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korealchemist  asked:

Hello and how are you doing? I was wondering if you could write a fic or come up with some headcannons for Genji and his s/o introducing their baby to Genji's dragon or the dragon got loose and they're trying to find him but their kid found the noodle dragon first, dressed him up and is playing with him? Please and thank you for your time!

Here you go!  Noodle dragons are the best :D

  • Genji wouldn’t worry too much about his dragon getting loose because when it’s happened in the past and only gone to visit his s/o or Hanzo’s dragons
    • When he notices it’s gone and not with Hanzo he assumes it’s with his s/o
    • When he finds his s/o later and notices it’s not?  He starts to freak out.
  • Knowing his kid is down for a nap he and his s/o would search high and low for the dragon
  • It isn’t until Genji notices sounds coming from the baby monitor in his s/o’s hand that his child is awake and talking to someone
    • “Green just like Daddy!”
  • The words make him rush to his sons room to find him having a tea party with his usual stuffed animals; a rhino from Reinhardt, a gorilla from Winston, and the place where Barbie normally sits is occupied by a small green dragon
    • The dragon will have a large sunhat on, sitting crookedly on it’s head
    • There is a fluffy blue boa wrapped around it’s body that keeps sliding down and the child keeps moving back up, tying it tighter each time
    • Is that lipstick around the dragon’s mouth?  Yes.
    • The lipstick was stolen from D.Va
    • She’s not impressed until she sees the tea party and the dragon wearing the boa
  • When the child pours imaginary tea for the creature it looks at the cup, confused
    • It’ll check each cup thinking it got swindled out of tea or something
    • Very disappointed to find all the cups are empty
  • Genji would try to call the dragon back fearing his son isn’t ready for that kind of interaction but his s/o would stop him
  • Lots of picture taking on Genji’s part when he sees how careful the dragon is being with his son
  • He would call Hanzo in to see, only for those dragons to come out as well
    • He needs to invest in more small plastic chairs so all the stuffies and dragons can enjoy the tea
  • Genji gets into the habit of making real tea and joining the parties with his s/o
  • Genji would brag about how much control his son has over the dragons at such a young age
  • They’ll have to explain to the kid that the dragon shouldn’t be eating any desserts at the parties
    • The dragons would totally drool watching the child eating though
    • He’ll sneak them strawberries
  • Hanzo blames Genji for his dragons lack of respect since they keep sneaking off now to join the parties without Hanzo’s permission
  • Eventually Genji’s dragon isn’t just attending tea parties but playing catch with the boy
    • Tag, hide and seek, everything
    • Genji is jealous that his son seems to like the dragon more and when he starts to get huffy his s/o would have to stop him from calling the dragon back
  • S/o would remind him the dragon can’t tuck his son in at night and read stories to him
  • Genji makes a point to stay a little longer with his son at night, even after he’s fallen asleep
  • The dragon has started sleeping at the bottom of the bed

voltronassesposts  asked:

Pregnancy/child birth HCS for junkrat, McCree, and Hanzo?


  • Honestly, most would think him the worst father.
  • He’s actually a great dad!
  • He doesn’t try to restrict you during your pregnancy.
  • You want food in the middle of the night? Of course babycakes. Whose gonna go get it? The one time he automatically went to get it was the one time you wanted to go.
  • He builds the baby’s crib himself. Surprisingly well done. 
  • He creates a new type of bomb that is baby-proof so his little one can follow in his footsteps as a pyromaniac. He assured you that they were safe. 
  • Very protective dad. No one messes with his child. 
  • Was the first person other than the doctors/nurses to hold the baby.
  • Wants a boy and a girl.


  • Unlike Junkrat, he’s a bit more protective.
  • Dotes on you hand and feet, bringing you whatever you need whenever you need it.
  • Insists you stop working at 4 months. You might hurt the baby.
  • Too cautious. Overbearing. Frustrating.
  • Doesn’t believe the doctors on anything. He thinks they’re stupid and just out to hurt you and the baby. Jesse please.
  • He gets the best of the best for your baby. Nothing is too expensive.
  • Often treats you out, wanting to keep you as comfortable as possible during the pregnancy. 
  • Goes into a complete panic when you go into labour. 
  • Cries a couple Manly Tears when he holds the baby. 


  • Better find a hobby that includes sitting for the next 9 months because this man has zero chill.
  • He’s so scared that somehow you’re going to lose the baby.
  • He’s always wanted a family, and because of the person he is he never believed that he was worthy of love or would ever have a family. 
  • Now that you’re in his life and carrying his child, he plans to do everything he can to protect you both. 
  • He builds the baby’s room. 
  • He paints the room with stories from his childhood. He plans to tell the same stories that he heard when he was young. Hanzo is surprisingly a good artist.
  • He’s so nervous as the due date gets closer.
  • Gives you a foot and back massage every day. Multiple times if you request it.
  • In secret he knits two little dragon stuffies for the baby to cuddle with at night. That way, even if daddy isn’t there, the dragons will be able to protect the baby. 
  • Cries like a baby the pun when he gets to hold his daughter for the first time. And every time after that until she grows up a bit.
  • Will protect you two with his life.


I just found this 42 dollar, red dragon Squishable
FOR 4 DOLLARS, in perfect condition, at a thrift store today. Awesome find!

If you’re a Little struggling with money, I’d suggest going thrifting for plushies/stuffies!

🐉Now I gotta find him a badass name to go with his badass itty biddy flappy wings🐲