, in all honestly, they were just Baptists. Which is much less exciting.  

Also, I learned that a kid once got burned to death in Stull when his father was burning the field, which supposedly adds to the ~evilness~ but I’m thinking that’s probably something that used to happen happened a lot in Kansas. It’s required for farming (burning fields, not kids).

Over all it was a bit anticlimactic.

So anyways one of the gateways to hell is in Stull, Kansas and I’m going and also I’m gonna be very scared and also the lady told me that her friend didn’t come up for 2 days!!!!!! And some say 2 weeks but it feels like seconds. AND THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO CAMP OUT AND WAIT ON THE PEOPLE WHO GO IN. So I’m scared but it’s gonna be awesome. Who wants to come with!?!?!?!