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gentle stalker!kylo

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Kylo’s fingers twitched, the wanting to run the pads of his digits over the soft lace of your panties in his pocket burning slowly into a need. Hux droned, specifics of the functionality of the ship or what not breezing past him. Breaking, he allowed himself to slip a hand into the pocket of his pants, the effect immediate. His face flushed, teeth coming down to bite on his lip. ‘Fuck,’ he thought, prick budging up at the thought of you wiggling around, sliding the garment up your legs… up over the soft curve of your ass… He stood abruptly, cutting Hux off mid sentence, before excusing himself to his quarters.
On his way there, he remembered a detail he’d discovered upon memorizing your schedule for the week. You were working all day, your own quarters empty. Making an abrupt detour down the hallway, robes fluttering behind him, he approached your room.

Kylo originally had no intention of getting himself off in your room, but once he got there how was he to resist the urge to lay in the same sheets you did? Was he just supposed to ignore the fact that you probably touched yourself in that same bed? The thought crept over him like a chill, you, a seemingly innocent girl, with fingers dancing over your clit. Those same fingers stuffed knuckle-deep in your cunt.
He groaned at that, palming his cock through the fabric of his pants. Turning to press the front of his body into your bed, he grasped your panties in his closefisted hand. ‘Fuck,’ he thought, the smell of you intoxicating him. Hips rutting into the sheets on their own accord. Pictures of you writhing on these same sheets, moaning, aching for him. He couldn’t help it, the way his hips stuttered as he thrusted into your mattress, the terribly needy whines coming from his mouth; the fucking thought of you coming without him had him positively snarling and biting down on a knuckle. He thought of you spread out on his bed, pinned down, with hips trying desperately to roll into his; begging him to let you come, “Please, Kylo, please…”
His orgasm came fast after that, blinding in its intensity, leaving him panting into your pillow.

He stood up and observed your room, meticulous in his efforts to make it seem as though he hadn’t just cum in his pants on your bed. As he moved to leave, he paused. He walked over to your dresser, sorting through until he found what he was searching for. Upon it’s discovery, it was promptly stuffed into his pocket. Perhaps now you would come to him (and maybe even for him.)


“Ehm,” you were flushed and nervous. The sight of your Commander standing, smirking, before you without his mask on making you positively ache between your thighs.
“Go one, little one,” he soothed. “Ask your question.”

MWaBF Chapter 4

Warning- Mature content and language ahead so be warned!

Gajevy Biker! Au

Rated M for violence and other themes

Summary-Finally getting a job to help pay the bills since she didn’t want to rely on her boyfriend ,the shy,sweet barmaid Levy Mcgarden works at the Fairy Tail bar in Magnolia Boulevard,also known for having many Bike gangs hang around there. When the most well known gang called “The Dragon Slayers” show up, and a hulking man with a pair of red,slitted eyes have their sights on the petite female, she doesn’t know what she had gotten herself into.

Gajeel sped down Levy’s street, his hand clutching the grips and turned to the apartment. Levy was sitting at the entrance,her knees tucked to her face,her shoulders shaking and heaving as she cried. This moment broke his heart, seeing someone so fragile and gentle being broken. He stopped and parked,running over to Levy. “I’m here Shrimp! What’s wrong?!”,He asked. “Its him.…you were right Gajeel…your ex did cheat on you with him,and then he cheated on m-me..”,She said in drown out sobs. This spiked Gajeel’s anger to a hell that is about to break loose,readying to deliver his wrath to the guy.“I’ll be right back.”,He said in a growl and stormed into the apartment. In his pocket was a pair of black brass knuckles, there was many reasons why he was called “Black Steel”. He looked for her number and banged on each door until he found the right one. Her boyfriend panics as Gajeel pounded on his door as he peaked from the door hole,the woman he slept with looked at him,“What is it doll? Is the police?”,She asked.“N-No…much wor-!”,They both screamed as Gajeel kicked a giant hole in the door and tore it apart kick after kick, lunging after him as he got in.

