To further supplement the supply of assault guns, Germany fielded a hybrid vehicle based on a Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G gun and superstructure mounted on a Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. H or J chassis; this was designated Sturmgeschütz IV. Seen here is an earlier version as evidence by the folding shield for the loader’s MG34 on the superstructure roof and the earlier drum-type exhaust muffler on the hull rear. Note the four-digit number ‘4334’ on the side. This assault gun is covered in Zimmerit paste and has lost its Schürzen (skirt) plates. Photographed in the second half of 1944 somewhere in the West, this StuG IV belongs to “Götz von Berlichingen” Division which was equipped with a full Abteilung of these assault guns.


Tamiya’s Stug-IV. It’s an old kit but goes together really easily. Details are not superb but there are plenty of photo-etch kits out there to snaz it up if you so desire. The Stug is not from any specific unit or place, I just built it as a test-bed for trying new painting and weathering techniques. I’m especially proud of the exhaust pipe.

Holy fucking shit, I finally got LT-15 completed and got my Stug IV!

Here it is!

And perhaps more importantly, I can start running the next set of missions now. The Stug IV will be neat to have, but I’m most interested in getting the T-55.

Got dam that was a pain in the ass.

A StuG IV knocked out in the fight for Pomerania in the spring of 1945. Note the camouflage pattern was applied to the assault gun’s superstructure while the hull was not camouflaged at all. This vehicle has a single armor plate bolted to the superstructure for additional protection.