(cause i’m bored and i can’t do aesthetics or anything else for 1hour ‘cause my bus-travel from college is verrrrrry long :’( i’m sad)

1: Do you regret anything in life?

2: Your biggest accomplishment in life

3: Do you believe in ghosts/Spirits?

4: Fluent in any languages other than English?

5: Are you in love with anyone right now?

6: Biggest fear in life

7: Favorite food

8: Favorite Song

9: Favorite Band

10: Favorite book quote?

11: Cat or Dog person?

12: Who is the last person you talk to before going to bed each night?

13: Biggest regret in life

14: If you could travel back in time, which time period would you visit?

15: What keeps you up at night?

16: What are you thinking about?

17: Would you get back together with any past exes?

18: How are you?

19: How do you relieve stress?

20: What turns you on?

21: Favorite Movie/TV Show quote

22: Sports Fan? If so, what are your teams?

23: Why so serious?

24: What is your deepest darkest secret?

25: Have you ever felt not good enough?

26: Is there someone you wish you were with at this very moment?

27: Happiness = ?

28: Have you ever broken any bones?

29: What makes you laugh?

30: Last time you’ve cried

31: Ketchup or mustard?

32: Where are you from?

33: What are your Short and long term goals?

34: Favorite subject in school

35: Ideal first date

36: Longest relationship you’ve had

37: Last person you texted has to save you from a burning building, who is it?

38: Last food you ate is now what you have to eat for the rest of your life. What     is it?

39: Soda or Pop?

40: Who is your celebrity crush?

41: Favorite book or book serie

42: Hair color / Eye color ?

43: Biggest issue?

44: Your height?

45: Birthday?

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a summary of kim himchan in Episode 1 of JUNG DAE MAN


1. I’m working from home this morning so I can do some housekeeping stuff in between writing bursts. It’s another stunning spring day in northeast Ohio. This whole week has been utterly spectacularly perfect and I’m making myself stay focused on gratitude for the job even if it means not being able to get outdoors as much as I like. 

2. I leave tomorrow for New Mexico for seven days of Airbnb stays, hiking in the Sangre de Cristo range, eating like the locals, and generally giving myself over to the big nature of it all. This trip raced up on my heels, and I’m woefully unprepared for the physical demands of the goals I set - but I’m just going to readjust my numbers and enjoy the hell out of myself instead of pushing. 

3. Proud as hell of myself for not taking the bait. Here’s another instance of having opposing feelings about a situation and a person at the same time and allowing myself to just be okay with the fact instead of berating myself into taking a position. He misses me and is following along with all the good things happening in my life from a distance, regretful, wishing for things to be different? But unwilling or unable to make the necessary changes to his own way of thinking and being in order to bridge it with me? I’m not leading him across that bridge. It gets easier and easier with practice, this not taking the bait. 

4. The Supper Club thing is causing me some anxiety because we pushed to launch it before we were really logistically ready. Two weeks and not one ticket sold. Last night we finalized the menu and did the cost breakdown to figure out what our minimum seat count is, and set a date for pulling back to reschedule. We’d hate to have to do that, but we also want it to be the best possible experience for everyone who comes (they’ll come, right? lordy.)

5. Don made this coconut milk ice cream sweetened with raw sugar that had fresh jalapenos steeped in the sugar that he made into a simple syrup then strained before adding to the milk. We drizzled a bit of the leftover syrup over that ice cream and had a scoop of the swirled strawberry mint I made, and a strawberry cashew based sorbet that Molly made. Good gravy, you guys. That was killer. Ridiculous.