Levy watched the rain fall and the sound of thunder was in the distance. She heard a strained yell and cursing, causing her to panic and run to her apartment, she froze as she saw her now ex pleading for mercy as Gajeel’s loud yelling was mixed in, punching and pounding him in the chest like a punching bag and kicks at his side, yelling.“You shitbag! How /dare/ you lie to her! She sat there and defending your ass when I was about kick the shit out of you because you were such a pussy to admit that you slept with my ex and cheated on her! You are disgusting!”,He barked and stomped on his face when he was slumped on the ground,his ex shrilled,“Shut up,bitch!”,Gajeel snaps at her very quickly. Levy watched in horror as Gajeel grabbed him by his shirt and pinned him on the wall, bashing his face with his fist with his brass knuckles,then into the wall. Levy shakes and whimpers,“Gajeel!”,She said out loud. Levy flinched at the sound of crunching and screaming.“G-Gajeel! Stop!”,She cried out again. Gajeel whipped his head around to see her. Levy looked at him,with teary and wide eyes,shivering and sniffling. Gajeel took the hint and leered at her ex,his face was far from okay, Blood caked on his face and bruises all over,it looks like he busted up his mouth and nose,causing Levy to be sick to her stomach. He let go of him,letting his slump to the wall,then falling to the floor,Gajeel turned to his ex and growled,“Tell anyone it was me, you’ll regret it.I /mean/ it.”,He threatened with a promise as she shook. He removed the knuckles and stuffed the two in his pocket. He walked towards Levy and grabbing her wrist and pulled her downstairs, Levy followed,almost tripping as he dragged her,holding onto her bag. He dragged her outside and puts her on his bike,the faint sound of sirens were heard. Gajeel quickly got on,having her in his lap,“We have to leave quickly alright?”, he spoke as she nodded to him. He took off as the police entered. Gajeel drove at high speed,causing Levy to grip his knees with a bag dangling in her lap,“Careful shrimp,don’t grip too hard while I’m driving.”,He muttered,in case she shifted his knee a potential crash could happen. “Where are we going?”,She asked quietly as she still saw a angered frown.“At my place,I want you at my place tonight.Bunny Girl will bug you constantly.”,He spoke. That caused Levy to feel odd,she felt nervous and rather relieved. It was odd.He saw her nervous and doubting expression,“Don’t worry,I won’t try anything, I don’t go after little girls who found out their boyfriend cheated on them.”,He said and glanced at her and then the road.“…Do you promise?”,she asked in a hushed, upset voice. Gajeel nods,“I promise Shorty.”,He said, Levy nods timidly and stayed tensed as he drove at high speed, scared to fall off.

 Luckily the ride was over as Gajeel pulled into the garage of his seemingly large house when Rogue opened it for him. “Rogue is here,why?”,Levy asked.“That’s a good question.”,Gajeel muttered and heard two angry voices,“You better have a good reason why you took off!”,Laxus snaps as stormed up to Gajeel,in which Gajeel got up in his face,“I did what I had to do! I was right,ask Levy!”,He snaps and they looked at Levy as she was staring at the ground with tears in her eyes. “He’s right….her boyfriend was responsible for this.”,She sucked in a shaky breath. Laxus froze and looked Gajeel,“See? Told you I knew it was him!”,He remarked. “Alright Gajeel,I’m sorry I doubted you.You tend to assume things quite alot.”,Laxus cleared his throat and watched Gajeel scoff and lifted Levy off the bike,putting her on the ground.Gajeel lead her up to the house,it was bigger than she thought on the ride to his house. It was wide and nice looking, Sting and Natsu were playing a game on some console in the living room while Rogue was watching them,drinking water.“Do you all live here?”,Levy asked in awe. “No,just me.Gihi!”,Gajeel snickered. “We tend to come over Gajeel’s a lot since he makes us meet up everytime for a mission, so he thought it was smart to fix the house a little bit whenever we’re too tired from a mission and want to crash, or if anyone here was too wasted, which could be Sting or Natsu.”,Rogue added. Levy nods and shuffled her way to the living room to greet them.“Hey Levy!”,Sting smiled at her along with Natsu hugging her tightly. “You ok?”,Natsu asked Levy as she looked up,she gave a small nod,“Y-Yeah,I just feel a little tired and weak right now.”,She smiles weakly. “Grab something to eat the fridge is available and the bathroom is upstairs if you need it.”,Gajeel placed a heavy hand on her shoulder. Levy gave a nod a scuffled to the fridge. Rouge looked over Gajeel,“So it is true,her boyfriend did this.”,He stood by Gajeel as the taller man watch the girl open the fridge and looked at the wide selection,“You should see his face, spoiler, it ain’t a sight to see.”,He crossed his arms and smirked. “You’re a real brute you know!”,Sting called over to him.“Well someone has to get their hands dirty! Unlike me and Salamander, we don’t talk with words of "Negotiations”, we talk with fist and say “Where’s the damn money?!”“,Gajeel retorts. "Well you sometimes go overboard, keep in mind.Remember when you lost your temper to one of our customers who didn’t pay in time and got smart with you? You really had a good time kicking his teeth in.”,Laxus spoke,with slight amusement in his voice.“Don’t care,I make my point clear by beating them up to remind them to pay up or else without words.It’s a waste of breath”,Gajeel said as he saw Levy sheepishly look at the fridge, he found this cute for an odd reason. She pulled out a pear,in which it was small. Gajeel watched her,walking over,“I want you to eat something good like a meal,not just a fruit.”,He spoke. Levy looks up,she rarely ate at the sleepover, only a few chips,and the very audible sound of a rumble in her stomach made it evident.“Why don’t you cook something? Shouldn’t you do that for guest?”,Natsu teased, who ended up getting a pan thrown at him,luckily it missed and hit the wall.“Shut your trap! I’ll make her something! I at least have better cooking skills than you!”,Gajeel sneered at Natsu who fumed and ran at Gajeel,getting into a fight. Levy looked at him in awe,he was willing to cook for her. But she kept her guard up since due to the fact she is near the most known dangerous biker gang in town.

