*catapults my canoe into the midst of the navy fleet of Sheith war ships* 

Is this like… not a thing or… 

So, apparently 18 year old Louis Tomlinson was 5'8 (1,72 m).

Do we think he grew? an inch (2 and a half centimetres) since then? Or have we solved the mystery of his height? x  


“Sometimes, a woman really challenges you and it makes you want to run away. Because it’s terrifying. And the worst part is… I did meet an incredible woman here and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. But I ruined it. And I’ve regretted it every day since. I just wish I’d tuned everything else out and followed my heart.“


woke up to some good conversation. 

We joke around sometimes and say it’s like a romance, we’re doing a romance between two brothers and sometimes I think focusing on that whether we said it or not..we never really said it but that’s what we were kind of playing. That just makes the other stuff like when you are being a badass or you’re running around doing action I think it makes it all play better because you’ve got to care about the characters. I think subconsciously we were just trying to find that in every scene even if it was no where in the dialogue.
—  Zane Holtz and DJ Cotrona on the way they play Seth and Richie’s relationship in the show.

some hater:

>hates reylo

>willingly scrolls through reylo blogs

>writes a post about how looking through reylo blogs left them emotionally shaken

>tags it as #reylo for all of us to see

>is expecting us to feel bad about it(??)


Story Time: While you were Sleeping AU

When Obi-wan moved to Coruscant his head was filled of dreams of becoming someone and doing something with his life. The only thing he ended up doing was getting a dead-end job that even a droid could do. Day after day he sold tickets to Twi’leks, Humans, Rodians; you name it and he had seen ‘em. All of whom were headed off of the polluted and crowded planet that he had once so admired.  The only highlight of his day, was when he showed up.

Obi-wan wasn’t exactly sure what his name was. Or even what he did, but he could only imagine it was important and probably something noble as well. One of these days he was going to actually ask. Except the only thing that ever came out of his mouth was the same spiel he gave every customer. Still Obi-wan enjoyed imagining what the man was up to next from where he was flying. Once it was all the way to Tatooine! Some backwater on the outer rim that Obi-wan had never even heard of before. Other times it was something more normal like Alderaan. Considering his daydreams were one of the only things that kept Obi-wan going, maybe it was a good thing that he knew next to nothing about the tall stranger.

Of course, no matter what kind of crazy stories Obi-wan might have come up with, he never actually believed any of them. He was curious of course, but really all he knew was that the man traveled far more than any other being Obi-wan had ever met and that he had a kind smile. So when one day after Obi-wan once again failed to ask the stranger’s name, Obi-wan could hardly believe his eyes as the man stepped away only to be met by a bounty hunter’s gun.

The altercation was short.

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If someone–especially someone socialized as female–says “stop” or “don’t” or “give it back” in a joking/lighthearted tone you do what they ask. It costs you exactly nothing and this may be the only way they feel comfortable expressing their discomfort.


I’ll talk in a later post about the actual stuff happening here, but for right now I’m going to concentrate on just the changes SMC made.  I knew this change had been made before I watched the episode, because I’d seen spoilers for it on tumblr, so I didn’t have my hopes raised ahead of time, but… I still felt really sad about this.

Because Venus just straight up STABBING BERYL WITH THE SWORD to kill her was one of my favorite moments in the manga, especially from that arc, and it was a great way of showing Venus’ importance as the leader of the group and it never took away from the story because Beryl is not the ultimate big bad of this arc.

While watching this, I was struggling with the question of, “Why did they change this?  What purpose did this serve, why would they take that away from Venus??”  And I don’t have concrete answers, but I have a really strong guess.

Because I think Crystal is being influenced by the ‘90s anime in a lot of the wrong places.

I love the transformation sequences, I think they’re lovely and they fit a magical girl series, it’s a thing that’s long been associated with Sailor Moon!  I don’t mind the occasional nods here and there to the '90s anime, it did a lot of cool things!  And I do remember that the final fight with Beryl from the first arc was incredibly iconic, it was incredibly badass when I first saw it!

And I personally suspect that Crystal changed the storyline to be more like the '90s anime, where it was Usagi fighting against Beryl with the help of her friends behind her.

For the most part, I don’t mind that.  But I think this was a misstep, to try to be more like the '90s anime version, because Venus’ role as the leader is something that made her unique and made her stood out. I’m also sad on a personal level because Minako is my favorite of Usagi’s Sailor Soldiers and her having zero fucking qualms about just straight up STABBING BERYL IN THE STOMACH TO KILL HER was one of the best character moments for her, like, she was fun and silly and a teenage girl, but she was also a hardcore soldier that YOU DID NOT FUCK AROUND WITH.

