We are joining the #campaign #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS || Weeks after the April 14 kidnapping of 276 Nigerian girls, worried families and supporters have blamed the government for not doing enough to find them. Their cries have spread worldwide. #wakeupamerica #stukgirl #stukdesigns #artbybrette

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My company STUK DESIGNS and I collaborated with author, Jennifer Vassel on her latest book cover for her book of poetry. We are deeply inspired by JENNIFER and so happy to have been a part of bringing HER BOOK to life! It takes true courage and ambition to so boldly share your gifts with the world. H.B.I.C. to the fullest! Get your copy of “MY CHANNELED ENERGY” ON PAPERBACK now and read Jennifer’s voyage through poetry from elementary school to beyond. You can also follow JENNIFER ON TWITTER and INSTAGRAM @JENNIFERDVASSEL!


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Latest Project: for @stukdesigns client, Sherry. She’s opening a Self Help Group in NYC for Tweens/Young Women, who have been sexually abused- to empower & ❤ themselves back to life. We were honored to take on this project & also blessed w an opportunity to make societal change through our #designs! Stay tuned as Sherry’s non-profit evolves! XO #stukdesigns

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What does love mean to you?

Love is everything. I used to be afraid of it until I figured out it is a tool and not a weapon. I had been misdirecting, and that meant it came with condition. As a race we have stepped away from our nature, and that is simply to love and be loved. Instead we form bonds with things that perish and do things that totally go against our nature to get them. We are constantly left dissatisfied and feeling like we need more, we desperately scramble around in the darkness trying fill a fiery void with paper. Our society constantly perpetuates the having of things and the importance of a person is placed in how much they have. If we all loved a little bit more, if we were able to quiet the dark side we all possess called the ego. If we could be kinder to ourselves and to others, be a little less judgmental and a little more compassionate, that feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction would begin to disperse. When you focus on giving, instead of what you’re getting, and when you do what you love to do, instead of loving what you get from doing it, anything you have will be enough.