Levy sat at the table and watched Laxus, Sting, Natsu and Rogue play cards. She studies how they act towards one another. It was quite surprising how a few words could start a brawl that seemed dangerous and harmful to her, but was play fighting to the biker gang. She looked over and saw Gajeel cook, chopping up fresh spices and stirring it in the pot,she glanced at the four as they talked and bellowed, she hops off the seemingly high chair to her and went over to the man who allowed her to stay the night. “Why don’t you go wash up while I’m cooking,so you can relax for the night.”,Gajeel spoke as she was proceeding to walk over. Levy stops and nods,“Alright,but…I forgot my clothes..”,She said nervously. The important things she brought was her cellphone, purse, a few books despite it not being important, and her jacket. Gajeel looked at her for a second,“Alright,Salamander,keep an eye on the stove.”, He said and gingerly grabbed Levy’s small hand and lead her upstairs,causing Levy to have a small blush. He brought her in his room, it had much more space than her room, a large TV and a stand. The grey tattered sheets under the large looking heavy black blanket on his bed looked comfortable, she noticed that the nightstand had a pistol and a pack of cigarettes, and a large lamp that shined brightly as he turns it on. Levy was in awe of how nice it looked. She saw a small black creature on the bed,relaxing, it was large house cat, it has semi fluffy fur and it had a crescent scar on its right eye.“Is this your pet?”,Levy asked softly and Gajeel turned the light on, turning his head.“ Yeah, his name is Lily.He’s a grumpy feline so don’t get too close to him.”,He spoke and rummaged through his drawers. Levy waited and fiddled her thumbs. Gajeel pulled out a big dark gray shirt,“I’m not sure if any pairs of pants of mine will fit you without tripping a killing yourself.”,He spoke flatly. Levy nods softly and took the shirt as hr gave it to her,“Thank you..”,She said softly and his only response was a gruff before heading downstairs. Levy went to the bathroom and closed the door, she looked marveled as she saw a nice looking shower, and a small bath. Her eyes sparkled and whined,“He has such a nice house,wish I could have something like this..”,She thought to herself, but that wasn’t her main thought atleast. She took her soaked clothes off and puts the shirt on,it covered her whole upper body and her thighs so all anyone would see in skin is just her legs. Levy heard a loud yell and cussing, she heard,“DAMNIT NATSU YOU JUST NEEDED TO WATCH THE POT FOR A MINUTE! SCREW IT WE’RE ORDERING TAKE-OUT!”. Levy assumed Natsu didn’t do what Gajeel asked him to do.

