When my favourite character gets badly injured
  • Me:*casually* Nah they won't kill them off
  • Me:Duh! I mean they obviously won't
  • Me:Right...
  • Me:But their like everyone's favourite character
  • Me:They can't be that stupid
  • Me:can they?
  • Me:CAN THEY?
  • Me:*starts sobbing*
  • Me:*Favourite characters okay*

catiecrumblebread  asked:

Yo! AU where Aaron owns a candle shop (he makes all his own candles, all kinds) and Alex keeps getting drawn into the shop because his workplace is right next door and Aaron's and his windows are always open, therefore good smells are constantly floating in.

My friend, I have got you. (I have also got a candle with me right now because I am a sucker for vanilla but that is beyond the point)

1) Smells may be constantly floating to Alex, but all Aaron gets in return are the sounds of Alex cursing, yelling, and generally making a nuisance of himself from the moment Aaron opens the shop to the second he’s locking up and walking home. He’s set up to hate Alex before he ever walks into the store. 

2) The first time Alex comes by Aaron actually thinks he’s quite cute - up until the point that Alex opens his mouth and Aaron immediately recognizes that dreaded voice. His smiles goes from suave to fuck-you in two seconds flat, but Alex (who’s just discovered the hotness of his delightful smelling neighbor) doesn’t notice / care. 

3) Alex just keeps coming back. For six months no one in his life is spared getting a candle for their birthday or Christmas - complete with a story about “Aaron this” or “Aaron that”. Aaron thinks he’s not happy about this annoying ass coming over until one week Alex doesn’t come in and Aaron panics and yells if everything is all right through the window. Of course everything is just fine - Alex just ran out of people to buy presents for that week - but he is absolutely Delighted to find out about their open window channel.

4) Once they start dating - and of course they start dating, Alex yammers at Aaron through his open window until he finally gives in - Alex becomes *obsessed* with Aaron’s scent. Aaron knows this and begins to records his responses accordingly. Pretty soon he knows exactly what he’s going to make at work that day if he wants to drive Alex wild. His shop ends up overstocked with too many of Alex’s favorites - much to Aaron’s embarrassment when Alex notices that they’re stalking twice as much vanilla bean as they used to. 

5) Alex visits Aaron at work often, but Aaron’s return visits are rare. Everyone at Alex’s work has *heard* that he’s dating the candlemaker next door, but no one really believes it until Aaron rolls up the one day to collect a sick Alexander’s files only to end up staying for two hours yelling at the fool who made the mistake of joking that Alex was faking. No one knows *how* Aaron knew what exact insults and nicknames his boyfriend uses but they are considerably freaked the fuck out.

Someday I’ll remember how to do ears. ‘v’

Well, here’s a Shiro sketch! I got @valkyrie457 watching Voltron on the computer next to me, and I was reminded that I wanted to draw Shiro and Pidge at some point. I suppose we can start with this dude~! 

I was having some fun with shading, and I like how it came out. I wanted to do something more with the background, but I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to settled with that :/