time for a bit of StuG Life

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its kinda disconcerting how much axis powers stuff you reblog, infact at times it seems like you focus only on the axis powers

i checkd me archive and iv’e got 5 (second war) german reblogs going this month,  10 relatedd to the great war got 1 for Chechens, 1 for turkeys coop, got 3 related to MURICA the rest just shitty art (who gives a fuck about that shit)

maybe i’m secretly a hitler reincarnate, that’s prob why i like the stug (qt gun btw)

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Why is there a picture of a tank after the Tavor, I don't get it.

the StuG is an assault gun.

A semi-automatic Tavor is just a rifle. An assault gun is usually a heavily armored, tracked based vehicle that features a large bore gun to bust through defensive lines/fortifications.