Everyone welcome Umami! Our third chef is loaded with positive energy and a few pranks, but most importantly: A HUGE love for recipes and food! Her favorite ingredients include fish, seaweed, mushrooms, meat… anything with that rich umami flavor!

Umami is chef #3 on our adorable cooking team.She and Komi are very close pals who love to cook together. Keep an eye out for Umami’s recipes when you’re looking for a delicious dinner!

This is Umami’s reference post! Umami was created by my wife @nillia and me. She was made by @lithefidercreatures!

StuffinFluff Chefs:

Komi the Spice Shiba

Kanmi the Sugar Tanuki

Umami the Savory Otter


This super cute and simple recipe was shared with us by our dear friend, @gomidog, who considers this tasty food a part of her heritage.

Also everyone please welcome Umami, the Savory Otter! This is her first recipe but it definitely won’t be her last; she’s looking forward to cooking with all of you a lot more after this!

You will want about 30 oz of pie dough in total before you begin preparing the other ingredients. Here is one of my favorite pie dough recipes. Just adjust the amounts for how much you need!

Umami is mine and @nillia‘s original character. She was sewn for us by @lithefidercreatures.

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Happy Holiday Cookie Time continues! Kanmi will be taking over the next couple of cookie recipes, because this is her first cookie week with us and she is THRILLED.

This is the first cookie recipe we at StuffinFluff have developed all on our own. The goal was to get a rich, brownie-like cookie with peppermint flavor, and dress it up nice!

Important note: Do NOT overbake these. If they seem mushy out of the oven but LOOK finished, you are probably done! Let them cool and enjoy the minty chocolate goodness with your family or friends! Happy Holidays!

Kanmi the Sugar Tanuki is my character, sewn together by @lithefidercreatures


One more Thanksgiving recipe for our lovely fans, featuring Komi the Spice Shiba! Komi and I developed this recipe by combining two of our favorite biscuit recipes and adjusting the amounts. The results were rich and tasty, with just the right amount of that fall flavor. Prep is quick, and baking is less than 20 minutes. If you’re looking for one last Thanksgiving side dish, give these a try!

(And if you do give them a try, let us know!)

Komi the Spice Shiba is my top chef and my own original character. He was made for me by @lithefidercreatures.

Who is that mysterious new chef in the bottom left corner, you ask? Stay tuned to find out!

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Past Thanksgiving Recipes:

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes & Acorn Squash

Beer Braised Turkey

Orange Cranberry Sauce

Pumpkin Pie!


I was feeling a little down, so a friend of mine shared this wonderful recipe with me. Brining chicken makes it wonderful for grilling, but alas, I live in an apartment, so I had to settle for a delicious roast!

I’m not kidding, this recipe creates an incredibly flavorful, VERY soft chicken, full of tasty chicken juice. It takes a lot of time (waiting), but not a lot of actual work. If you can plan ahead, definitely give this a try.

Joining us today is Angry Cat, the grouchy little creation of cinnasketches. I bought Angry Cat from her at Connecticon this year, and you can buy one too over at her Etsy shop!

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(Note that I swapped cumin seed for fennel seed and ginger for thyme, from the original recipe. You can swap them right back for a more Italian flavor in your chicken!)


For all of StuffinFluff Cooking’s Jewish pals out there! I’ve always had a hard time during the Passover fast (sometimes I don’t stick to it at all). Giving up bread is tough, and many Kosher for Passover baked goods are even tougher to stomach. We might as well stick with what works!

Matzo brei is a classic, taking the dry matzo cracker and making it into a delicious kosher french toast-like dish. It’s an open canvas that can be seasoned to your liking, and makes an awesome (and easy!) breakfast to help us get through these hard times where we remember being slaves in Egypt. ;) Even if you’re not fasting for Passover, why not give it a whirl? Seasonal dishes only come around once a year, after all!

Komi the Spice Shiba, my mascot and cooking buddy, was created and designed by me in order to bring many tasty and adorable recipes to all of you. He was brought to life by the magical lithefidercreatures​, who deserves all the attention she can get!

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OMG I cannot possibly explain to you guys how much I love these cookies. Huge, chewy, moist, and loaded with pumpkin + chocolate flavor! The spiced oatmeal flavor also helps to give them a seasonal taste!

My mom used to make (and still makes) then every Thanksgiving, and I would (and still do) go bananas for them every year. The year that she accidentally burned them was a tragedy beyond compare.

They were from a recipe she originally found in a magazine clipping, and was never able to find. But after googling, I found something pretty identical on Allrecipes, tweaked it a tiny bit, and started making them myself! YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM TOO, OKAY??

Komi the Spice Shiba could not resist joining in on this recipe, despite the fact that he really doesn’t care much for baked goods. Pumpkin flavor is a favorite of his, so he made an exception and teamed up with the already super-hyped Kanmi the Sugar Tanuki to make sure your Halloween is full of fresh cookie delight. Both Komi and Kanmi INSIST that you try these cookies warm. They are definitely spookier that way!

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Komi and Kanmi were created by me and made with love by @lithefidercreatures


PIE IS HERE! Pie is one of my favorite things to bake. Thank goodness Kanmi supports my endeavors. You all should expect many pies in the future.