Instead, I feel not nearly as much connection to this version, despite that having her friends supporting her and getting to see Usagi wielding the Holy Sword did take a good amount of the sting out of it.

The Fosters 2x20: “Not That Kind of Girl” Rambling #0 - Predictions

Jude: “I don’t get this! I don’t get you!”

In which I try to pretend I can make sense of the two promos we got for this episode because tbh I don’t think anyone can.

SPOILER WARNING: If you don’t want to know what happens in the promos or see the released pictures, do NOT continue reading. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Confirmed Stuff

So let’s start with stuff we know is definitely going to happen:

  • Someone was actually shot and injured/killed in 2x19 (this was confirmed by Hayden in an interview).
  • Jude is going to tell Lena about him and Connor. At the very least, he will tell her about the kiss in Jude’s room.
  • Jude is going to receive a text message from Taylor’s phone saying “I told my dad Im gay”.
  • Jude and Callie are going to have a fight about Connor, and Jude is going to get fed up with her (again).

Actually, that’s really all we know for sure. Let’s try to fill in the blanks a little.

Who got shot?

Connor is the most likely candidate to get shot, based on promo pictures which show Daria and Taylor standing horrified over someone/something and Connor in a hospital gown. We know it’s not Jude because he appears totally unscathed in the promo and he’s in the waiting room. It’s possible one of the girls was shot, but it’s very unlikely.

Was the shot lethal?

Gavin is signed for Season 3 and Jonnor is a major Season 3 storyline according to the creators, so if Connor was shot it was definitely not lethal. If it hit Taylor it’s also probably not lethal because someone’s using her phone in the second promo, and I doubt they would be able to get it if she’s dead. If it hit Daria, there’s no telling whether she died or not.

How are Lena and Stef going to react?

Lena: “Losing a friend is one of the most painful things to go through.”

Now we’re starting to get into the harder stuff. There’s no indication in the promo that either mom punished Jude for sneaking out, vandalism, and/or drinking (he definitely isn’t in jail), but it’s possible he was grounded or something. We can kind of guess how Lena’s going to react based on her comforting words to Jude in the first promo, but Stef’s reaction is up in the air. I think they’ll be so in shock that they won’t punish Jude (or they’ll think that not being able to see Connor is punishment enough).

What’s the deal with that text conversation?

Taylor (text message): “I told my dad Im gay”

The most likely scenario surrounding that text message is that Jude was banned from seeing Connor (and/or vice versa) and Connor got his phone taken away, so he’s using Taylor’s phone to communicate with Jude. (Hence why there’s a message saying “Hurts like a bitch” and “I told my dad Im gay”). The second most likely scenario is that Jude and Connor tend to flirt with each other through text message and so Jude has Connor listed as Taylor but I find this to be somewhat unlikely given that they don’t even really flirt in person (not verbally, anyway). It’s not Taylor messing with Jude, that would be a full reversal from her character development and would make no sense. It could be Taylor coming out, but that wouldn’t make sense storyline-wise, would go against Taylor’s character development (again), and would mean that Taylor got shot, which is unlikely.

What are Callie and Jude fighting about?

Callie: “Excuse me?!”

I think Callie’s strangely specific big sisterly instincts are going to come into play here: the ones where she only cares about Jude’s physical state and not his emotional or mental states (expect a rambling on this sometime after 2x20 comes out, by the way!), and the tensions between them about her relationship with Robert and Jude’s relationship with Connor and just the way she treats Jude in general are just going to come to a head and things are going to get nasty. We know that when Jude gets mad, he goes all-out, so I admit I’m kind of excited to see what an angered Judicorn will do to Callie.

Have any nagging questions about the Jonnor storyline or the techniques (both subtle and not-so-subtle) the writers use to portray it? Want me to ramble about something of interest to you? Send me an ask, and if I find your prompt interesting I’ll see what I can do! I respond to all asks, publicly and/or privately, so don’t be shy!

this is going to be an excellent day !!


I’ve decided that in honor of Turnabout Goodbyes, I’m gonna draw something AA-related every day in the last two weeks of December (from the 18th onward). So if anyone’s got suggestions, this would be a good time to send ‘em to me! I’m not gonna draw any shippy stuff, but just about anything else is fair game.