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Dating Suho...

this is actually the longest i’ve ever made these, but i feel like my ultimate bias deserved one. god i love that kim joonmyeon so much.

x ok so you are dating the $uho(daddy) so be grateful

x because he’ll literally cherish you so much

x you’d be like his porcelain doll that he’d protect with his life

x because joonmyeon would do anything and everything over the people he loves and cares about

x overprotective at times, but in the best way

x “you can’t go out alone what if a guy hits on you”

x basically spoils you to death

x like don’t even try to tell him to stop

x he’ll just continue

“suho these boots were way too expensive”

“and you’re way too good for me. you wanted them so I got them for you”

“I really can’t accept th-” “Y/N STOP my darling deserves every last bit of spoiling”

x coffee shop dates LIKE SO OFTEN omg

x him trying hard to impress your family

x but actually likes staying with you while your nieces, nephews or younger cousins are over

x like I think he’d be so good with kids

x he’d be such a good dad

x and oh how much your parents would love him

x he’s just the ideal guy, like who doesn’t like joonmyeon

x like this is the type of guy you take home and leave home with a permission to actually get married

x every mom would be like “y/n when are you having kids”

“mom it’s literally only been six months”

x “didn’t you hear my question?”

x motivates you to do everyday stuff

x like actually makes you get shit done

x but rewards you afterwards (you thought of that not me you lil nasty head)

x this dude is all calm cuddles in the mornings

x like just imagine eight am cuddles while you two are still sleepy

x but at night tho…let’s just say it can vary…ALOT

x as said, he’d be protective over you

x like always making sure you’re okay and that nothing is wrong

x if he’d find you hurt yourself i feel like he’d take the blame on not being a good-enough man for you

“it’s all my fault. i’m so sorry y/n”

x “joonmyeon I fell while riding a bicycle? you’re really gonna blame yourself?”

x if you study, he’d do his all to help

x like he’d buy you coffee & sit next to you and help you learn the stuff all the way from the basics

x like writing this makes me wanna date him

x he’d take you to every single comic franchise film premiere including all superheroes and not forgetting star wars

x like i mean every single one

x but i feel like spending time with this geek would get you hyped up too

x sehun third wheeling you two too often

“but Y/N he’s forever my roommate I can’t just leave that kid”

“he is literally a grown adult man and so are you”

“Y/N…we are one, we are exo remember?”

“okay but can he at least move out of our bedroom?”

x you two would so be considered the “grandparent couple” around the exo guys

x like dumb jokes from chen and baekhyun about how you could even think about dating such a grandpa like suho, when there are better guys out there

x suho then getting embarrassed, but you’d surely tell them off and tell them how joonmyeon is the only guy for you and like kiss him 

x making the other guys leave the room cause they can’t take the fuzziness of your relationship

x he wouldn’t care if you wore makeup or not

x he’d like it, i think all guys would, but seeing you all natural was beauty in his eyes

x like he’d love when you wore that tight black dress out

x but he’d love it equally as much when you laid on the couch in sweatpants

x this is too relationship goals i think i’m gonna stop