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@StuffingKit I asked that question because she always talks about being in pain one day and then loving life the next....her BF seems to just make her miserable and happy all the time. Its so up and down, I'm wondering if she knows what love is cuz she seems like a 12 year old girl in love with 1D

…..Its good you understand the ups and downs of my relationship. But I guess this one is for Kit? Why didn’t you go on her page?

I really want a small undercut (sidecut, depending on what country you’re from) on one side of my head above my ear but wonder if my head is too fat to carry it off. The only plus size gal I’ve ever seen with one is the lovely Stuffingkit, who rocks it beautifully. Oh no, and that lovely girl with blonde hair I re-blogged earlier on, Vanessa Kaye I think.

I guess it’s just one of those experiments you have to try to see, like when I shaved my eyebrows off totally at 2am one morning when I was premenstrual and a bit manic (Side note - does anyone else exhibit really freaky behaviour - like mania - when due on? I’m prone to do really gnarly shit when I’m due on.)

I think I’m going to do it after the wedding. Even if it looks minging, at least it’ll be in time for summer and I *might* be able to stop attacking my scalp and rub my fuzzy head instead. Maybe.