 After the take out had been delivered and everything cooled down,since there was /fire/ fuming from the pot,burning the food Gajeel was making,the statement of “Gajeel can cook better than Natsu.” Is true. The boys ate in the living room,watching the news. Levy sat at the table and ate, Gajeel ordered her a nice steak platter since he wanted to at least give her something good,but she was quiet and looked still upset. Natsu raised a brow curiously,“Hey Gajeel, why is she eating alone?”,He asked the man munching on his food. “Not sure, there’s plenty if space for her.”,He said with his mouth full before washing it down with his water. Levy glanced at the TV, not acknowledging the biker gang,she felt a little unsafe, true they have been nice to her,but they are very dangerous and committed plenty of crimes,but the question is how come the police doesn’t get involved with them. “Hey shorty!”,Gajeel grabbed her attention quickly,“You wanna seat here with us? We’re not gonna bite you.”,He said to her with a small smirk. Levy was reluctant,“I-I’m okay here, but thank you.”,She said softly. He just gave a nod,not pushing any boundaries,and then turned his head back to the TV. “Just around 12 at night, a neighbor called of seemingly domestic disturbance, but turned out to be a victim getting brutally assaulted and battered, police are still investigating this man,but his wounds were critical they have to wait for the man to recover.”,then the picture was shown of the suspect’s face,it was Levy’s ex, his face was contorted and looked like someone was in the process of rearranging it. Gajeel smirked darkly as Sting and Nastu gasp,“That was him?!Oh my god Gajeel that’s so brutal!”,Natsu laughs while Sting still looked shocked, Rogue looked slightly disturbed while Laxus had arched eyebrows,“Wow…guess you really did mean it isn’t a sight to see.”,The tallest member spoke and heard Gajeel’s odd laugh. Levy felt a lump in her throat, she grew choked up as she saw a picture of her boyfriend, especially all beaten up. She knew she shouldn’t get upset, but it just happened three hours ago. Levy closed the box to her food,didn’t eat much, but who could blame her for being sick to the stomach. She placed it in the fridge and attempted to go upstairs until a small “Hey”,was heard. Levy turned around and saw Laxus,towering over her like a building. Levy gave a hard swallow and looked up,trying not to cry infront of him,“Are you alright? You looked a little upset and choked looking when you saw that picture.”,Laxus crossed his arms,Laxus was very intelligent and he knew something was wrong, obviously Levy’s ex was beaten up but even though he cheated on her, she still had feelings for him. She gave a shaky sigh,“I-I’m fine.Just trying to cope with what’s happening…”,Levy managed to say, clearly wanting to cry. Laxus glanced at Gajeel who caught wind of the conversation, quickly getting up to see them.“What’s wrong?”,He asked. Laxus whispered the words quietly,“Its about her ex. She doesn’t know how to cope with it,so bring her upstairs to have her relax and talk about it since she seems to trust you.” to Gajeel since Levy was looking at the floor,trying not to break down and probably not hearing them talk. Gajeel gave a nod,understanding the situation and steps up to her,“Cmon Shorty,I’ll take you to bed,you need some sleep.”,He spoke in a soft tone and brought her upstairs. Gajeel didn’t have a guest bedroom, the luxurious,spacious house he has,he doesn’t have a guest bedroom,but that is fine since Natsu and Sting crash the couch and maybe sometimes Laxus or Rogue depending on the night and job. Gajeel brought her to his room,setting her down to lay down. Levy was trying really hard not to meltdown,she was visibly shaking and trembling in pain on not crying. Gajeel quickly shut the door behind him and looked over at her,he had stayed with her, he can’t just invite her to his house, give her a place to crash because she’s an emotional mess, and ditch her as she’s about to breakdown, he may be an asshole to the majority of people, but this girl helped her through his grief and befriended him even when he jabbed insults at her. He sat beside her, rubbing her shoulder,“You can cry Shrimp, it’s okay to cry.”,Gajeel said in a comforting voice,hopefully to help her let it out, with a second, Levy was sobbing, a sharp wail pierced his ears but he cared less,he watched,showing sympathy. She had her hands covering her eyes,sobbing and shaking, this caused an unknown pain in Gajeel’s heart, it ached in pain every time he heard a hiccup or bleating and whimpering. He sat beside her and didn’t know what to do, so he patted her back and rubbed it. It felt like electric shocked through his body, her skin was softer than all the girls he has known, and it contrasted well with his rough,calloused hands. But he mainly thought of her feelings at the moment. He rubbed her shoulder and hushes her softly as she finished her intense crying for a long,long while, leaning his head on hers. Levy sniffles and hiccups constantly.“C'mon shorty,you should go to bed.”,He said soflty. “B-But this is your bed..”,She sniffles. “Well, we can share. Don’t worry,I won’t try anything, I’m not a man to advance on girls who are havin a rough day.”,Gajeel spoke in a firm way,causing Levy to trust his seemingly stern words and lay down. Before she knew it,she was out like a light. Tired from crying and the events of tonight.

 Gajeel came back downstairs to see Rogue,Sting,and Natsu on the couch,past out with the TV still on, assuming Laxus left to meet up with Makarov or see his fiancé. He sighs softly and shut the TV off,picking up Sting’s and Natsu’s mess since Rogue knows how to clean up. He cleaned up the place and went to take a cold shower. Gajeel got in the bathroom and sheds his clothing off,going into the shower. His body which was probably ninety percent muscle ached, running around until eight at night and ten thirty to kick the shit out of Levy’s backstabbing ex and then around eleven busy taking care of Levy and the other guys except the mature ones. He wetted his mane down and grabbed heavy duty shampoo to take care of that monstrosity of a hair. He sighs softly and scrubbed his scalp,rinsing the shampoo off after scrubbing consistently. Levy burned many images in the back of his head. The feeling of her hand touching his,the way she gripped him,afraid of falling off. Gajeel spent a good twenty minutes (or more) in the shower washing and drying himself,plus thinking about the bluenette. He pulled on a tank top and his boxers,along with drying his hair off,in which it took a giant fan to dry it since it was like a mop when he got out of the shower. He got into his bedroom and threw his dirty clothes in the hamper and his hung up leather jacket away,he glanced at Levy, who was laying on the right side of the bed,the fan in her face,he did admit she looked cute in her sleep. He chuckles softly and crawled into bed,laying on his side,away from her. Soon he fell asleep.

