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Hey there, I was wondering if you could do a scenario or headcanons about s/o is always sleeping with there stuff animal every night and would Sidon get jealous of it? By the way I really love your blog and writing and I hope you do have a wonderful day ♡♡♡

(I want you to know that this is one of the cutest things ever, and coming from a person who has a hoard of stuffed animals that I love dearly, I connect with this on a deep level~ Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day too~ Enjoy!~)

Plush Love

Word Count: 1166
Warnings: Fluff (heh), Jealousy

“What is this furry toy doing here?”

Sidon is pointing towards your stuffed bear, Mr. Stuffles, that is now seated on top of the covers supported in its upright position by the pillows that it has been pushed against. You have had this stuffed animal for a really long time now, for as long as you can remember actually, and you couldn’t bear to leave poor Mr. Stuffles at home when you decided to move into the Zora’s Domain.

You had slept with that plush every night since you were young, you used to think that its mighty power warded off all the scary monsters. Of course, now you know that all of those monsters were imaginary and if there were any Mr. Stuffles certainly wouldn’t be able to fight them off. Still it would feel strange suddenly not being able to squeeze the soft and fuzzy animal that had provided you with a sense of security in your earlier years when you were trying to sleep so you had to bring him.

The plush bear is plucked off of his seat and lifted off the bed to be held in the hands of Sidon inspecting the bowtie-wearing bear with curious amusement. “Interesting,” he remarks tossing and turning the bear over in his hands. You tense slightly watching Sidon treat Mr.Stuffles so roughly, a light blush of embarrassment crossing your cheeks as you approach the Zora and hold your hands out for your precious companion.

Once the bear is safe in your arms you hug him close and carefully smooth out the fur that Sidon had tussled during his examination. “Don’t laugh at me, okay?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

With a satisfied nod you fiddle with Mr. Stuffles’ bowtie as you explain, “This is my stuffed animal that I sleep with because he makes me feel safe, ” Sidon lets out a soft snicker and your face lights up in a bright red hue. “H-Hey, you said you wouldn’t laugh!”

Sidon covers his mouth with his hand, clearly trying to hold back what is certainly more laughter, which muffles his voice when he says,  “Forgive me darling but I couldn’t help it.” You pout and he removes his hand smiling wide as he moves closer to you and holds the side of your face tilting it up to look at him. “Aw, please don’t pout darling, you know I can’t handle you when you’re pouting,” he chuckles when you shoot him a glare in response. “Come now, I think it’s sweet that you carry such a sentimental item around with you.”

You raise Mr. Stuffles up to try and hide the bashful blush that has spread across your cheeks behind fake fur. “He’s not just an item, he’s like an old friend.”

“Ah, well does your friends have a name?”

“… Mr. Stuffles.” Sidon snickered and you pouted again pushing his hand away while he apologized.

For the next few nights, although Sidon did tease you about it, you took your plush guardian to bed holding it tight to your chest so you could snuggle into the soft fur. It was nice to be holding Mr. Stuffles just like you did back in your old home; it was comforting to have a little piece of home with you when you were in such a strange new place.

Though after a week of sleeping with Mr.Stuffles in bed with Sidon you noticed that he didn’t seem to smile and chuckle whenever you were ready for bed and already  holding the bear in your arms. You couldn’t understand why but he seemed to get gradually more upset the more he saw you with your bear, pouting and giving rather forced smiles whenever you looked at him. Tonight he had been particularly pouty but it had also been a tough day for him so you figured that the Prince was just tired.

“Darling, do you suppose that maybe you could not take Mr. Stuffles to bed tonight?”

You looked at the Zora just as you are about to climb into bed and join him, Mr. Stuffles already hooked on your arm ready for the night. “Why would I do that?” You quirk a brow staring at the man with piqued interest, wondering why Sidon would make such a request. Sidon looks at you unsure what to say next but his eyes are trained on something so intently that you are sure it must be the cause of his upset. Following his gaze you look down and at Mr. Stuffles which only makes you more confused. “Sidon, why don’t you want him in the bed?”

“I never said that I did not want him in persay just suggested that maybe you do not need to cling to him so much…”

“Sidon. Are you jealous of a stuffed animal?”

Sidon’s eyes widen and you know that you hit the nail on the head. Finally it is your turn to laugh and you do so eagerly while the Zora looks away hiding the light blue tint that has spread across his cheeks. It’s a strange thing seeing a Zora blush since it is always so difficult to see the faint change of hue in their cheeks but you’ve adapted well and can pick up on the other signs which makes his embarrassment all the more satisfying and cute. “You are! Sidon!”

“Can you blame me love? You’ve been snuggling with that toy more than you have with me,” he says and you stop laughing though there is a softer smile on your face. “I just thought that since you are with me now you do not need Mr. Stuffles to protect you at night. I could protect you from whatever cruel monster would dare to lay a finger on you.”

