Today we make Kurigohan, or chestnut rice, with the help of Doki the Dumpling fox!  The ingredients used in the rice cooker are salt, soy sauce, and mirin.  If you can’t get mirin, here’s a link to help you substitute it.

I used a recipe from La Fuji Mama!  Try it for yourself here!

Doki the Dumpling Fox is made by Sugar Bunny Shop!  They have tons of cute characters that I’d love to use in future recipe features.  You should visit their shop!

It’s only been a few weeks and I am so surprised and so happy to have already reached 300 followers.  Koumi the spice shiba has even attempted to smile for everyone.  

My adorable chefs and I promise to keep bringing you delicious recipes full of fluff and fun. We’re looking into better photography and a new variety of posts for you guys.

Please keep spreading the word about StuffinFluff Cooking so we can get even more support! If you love a recipe, share it with a friend, make it yourself, show it to us! We’d love to know if we’ve inspired even one other chef out there.

Thanks again everyone! Now let’s split this cake into 300 slices and share.

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