 When it was morning,Levy was still asleep, dead quiet in the house until Lily meowed at her and nudged her to get up,she grumbled and turned on her stomach, Lily gave a small mewl and sat on her stomach, for a cat he does weigh a tad. Levy groans and laid on her left side,but Lily kept pestering her until a sharp grunt was heard as the cat hissed and got off. Levy noticed something in front of her,it was hard and surprisingly defined, a chest,Gajeel’s chest to be exact. Levy quickly sat up. He was asleep obviously sleeping. She gulped and slowly slid out of the bed and crept downstairs,not making a sound,and was blushing a bit. Levy saw that Sting, Rogue, and Natsu asleep on the couch. She glanced at the fridge and got an idea. Gajeel woke up to the smell of an unknown, tasty aroma of food. He yawned and stretched out,a few muscles popping as he stretches. He got up and walked out of his room,going downstairs quietly. He turned to head to the kitchen,which was the source of the smell. Gajeel saw Levy cooking, she looked she  was cooking a breakfast feast. She wasn’t aware Gajeel, no wait, all the members was up, Sting and Natsu watched in awe on how well she was cooking and Rogue was half asleep. Gajeel leaned against the fridge,watching the girl. His eyes trailed to her body, she was a small thing, she didn’t have any breast or anything going one, unlike her friends and his ex, but he didn’t really like big breasts in the first place. But she did have a nice butt,and that is where his eyes trailed to,impressed of how small she is and has a nice waist and a cute pair of hips. He glanced as Natsu grabbed his attention, he teased,“You should stop staring creep.”,He mouthed and smirked. Gajeel gave a glare before glancing at Levy cooking, who was humming softly. She was cooking omelettes, along with french toast, bacon,and waffles. Gajeel was amazed and quite wanted to take a bite out of the already cooked food, he made his appearance known by clearing his throat, causing the three to pretend sleep. Levy looked over and up at Gajeel,“Good morning Gajeel.”,She said in a sleepy and sheepish way. He smiled,“What'cha cooking smallfry?.”,He leaned against the fridge. Levy puffed her cheeks,“Breakfast, and stop calling me short names,its Levy,Levy Mcgarden!.”,Gajeel struggled to take her seriously, chuckling.“It isn’t funny! Be happy I’m making you something nice in return for last night!”,Levy huffs at him. Gajeel just laughs and watched her cook. She was very spunky girl for her size.

 Natsu stuffed his face in waffles as the gang sat at the table, eating a nice breakfast that Levy cooked. Levy smiles at them,pleased they liked it.“Damn shrimp this is really good! Could hire you to do this and get paid!”,Gajeel grins as he took a large bite from his omelette,Levy huffs at the nickname but smiled. “I’m glad you all like it.”,She said in a soft voice. They devoured the feast of a breakfast, the dishes were left so Levy cleaned them. “I think its unfair your doing this by yourself, I’ll help.”,Rogue implies as he walked beside Levy and started washing the pans. “Thank you Rogue, I appreciate it.”,Levy smiled and Rogue gave a smile back. As they washed the dishes and Natsu and Sting loafed around and Gajeel was busy somewhere else,they chat. “So who’s the leader of the "Dragon Slayers?”,Levy asked curiously. Rogue looked at her,“Well..we don’t have an exact leader, it varies from Laxus and Gajeel,but Laxus usually has work and spends more time with his family and fiancé, which is obviously not a bad thing. But I guess Gajeel, he’s very demanding and takes charge a lot.”,Rogue chuckled and Levy listens. Levy listens to the stories of how their missions go. She looked surprised,she didn’t know Natsu was a massive pyromaniac,capable of burning buildings if you even give him two stones, and how Sting and Rogue easily lose the cops or cover up their tracks or lose them on the chase, hence the nicknames “The Light and Shadow Dragons”, and how when Laxus has an enemy, they go missing within hours,having an alliance with a dangerous group called “The Raijinshu” . “What about Gajeel?”,She asked and Rogue’s eyes widened. “Gajeel? Well….he has been through a lot, he’s a very strong guy, capable of taking on a lot of people with little thought put into it. Just about.”,Rogue said softly. Levy nods,amazed at what these men could, luckily she isn’t a threat or an enemy to them.

