stuffy the dragon

Would You Rather: Stuffies & Toys Edition

🐒Plushies or Dolls/Action figures

🏨Foam blocks or legos?

🐱Kitty stuffie or Puppy Stuffie?

🚗Cars or Trucks?

🌟Playdoh or Kinetic Sand?

🎆Chalk or Bubbles?

👸Princesses or Fairies?

👮Super Heros or Villians?

🌈Colorful Rings or Colorful Piano?

🍳Kitchen play set or Construction play set?

💦Water Sprinkler or Water Slide?

🐲Dragon Stuffie or Dinosaur Stuffie?

🚼Cabbage Patch Kid or Baby Alive?

🐯Tiger Stuffie or Lion stuffie?

🐻Teddy Bear Stuffie or Panda Bear stuffie?

✏Crayons or Color Pencils?

🔱Capes or Magic Wands?

🔐Plastic Keys or Rattles?

🐨Lamby Stuffie or Kola Stuffies?

🎩Crowns or Hats?

I got this idea when shopping for my cousin’s birthday and could not decided between Mickey Mouse or Paw Patrol.

Also I tried to make this as gender friendly as possibly so I hope it fits!

🌸Please don’t delete my caption🌸

💮Antis please do not interact💮

anonymous asked:

Sleepy toy hcs- Thomas- He doesn't have any. He outgrew them long ago, but kind of regrets it. Thankfully for him, napping on the sofa fixes this. He'll wake up either covered in stuffies, have a dragon stuffy draped over him, or have a bunny tucked under his arm. He knows the others are doing it. And one night while drifting in and out of sleep he saw Anxiety. Through his lashes he witnessed him take out a small black panther, and let it's soft nuzzle kiss his cheek. He slept soundly that night

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anonymous asked:

Sleepy toy hcs- Princey/Roman- He has a huuuuuuuuge green dragon stuffy called Dear Opponent that practically takes up his entire bed. The only way for him to sleep with it is to either curl it around him or sleep on top of it. There's even been points where he's just dragged it into the living room to use as a bed. Of course, Thomas and Morality have pictures of this.

adfghjkl oml


I just found this 42 dollar, red dragon Squishable
FOR 4 DOLLARS, in perfect condition, at a thrift store today. Awesome find!

If you’re a Little struggling with money, I’d suggest going thrifting for plushies/stuffies!

🐉Now I gotta find him a badass name to go with his badass itty biddy flappy wings🐲