With one last chuckle you smile and turn over to gently set your bear down on the nightstand before you lay down facing the Zora. “I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of Mr. Stuffles, but I think I can manage to get through the nights without him. You know, since I have my prince to protect me.”

This notion makes Sidon smile from fin-to-fin and his hands eagerly wrap around your small frame to pull you close to his chest. For the first time since you started sharing a bed, you focus more on this new experience rather than trying to make it feel like the old one. Though you wanted to hug Mr. Stuffles and let his familiar touch lull you to sleep you think you’d rather let Sidon take over. Besides Mr. Stuffles could not hug you back and whisper, “Goodnight,” before kissing the top of your head. Yeah this was better.

Later that night you couldn’t help but wake up and reach out for Mr. Stuffles, nuzzling your nose in his fur before curling up against Sidon again. Eventually you wouldn’t want his company so bad, but for now you wanted to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Shawn After Dentist

request: Can you do one where Shawn gets his wisdom teeth out and he is acting funny😂?

a/n: highly inspired by this video

You were in charge of driving Shawn home after he got his wisdom teeth out, since Karen had to return to work. “I’m annoyed.” Shawn mumbled, ice pack muffling his words. Aaliyah begged and pleaded to go with, wanting to get blackmail footage of her brother hopped up on meds.

“Why are you annoyed, sweetheart?” You asked, glancing in the back, and noticed Aaliyah filming.

“I didn’t feel the teeth come out.” Shawn said, frowning as best as he could.

“You- you don’t want them to, though. It hurts.” You said, confused.

“Yeah,” Shawn mumbled, and that was all he said until you turned onto the road he lives on. “I like you.”

“Aw, I like you, too.” You said, feeling your cheeks warm up. You pulled into the driveway and turned the car off. Aaliyah stopped filming and helped you get her brother inside and into his room.

You were sitting with your boyfriend, filming for SnapChat. “Why do I look sad, I’m not upset!” Shawn said, pointing to himself.

“Oh, you do look sad.” You noticed.

“I wanna be happy.” Shawn tried to smile, but moaned as the pain worsened. “It hurts to be happy, but I wanna be happy!”

“Aw, it’s ok to be sad, Shawn,” Your heart tightened, not wanting your boyfriend to be in pain. “Aaliyah! You wanna get those pain pills for Shawn?”You yelled out to the girl, and posted the first video.

Once Shawn took a pill, you turned on the tv in his room, and smiled when you saw a Harry Potter movie on. “So, what was it like in there?” You asked, cuddling up next to Shawn.

“I had a dream, it was like Mario.” You stayed silent, letting him continue. “The dentists were all different colors,” He drifted off.

“How- how many dentists were there?” You asked. When you had your wisdom teeth out, there was only the one dentist and nurses.

“A family.” Shawn said.

The two of you cuddled in silence for a bit, before you heard Shawn mumble, “You’re my favorite and I love you.”

You smiled brightly, missing his arm. “I love you, too. Go to sleep, take a nap. You’ll feel better.” You advised, lowering the volume on the tv.

Three hours later, you and Aaliyah were in the kitchen making grilled cheeses, when Shawn stumbled out. He silently got to his meds and took a painkiller and antibiotic. “I’m hungry.”

“I’ll make you a smoothie, why don’t you sit at the couch for a bit.” You said, nodding to the living room.

Shawn stuffled into the living room, and Aaliyah followed. She wore a wicked smile, and Shawn groaned. “What?”

“So, you know how I kept saying I was gonna get blackmail footage?” She asked, it was all she had been talking about for the last week. “Do you remember anything?”

Shawn shook his head, and you walked into the kitchen with a smoothie and a spoon. “No straws for ten days.” You told him.

Aaliyah brought up the video from in the car, and Shawn watched it, cheeks flushing. “Oh my God.” He mumbled, spooning some of the smoothie into his mouth.

You handed Aaliyah her grilled cheese. “I think it’s a cute video.” You took a bite of your food. “Just wait till you look at SnapChat.” You smirked, laughing when you heard Shawn’s groan.

a/n: it’s been a year since I got my teeth out. It sucked.

ps, I deleted my post about the giveaway, I think I’ll just do one of those “reblog for a chance to win” posts. Or I’ll do a google form so I can keep track of entries easier. Idk, what do you guys think I should do? I’m leaning towards a google form now that I think about it.

Private Activities Ft Jimin & Yoongi

“Jimin I’m bored.” You said resting your elbows on your knees, your chin nestled into the palms of your hands. 

Jimin sat  next to you but his eyes glued onto the screen in front of the both of you. It’s not as if he wasn’t paying attention to you, his arms wrapped around your shoulder as a sign of his current affection for you.