 Later on in the day after everyone left the house,Levy and Gajeel were alone. Levy was packing her stuff up and looking for her old clothes to wear. “You sure you wanna leave so soon shrimp? You didn’t bring your bike.”,Gajeel crosses his arms as she packed up,handing him his shirt she used when her clothes were on her. “I’m fine,really,I think Lucy will pick me up any minute.”,She spoke softly. Gajeel just nodded and watched her,“You know,if you want to, you can come over here whenever you want, we won’t bite you or anything despite our reputation,ya know.”,He said with a smile. Levy nods,“I’ll keep that in mind.”,She replied with a grin. The sound of a horn beeping,causing Levy to jolt and checks the window,Lucy was in her car,signaling Levy she’s here. She looked over at Gajeel and smiled,“Thank you for letting me stay the night,really.”,Levy said and watched the larger man come closer to her,“No problem Shrimp,give me a buzz or something when your back at Bunny’s place.”,He waved his hand to shoo her off. Levy quickly gave a small hug,she only came up to his chest and she was on her tip toes. Gajeel widened his eyes,replying with firm arms around her and hugged her back,he took in her very gentle and sweet scent. She pulled away and waved goodbye, scurring outside to Lucy. Gajeel took a deep breath and closed the door behind him,his back against the door. His forehead had a trickle of sweat, he was falling for Little Levy, there was no denying it, the way he treats her with the teasing, how he practically got revenge for the two, his thoughts about her were pleasant, and how he allowed her to stay the night.His ex fell for him and he complied since he wasn’t a good thinker at the time (or most of the time). The biker took a deep breath and exhaled,attempting to slow his heartbeat. Gajeel Redfox, is falling in love.
I know this isn’t a good chapter (I was really struggling to finish it ;w;) ,but I promise it’ll get better so enjoy the chapter!

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Can u do a Jumin office sex scenario (over the desk, hair pulling, kitten/daddy kink and blindfolds)

Yes. Yes I can. Office sex? Check. Spanking? Check. Daddy kink? CHECK CHECK CHECK. Bless you anon. 😘


Jumin had had just about enough of the nonsense going on in his office today. He was a married businessman, not some playboy - so he wasn’t sure why the lady he was meeting with had decided that seducing him was the way to a business deal. She’d made an appointment last week through Assistant Kang, saying she had the pitch of a lifetime. He didn’t realize what was going on until he heard the lock click on his door and the woman stripping with her back to him.

“Excuse me, miss. I think you’re under the wrong impress…ion…” his words died in his throat as the woman turned around and he came face to face with his wife. “Oh no, Daddy, I don’t think I have the wrong impression at all,” you positively purred as you made your way towards him, clad in nothing but the midnight colored lingerie he’d picked out a few days ago. You shoved him back onto the chair, straddling his lap as you began undoing his tie.

Jumin moved his hands to run them along your sides, sliding behind you to cup your ass. “Well hello, Kitten. I wasn’t expecting to find you here…” he moved one hand to your throat, lifting you off of him with the other and onto the desk - scattering paper and throwing his office into disarray in the process. “Did you think there wouldn’t be repercussions for dressing like that? I’m going to have to punish you.” You were dripping wet at his words, eyes hot and glazed with lust.

He finished pulling off his tie, wrapping it around your head as a gag to keep you quiet. Jumin made quick work of his pants, freeing himself as he spun you around to bend you over his desk. “Yes…a bad kitten like you needs to be punished…” he ran his hand over your ass as he spoke, bringing it down hard on the flesh with a loud smack. You moaned in pleasure as he gripped your hair and pulled your underwear to the side, sliding in you in one quick motion. Jumin thought this might be the most erotic thing he’d ever seen - you bent over his paperwork, crying out into the tie, his hand fisted in your hair and one smacking your ass in time with his thrusts.

“Tell me what you want, kitten. Tell me you want me,” he spoke through ragged breaths as he undid the tie in one swift motion. As soon as you were free, you were panting. “Yes, Daddy! Yes! I want your cum in me…please Daddy-” your words were cut off by the orgasm that thundered through your body without warning, the only sounds the cries of his name and Jumin relentlessly pounding into you. He came with deep groan, his knuckles stuffed into his mouth to keep quiet. He bit down so hard he tasted blood, the pain heightening the feeling of his orgasm as you twisted around him.

He stumbled back into his chair, pulling you down with him and into his lap. You curled into him as he ran his hands through your hair and pressed light kissed against your throat. “I love you so much,” his voice rumbled in his chest as he spoke, “what brought all this on?” You smiled lightly at him as you finished retying his tie, and said “you’ve been working so hard lately, I wanted you to have a nice break today. I love you too, by the way.”

Jumin Han didn’t know how he ever got so lucky. He helped you back into your dress, and by the time you both were done it looked like nothing more strenuous than a chat between happy spouses had occurred. As you opened the door, you looked back at him - already scribbling away at the papers on his desk, but much more relaxed than when you’d first entered. “Jumin? Don’t be late for dinner tonight, okay? We’re having your favorite.” He slowly looked up at you - his favorite? What on earth? You winked at him before striding out to chat with Jaehee and head home. You had to get “dinner” ready, after all.

