Well, I know this is too late for the video, but I figured better late than never. I hope this makes you laugh (or at least smile, if laughing hurts).
(And if the picture itself isn’t funny enough, just imagine how many times the pineapple fell off of my head while I tried to take the picture.)

Get well soon, Mr. Green! Thanks for being a rad human being.

Double TFIOS & Nos Étoiles Contraires, because I’m oh so original! 

I feel pretty ick about posting selfies like this one, but I’m not going to let that stop me joining with nerdfighteria today, so deep breath here goes I guess.



Made this, sadly I couldn’t get them all in there but I came close! This took forever but hope it was worth it!

ADMIN NOTE: nerdfighter diagon-alli has crammed as many stuff on heads pictures as humanly possible into one video! thank you for all the hard work this must have taken!

enjoy what you’ve all helped to create together!


Wishing John Green a speedy recovery while putting things on my head! 
In true Nerdfighter fashion, I’m wearing a “Mother$%#*ing Fox” hat, with a bonus stuffed snowy owl! 

(If anyone’s curious, I got my Fox hat from Threadbare Magpie Creations on Etsy at a SUPER reasonable price for a durable, handmade hat that is both beautiful and comfy– go check her out.)