“You know this is the only thing that I watch at the end of the day. You’re all mine after this. so hush now Baby and let me enjoy this.”

You sighed as all you could do was look at the same screen that your boyfriend was currently living for. But you were one to get attention when you wanted it. That time was now, thoughts went through your mind of how you could drift his attention away from the screen and onto you. Kissing is too easy, he could easily just turn his head away from your lips. Maybe his neck, he likes that. 

“Please Jimin.” You whined trying to sound as cute as you could, wrapping your arms around his torso to only have them pushed away.

“Y/N not now, later I promise.”

You felt like a child, so you have to turn this around. No more cute girl that he’s used to seeing. Time to switch it up.

Fast moves moved you from the sofa to the top of his thigh, placing your hands on his shoulders shuffling yourself into place.

“What about now?” You asked leaning in close making sure that he could feel your words against his skin.

He cocked an eyebrow looking up to you.

“This is new from you Baby girl.”  

You started moving your hips slowly, grinding forwards and backwards. His hands grabbing onto your waist almost guiding your way. You could feel the pleasure begin to coarse through you. Your breathing beginning to get heavy as you began to get rhythm into your moves. 

“You starting to like this baby? I thought that it was me that you were trying to impress here.” 

He paused to just look at you.

“It may be working slightly.”

You couldn’t help but smirk at his last remark. Your plan worked. You felt Jimin’s hands start to roam your body a little more. Taking back his dominance at a higher level than you are at right now. His hands slipping under your shirt, his bare touch sending shivers through you. Your skin now burning from his roaming hands you didn’t notice one sneaking away from your waist but creeping up to your neck.

First resting onto your shoulder but then edging closer to your neck. You only noticed when the grip of his hand tightened. Your breath hitched for a second before he released his gripped slightly.

“You like that Baby girl?”

All you could achieve was a wimp but he wouldn’t take it.

“You know I don’t take wordless answers. Do you like this?”

His grip tightened again.

“Yes, yes I like it.”

He raised an eyebrow waiting for the rest of your answer.

“I like it, Daddy.” 

He released his grip on your neck and placed both his hands back onto your hips, making your moves faster.

“I want you to cum for me Y/N.”

Your movements became faster, your breathing becoming heavier by the second. Moans getting louder as you could his hands dig into your sides. Wanting you to hit climax soon, he doesn’t like to wait in these situations.

“Come on Baby I know it’s in you.”

You reached you limit become coming to climax, your hands using his shoulders as supports as you ride out the orgasm.

One of his hands coming up to your face and moves away a strand piece of hair that had slipped from behind your ear in the process.

“Good girl.” He said bluntly. 


You look up, Jimin turns and you both see Yoongi standing behind you both with his mouth in a slight smirk as he sees you both scramble back o your initial position.

“How much of that did you see?” Jimin asked, embarrassment showing on his face.

Yoongi simply chuckled before leaving the room. Jimin took none of it and ran after him shouting the same question over and over again. He almost seemed desperate. You had never seen that side of him.

You couldn’t help but laugh from hearing Jmiins stuffled questions followed by Yoongi’s laughter.

I guess the nest step in your relationship is finding your own place to take care of your privet activities.

Strength (Shingen x MC)

My lord, you guys are acting like I just booted Shingen to the curb, sorry to disappoint you lot but I still got lots of passion for my tiger 😋

So, to show you my deep, riveting passion I present to you … Angst. Your welcome ~


There was still traces of blood left on his lips. It was the only kind of red you hated on his skine. All it promised was a future with out your Lord. Stealing him away, drop by drop.

Red was the color of his heart, his passion, his love; but it was also the color of his enemy.

Your hand pressed over your mouth as you tried to stuffle your sobs. Your cheeks are wet, tears falling freely. You wouldn’t be able to stop them if you tried.

Each tear was a piece of your broken heart. Your pain and fear had shattered it to a million pieces.

None of your nightmares could have held a candle to tonight.

The packets of healing herbs that Kansuke left did little to sooth his fit. The agony in his coughs and screams would haunt you for the rest of your life. Your hands trembled as you held his hacking body beliving he was dieing in your arms.

All the blood he had coughed up still stained the floor. No matter how much the maids scrubbed, it would never come out.

You brought his limp hand to your lips and gently pressed them aganst his palm. His rough, callused finger tips brushed aganst your tear stained cheek.

“Shingen,” You whispered into his hand, “I can’t loose you. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you with me. I won’t let death take you away from me yet.” Sniffles quickly turned back into sobs, “I promise.”

Pulling back the thick blanket you snuggled against his side. Clinging to his bare torso, his kimono had been soaked with blood. You cried softly as you nuzzled aganst his chest. The steady pounding of his heart echoing in your ears.