Check Next Time//An Edmund Pevensie Imagine

Okay, so this takes place during the scene in Prince Caspian where they’re all asleep under the stars around the fire and Edmund is talking to Peter about how much he likes you, thinking that you’re asleep, but you’re not, and you hear everything (I’m gonna try writing this in the second person, let me know if you guys like it better)


You rolled onto your side, trying to find a more comfortable position to sleep in. Narnia was great and all, but Jesus, they needed to learn about bed rolls, fast.

“Hey, Pete?” you heard Edmund ask.

“Ed, if this is about that stupid thing with the frogs again….” Peter warned.

You stuffed your knuckles in your mouth to keep from laughing. The Frog Incident had been an unfortunate (and hilarious) accident.

“No, it’s about the other thing." 

I heard someone shifting, and could only assume Peter had rolled over to look at his younger brother. "Yeah?”

“I don’t know. I feel so nervous around her. It’s like there’s storms of butterflies in my stomach when she’s around, and I’m constantly checking myself to make sure I don’t say anything stupid.”

You froze. Who was he talking about?

“Why don’t you just tell her how you feel?” Peter asked.

“Because I’m terrified she won’t feel the same.”

“Edmund, have you seen the way she looks at you? She feels the same way, trust me.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“What did you think of when you were in the dungeon at the White Witch’s palace? What kept you from going crazy?”

“She did.”

“And why’s that?”

“I love her.”

“See, that’s all you have to do. Tell yourself that you’re in love with (Y/N).”


“I’m in love with (Y/N),” I heard Edmund say quietly.

You rolled over so you could see them and if they looked up, they could see you. “Ahem,” you cleared your throat and they both looked up. Edmund’s face turned bright red, and Peter just winked. “Ed, can I talk to you for a sec?” you asked, standing up. He nodded and followed you into the trees.

“You know,” you said, turning to face him. “The next time you talk about something like that, you might want to make sure everyone’s asleep.”

His face went even redder. 

“Did you mean what you said?” you asked.

He nodded. “Yes,” he said softly.

“Well then, that’s gonna make this a whole lot easier,” you said, trying to calm you nerves. You couldn’t believe you were about to do this.

“What are you–”

You cut him off, pressing your lips to his before he could finish. And then he was kissing you back.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he said, pulling away.

“Feeling’s mutual,” you said, grinning. 

You walked back to the fire, but this time, instead of going back to where you were before, you laid down next to him and he pulled you close. You could hear his heartbeat, and you fell asleep with your head on his chest.

Ranch Girl

Who she is:
like her brown boots and
nicked knuckles,
hands stuffed into the pockets
of her unwashed jeans,
not really fitting,
at least.

Who she is:
before anyone else
to feed the chickens
and feel the eggshells break
against her rough hands.
They bleed
like wet suns.

Who she is:
while other girls
with soft hair
and soft bodies
(good for moving)
ranch girl
whose body is made of
fence posts,
which pushes back
against the nails
they try to hammer in.
Strong wood,
but not good for building
a home.

Megan Leahy is from Colorado.  Her poetry has previously appeared in Shark Reef and Chautauqua.

The Littlest Winchester

Author: Thenewmrsweasley

Original Imagine: Here

Warnings: Birth. Pregnancy. Over protective Dean.

Word Count: 2598

Summary: Imagine Dean being panicked about your pregnancy and catering to your every whim.

Fic/Link to Fic:

Since you had announced your pregnancy to Dean there had been a few changes around the bunker.

First, you weren’t allowed to go on anymore hunts it didn’t matter if you were just going to stay in the hotel room. For your safety Dean also wanted either he or Sam to be with you leaving the bunker for any reason and cameras were installed that they could see from Sam’s laptop when they both had to leave for hunts. They made sure you ate right and got all the vitamins you needed, Sam made extra of his meals for you because they were better than the greasy cheeseburgers Dean had.

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Little Princess (Newt Imagine)

Originally posted by thomasbnewton

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You didn’t know what the hell must’ve been going through the Creators’ minds.

Who was stupid enough to think that sending up a young girl who was just five or six years old into a deadly Maze with a bunch of adolescent boys (and one adolescent girl) was a good idea?

“Shuckin’ idiots,” You muttered quietly for the umpteenth time that day, shaking your head as the little girl (who was named Amelia) went running across the Glade screaming as Minho chased her.

“I’m gonna get you!” Minho kept repeating, laughing between each time he said it. Amelia kept squealing and running, dashing around like a stray bullet. You had to admit, watching the other Gladers being so sweet and protective of little Amelia made your heart feel all warm and fuzzy, but it didn’t take away your constant concern for the little girl. 

She was like your little sister, and you remembered how for the first couple of days, she didn’t stray from your side out of fear and constantly clutched your pant leg or the hem of your shirt. She always hid behind you whenever another Glader tried to speak to her, and it took a few days to convince her that the others weren’t dangerous.

