I LOVE THIS FONT!!!! okay i’m shutting up now also this is another masterpost requested by you guys but especially for every-humanities-subject-ever <3 this is how to make your notes look better:


things you’ll need

  • get ur fineliners
  • or mildliners
  • or highlighters
  • or gel pens
  • or markers
  • or crayons
  • or anything that has colour tbh
  • +my supplies masterpost


  • use ur handwriting [my handwriting masterpost]
  • variants- like bold and italic
  • be creative with the fonts you use
  • use a type of font for the word ur writing depending on meaning etc.. [eg. for fear use a spooky font u can come up w/ urself etc]
  • use word pictures [example here]

bullet points

  • u can use normal circles
  • maybe squares + triangles
  • STARS!!!!
  • clouds??
  • squiggly lines
  • whatever u want tbh, be as creative as u like!!!


  • like arrows n stuff
  • u can draw really simple ones
  • or maybe bigger + bolder ones
  • up to u


  • take advantage of ur art skills [if u have any]
  • diagrams!!!
  • draw lil ppl [even if just stick figures]
  • add a shadow to drawings??


mind mapping

hope all this helps you make prettier notes!! if it does + if you want to, please take a photo of them and tag me in them [my tag is #areistotle] + i will reblog them for sure!! have a great day <333

what it says (in case you can’t read my derp handwriting ; - ; )—

Bill: Geez kid, you look like a vampire!

Dipper: BILL N—

Bill: But don’t worry, it’s the sexy hot kind


Bill: Hey Pine Tree, Wanna know what’s better than sucking blood?

Dipper: BILL STO— 

Bill: Just come over here and I’ll show yo— 

Dipper: NO. 

When my favourite character gets badly injured
  • Me:*casually* Nah they won't kill them off
  • Me:Duh! I mean they obviously won't
  • Me:Right...
  • Me:But their like everyone's favourite character
  • Me:They can't be that stupid
  • Me:can they?
  • Me:CAN THEY?
  • Me:*starts sobbing*
  • Me:*Favourite characters okay*

So I interpreted the Love Me one as just some general couple-y fluff because it didn’t really specify.
These are some sketches that I made during church because words/specific scenes weren’t coming to mind. 😊 (the top half that didn’t make it into the shot was basically Daer seeing Lillylo laughing really hard for the first time (cause she doesn’t really laugh all that much now that I think about it) and it’s all anime and cute and blushy, it’s great.)

Thanks for the ask! (Sorry I had to set it up this way, haha, silly mobile)