His hands rubbing and squeezing all over your body and threading through your hair.

His hot breath on your skin.

The pain of his teeth nipping your neck, quick followed by his tongue running over his mark. Like a cat licking it’s wound.

His growing need for you was escalating as his breathing grew ragged, his hands and lips became more aggressive.

Your body caves under his touch, needing him just as badly.


“Shingen, stop.” You press your hands against his toned chest, lightly pushing him back.

He doesn’t need much coaxing. The minute the words left your mouth he pulls back, his hand stays woven through your hair though.

“What is it?”

The fire of lust was still alight in his eyes, wild and untameble, but for your sake; He would wrestle that snarling tiger into submission.

In your eyes, that was true strength.

But to wrestle with a tiger cost energy, energy he desperately needed to heal himself. Only three days after his nightmareish coughing fit his body wasn’t ready for this kind of play. It would only destroy his body faster, and the man you held so close to your heart.

You force out a breathless chuckle.

“Preparations for dinner will have started by now, and odds are they’ll need my help. I should probably get down there.”

You attempt to wriggle out from beneath him, but his position above you keeps you pinned to the floor.

“They will survive without you for one night, surly?” He chuckled, a low rumble in the back of his throat as he laid his weight on top of you. His warm lips attacking your neck and coller bone once more.

“You ordered… A feast . . Ah … tonight-!” Words struggled to leave your mouth as he expertly nips and sucks.

His deep chuckle against your neck sends a pleasant shiver down your spine, “I suppose I did.”

His large steady hands pull you to your feet along with him.

“I can’t have you now, but you won’t be able to escape me tonight.”

Your breath hitches as he kisses just below your ear. Power and a promise is what he leaves behind; and a mark for sure.

His eyes are satisfied by your frazzled appearance, your expression and clothes.

“I will see you at the feast.” His lips leave a final kiss on your forhead before he takes his leaves.

“All right …” You stare at his muscular shoulders as he leaves and your fingers ache to run your hands through his long red hair as it sways infront of his back.

Every part of you desired him. Longed for him. But to have him in this state would only weakin him more. Drain him. And a world without Shingen was hardly one at all.

You press a hand against your pounding heart.

“Be strong, you can do this.” Shingen’s desires were difficult to deny. The passion and love in every kiss left you weak in the knees and breathless. All you wanted to do was give in, but for his sake …

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Request: Hello! I love your blog! So my “prom” (I think it’s stupid but I have to go…) is in two days so I was wondering if you could write a one shot where Damon convinces the reader to go to the prom because she’ll look stunning but things escalate when they are dancing and do the do either somewhere in the school or in the Camaro? Thank you!!!!! <3 – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 1996

Idk, I actually kinda like my prom. I hope you at least enjoyed yours as well :)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You huffed as you slumped on the bed, irritated. “Oh, cheer up, (y/n/n).” Damon cooed, sitting behind you and pulling you against his chest. “But prom is stupid. We literally just have to be there, eat dinner, then dance. I’m pretty sure the drink’s going to be spiked.” You mumbled. He chuckled. “I’ll be there to not make you bored, though.” He pointed out.

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ACNL friends plz? 💖💖💖

none of my friends play animal crossing and I really wanna visit other towns and have buddies and stuff to do trades with and all that good stuff so someone plz plz plzzzzz message my ask box if you play acnl and wanna be friends and stuffles cause I’S LONELY ;-;

Mommy: Little one, what’s wrong?

Little: Mr Stuffles is hogging the bed! Hmph!

Mommy: Oh is he now?

Little: Yus! Look!

Mommy: *gets up and peeks at stuffy with narrowed eyes and puffs out chest acting super tough before nudging the stuffy over on it’s side* Take that meanie Mr Stuffles!

Little: *Gasp!*

Mommy: I think Mr Stuffles was willing to make room for you, Little one.

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General Prologue

Sakamaki Prologue || Mukami Prologue (here) || Kino Prologue

|| Shu route || Reiji Route || Ayato Route || Kanato Route || Laito Route ||Subaru Route ||  Kino Route ||

|| Ruki Route || Kou Route || Yuma Route || Azusa Route ||

|| Carla Route || Shin Route ||

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A few things to notice about this poster:

  • Viktor has a pink convertible (can this man be any more extra is2g)
  • They kept all the pillows/stuffled animals that were thrown at them after their skating performances
  • Yurio is hoarding cats
  • They have a fucking custom “I love Hasetsu” sticker on their surfboard with Makkachin’s face on it
  • Viktor has golden bracelets
More Blog Stuffles~

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So yeah! Feel free to read my little, bullet-pointed list of guidelines and what have you! And, as always, I hope to have fun and RP with you!