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anonymous asked:

Arima, Urie, Naki, Shirazu, Kanae and Tsukiyama having a foreign s/o who's extremely homesick? Like they just get noticeably sadder when they see something that reminds them of their home country? Thank you so much!

((no problem nonnie!))

Arima’s significant other had that distant look in their eyes, as if a haze had descended across the orbs, that clouded, far-off look that he despised. He places a hand on their shoulder and squeezes it softly. They missed home, that much he knew, but why did they miss home when they had a second one, right here?

“You’re home,” he mutters, and his s/o doesn’t hear him immediately. They cock their head to the side and ask a “what”, wiping away at their newfound tears with the back of their hand. 

“You’re home, for me, and at least one of your homes is here,” he says, ruffling their hair. 

They smile, and he wipes away their tears with his thumbs carefully. Arima loved it when they smiled. 

Urie notices his significant other, usually chatting along, had stopped in front of a store, their gaze fixed upon a little trinket. At first he thinks they want to buy the trinket and is willing to buy it for them, so he leads them by their lower back into the store. They shake their head, and a sad smile replaces their normal thousand-watt smile.

A scowl forms on Urie’s face as the sad little smile doesn’t vanish immediately, as they continue to stare at the ground, and then it hits him, that that trinket looked like something one would find in their home country. 

He strokes their hair and grips their hand. 

“Don’t be sad,” he says, though he was never one for words, “please don’t be sad.”

“Sorry,” they respond, and as they look away, Urie turns their chin towards him and plants a swift kiss on their lips. 

Naki is worried about his partner’s seemingly broken demeanor. He attempts to do things that would normally cheer them up, but they respond with a lonely-sounding chuckle and continue brooding. 

“Um!” Naki clears his throat, “Are you alright?!” A blush spreads across his cheeks; though he was always forward he was scared that his partner was sad because they were about to break up with him or something. 

“Yeah,” they start, “I’m just homesick…”

“Homesick?!” Naki exclaims, “You’re sick? What do I do?” 

His partner chuckles at this. 

“No, Naki, it’s just the feeling you get when you miss home,” they explain, moving a strand of hair behind their ear. 

Naki shuffles over towards his partner, who is sitting on the sofa, and places his head on their lap.

“Do you wanna tell me about your home?” he asks, holding their hand. “That might help.”

“Sure!” they say, noticeably perkier, and they tell Naki all types of stories until they themselves fall asleep. He carries them to their shared bed and cuddles up next to them.

Shirazu notices his partner’s melancholy the second he arrives, when they greet him with a nod, and go back to staring at a picture on the table. Shirazu creeps over to his partner, glancing over their shoulder. The picture is of a family, with a child that looks almost exactly like his partner. 

“Oi, that kid you?” he asks gruffly, sitting opposite them. 

“Yeah,” they murmur. 

An awkward silence ensues, during which Shirazu decides to ask them if he did something wrong.

“No, I just miss my family,” they say with a sniffle, and soon, the sniffle turns into a series of sobs. 

“Oh, hey, don’t cry,” Shirazu rushes towards his partner, giving them a hug from behind. “It’ll be okay! You can see your family whenever you want, yeah?” 

“Yeah,” they nod, tears in their eyes, “Yeah, I know. I just miss them a lot.”

Shirazu’s embrace tightens, and he doesn’t let them go until their tears give way. 

Kanae is used to his master’s tears, thanks to a certain Kaneki Ken, however, he certainly isn’t used to his partner’s tears, especially when they’re crying over a foreign pastry he bought them. 

“Roschen,” he starts, wiping the tears away with evident surprise, “What’s the matter? Do you not like the pastries?”

“They remind me of home!” they wail, and their blubbering only worsens. 

“No, no, this is no good,” Kanae murmurs, leading his lover by the hand to his quarters. He sets them on the bed, and wraps his arms around them tightly. “Now tell me, my dear rose, exactly what you miss.”

  At first their tears only rain down faster, and they place their head against Kanae’s chest as he rubs circles into the small of their back, but eventually they wear themselves out, their sobs disintegrating into small hiccups. Kanae sings them a German lullaby, and smiles gently as their eyes close.

Tsukiyama’s s/o is holed up in their room, and he hears sobbing behind the door, which displeases him greatly. 

“My dear, what seems to be the matter?” he calls after knocking a few times. 

“I miss home!” they call from behind the door, nose obviously stuffed. 

Tsukiyama presses a knuckle to his mouth, and eventually decides on doing something special for his s/o. At dinner time, he calls them down, and they reluctantly agree to join him.

Once they walk down the spiraling staircase, down the marbled hall, and into the dining room, they are greeted with a feast reminiscent of one from their home country. 

“Shuu!” they gasp, and the man grins with a flourish. 

“Welcome to your country, beautiful rose,” he bows.