Strawberry rhubarb is a classic balance between sour and sweet, spring and summer, dessert and… your mouth. And it’s not that hard to make! Not the filling, anyway. ;)

I combined 2 existing pie recipes for this one, and used cardamom instead of coriander in one recipe. You can leave that spice out if you don’t have it.

Rhubarb can be found at a few grocery stores, as well as farmer’s markets. If you decide to go full strawberry, try reducing the sugar just a bit!

Strawberry week is only just kicking off!

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StuffinFluff’s Thanksgiving countdown continues with my very own cranberry sauce recipe, brought to you by my two favorite Adventure Time characters.  It’s super easy to make, so here’s the recipe:


1 cup water

½ cup white sugar

½ cup brown sugar

12 oz fresh cranberries (easy to find in supermarkets this time of year)

1 tbsp vanilla

Zest of 1 orange

However much bourbon you want

Dash of cinnamon


Pour 1 c water into a small saucepan on your stove. Turn the heat to medium, and bring the water to a boil.  Add your sugars.  Stir to dissolve them.

Add the cranberries to the sugar water, and let it come to a boil again.  Lower your heat and let the mixture simmer.  The berries will start to burst and form a gel.  Allow to simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Once a sauce has formed, add orange zest, vanilla, bourbon, and a dash of cinnamon.  You don’t have to follow my measurements exactly for these extras.  Adjust it until you find the flavor you like best, or experiment on your own!

This particular dish happens to go wonderfully with our Beer Braised Turkey recipe.  Try them together sometime!

Marceline and Bubblegum plushies are the handiwork of sillyroro! They were for sale at her booth this year at Otakon. Her style is absolutely adorable and works with so many characters.  She’s also open for commissions! Check her out right now!

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OUR GLORIOUS RETURN!! WELCOME BACK TO STUFFINFLUFF COOKING! We have all been gone at Katsucon and MAGfest, as well as other more boring jobs. Thanks if you stopped by our table to say hi! We have many new recipes on the way, and even new chefs and new guest chefs, but for now we’re starting with something very basic.

If you make enough chicken stock, you can have a base for all kinds of soups and recipes! It adds a personal touch to all recipes that call for stock, instead of just using store-bought. Please use this recipe as a guideline and adjust your own stock according to how you’d like it! Komi the Spice Shiba loves using garlic and peppercorns in his stock.

Remember, it’s okay if stock doesn’t have a bold flavor. It should be subtle, but with a little depth. Stock is meant to be the beginning of your recipe, just like this post is the beginning of regular posts from StuffinFluff!


Refrigerate 4-5 days

Freeze 5-6 months

Or you can look up some canning guides!


Spicy Corn Soup

Potato Leek Soup

Komi the Spice Shiba is my own character. His plush was sewn by @lithefidercreatures.

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Strawberry week doesn’t have to mean being completely unhealthy! Strawberries and spinach actually go quite well together, as Kanmi happily found out. Komi is not a fan of sweets, so he took it upon himself to make sure Kanmi didn’t get carried away. But it looks like there’s no keeping a sugar tanuki down!

This recipe is one I came up with myself. I hope that you try it! I came up with Komi and Kanmi myself as well, but they were made by lithefidercreatures. ;)

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Our dear Komi the Spice Shiba is head chef here at StuffinFluff Cooking, and so he deserved a post explaining what he’s all about to all newcomers! This will work as a post that I can refer back to whenever Komi is used in a recipe, in case anyone is curious about the character. ;)

Don’t let Komi’s cute little frowny face fool you. It masks a love of cooking that is simply boiling over! StuffinFluff Cooking is all about bringing our followers a variety of recipes and food facts, with a team of adorable plush animals as our chefs!

Komi is my creation, and his plushie-mama can be found over at lithefidercreatures.

Give it up for my awesome buddy Komi!

StuffinFluff Chefs:

Komi the Spice Shiba

Kanmi the Sugar Tanuki


Welcome to StuffinFluff Cooking, where we are late for every holiday! Thankfully food is timeless, holiday or not.

I will once again recommend buying a slow-cooker or grabbing the one you already have and throwing this delicious dinner together. It’s a perfect way to save time, and slow-cooking something in beer can yield heavenly results.  We just had a delicious, spicy slow-cooker recipe earlier this month.

Corned beef is super salty, but goes so well with stewed veggies and beer!

This recipe is very simple and not taken from another website - so follow the steps along wtih Komi, and you can easily make it for yourself!

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Meet Komi the Spice Shiba!

Meet Komi, the Spice Shiba! Komi is StuffinFluff Cooking’s official mascot. He does not exist in plush form yet, but he will soon, and then he can join us for recipes as he’s been longing to.

Komi is called a Spice Shiba due to all the time he spends cooking. So many spices and seasonings have gotten into his fur that he always smells like a kitchen full of ingredients! Komi is quite serious about cooking, so he usually looks very stern while at work in the kitchen. This somehow does not stop him from looking adorable.

As you can see here, Komi never stops thinking about ways to improve his food.

Specialty: Savory dishes, spicy food

Likes: All of the above, perfecting dishes, clean presentation

Dislikes: Horsing around, sloppy food

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