“The Pirate and The Oyster Shell,” 2/3

Summary: Queen Emma, sole ruler of Misthaven, lives a life of isolation in an enormous, imposing castle on the outskirts of her kingdom. Killian Jones is the one-handed pirate captain who sees the world for her. AU.

Notes: I am very sorry it took me so long to post the second chapter. Here is the second chapter. There will be one more, but I’m not certain when it will be posted due to some other writing obligations (CS-related, of course). Thanks to Kat (@abbadons-little-witch) and Chinx (@seastarved) for all their help! Also on Ao3. Chapter 1 is also on Tumblr, here.

“She believes that, for the first time, her heart is kindling, her body a brightening blaze. For the first time, her fingers and toes are no longer numb, her heart no longer frozen in the confusion of youth. Her heart is a little oyster shell, opening, opening.” – Amber Sparks

+ On the first morning he is forced to admit to himself that he can no longer keep track of how many days it’s been since he left Misthaven (for the final time, it would seem), he would swear that he can hear the waves breaking against the rocks beneath his window. As a boy, his mother had kept a large conch shell at his bedside, white with a vibrant shade of pink lining its insides. When he couldn’t sleep, she had told him, hold the shell up to your ear; listen to the waves, the sea, and the calls of all the men that will venture out, never to return. “But your father will return,” she had reassured him one evening, long, long ago. “He’ll be back soon my love, I promise.”

She hadn’t broken that promise, his father had returned to them. A little worse for wear, his pockets perhaps a bit lighter than they should have been, but he returned just the same. His mother, however, had not been there to welcome him home, and Captain Hook’s sad story continued on as it was always meant to.

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So I recently read this article on one of those sugar daddy/mommy websites where this girl became a sugar baby to help pay for school. And so it sorta gave me this idea of Clarke being a busy surgeon who is just looking for someone to have fun with and who is willing to go to charity dinners and so she posts on one of sugar mom websites and first Finn,then Raven (or Niylah), and eventually Bellamy answer her ad. Maybe B is doing it to help pay for O's school? IDK...what do you think?

I think - yes, I can totally do this. Although, this isn’t a kink fic. So if you wanted that, I’m sorry, but I’m not really okay with that particular kink. If you wanted something sweet, Bellamy being altruistic and Clarke being weird af - that I can do. :D

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“Ok, so how do I write this without sounding creepy?”

Wells shoots Clarke a glare over a coffee table littered with empty pizza boxes and beer cans.

“You are literally posting an ad to a sugar mommy website, Clarke. There is no way anything you write won’t be creepy.”

Still, they manage to come up with something relatively non-threatening because this is not a kink for Clarke. She isn’t looking for a fuckbuddy. Not exactly.

She’s just looking for someone to keep her company, all expenses paid, and not moan about her crazy schedule. Being a surgeon means that relationships are hard and as much as she’d like to fall in love, she prefers saving lives and feeling like she’s actually doing something good for the greater good.

“Which is how most villains start out,” Wells adds helpfully, trying not to grin but failing when she hits him with a yellow post-it pad. 

“You’re rude. Why are we even friends?”

“Because there’s no one else who’d help you write this ad.”

“Good point.”

So she writes the ad, makes sure she emphasizes that she’s mostly looking for someone willing to drink copious amounts of champagne and make fun of snobs on charity galas for a more than polite compensation.

It’s not like she’s actually expecting someone to reply to the ad.

But they do.

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walked into the silent study section of the library and stood there for atleast five minutes trying to figure why the stuffiest room on campus suddenly smelled like fresh air and flowers until i looked around and realized that literally the entire room was filled with girls….in conclusion: i’m gay 

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how are you? like, in any way at all?

i’m good! i went to a festival yesterday in some dearly gorgeous weather and i just got back from by far the stuffiest bridal shower i’ve ever been to (it was for my future sister-in-law, who’s one of my favorite people in the world and very low-fuss, but unfortunately neither her family nor mine are)… i got asked four times why on earth i’m not married lol but i did win one of the games. for some reason every time i go to a bridal/baby shower i end up winning something without trying. now i’m drinking a bloody mary and about to start writing–i haven’t had much time for a couple of weeks so i’m excited to get back to it!

cherik model au part two
  • erik never intended to end up in this line of work.  in fact if you had asked him a couple of years ago what he thought of the fashion industry he would have said that it was vapid and shallow. that it exploits people’s insecurities and perpetuates unachievable humancentric beauty standards. except here he is in a skintight wetsuit, doing a photoshoot of the coast of rome, achieving all of those standards.
  •  he shakes sand out of his hair and the photographer ends the session for the day. god knows he’ll be back here tomorrow wearing something even more ridiculous.he’s still not sure how emma conned him into becoming a model but he suspects telepathic manipulation. it’s easier than admitting to himself that he sacrificed his principles for a paycheck.
  • he gets out of the wetsuit and changes back into his street clothes. he checks his phone and sees three missed calls from someone named charles xavier. a quick google search shows some fashion designer in new york. erik sighs. this has emma written all over it
  • “who the fuck is charles xavier?” “nice to hear from you too darling. how’s rome?” “unbearable as always. now who the fuck is he?” emma clicks her tongue in disapproval. “no manners at all, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.” erik is about to growl out something derisive because he is classically handsome not pretty when she finally explains.         “charles xavier is to fashion what michelangelo was to sculpture. he’s a genius. i must have him.”      
  • erik is intrigued despite himself. emma never compliments anyone. ever. it’s one of her most endearing qualities. “he can’t be that good.” “he will be. i need you to model for him, he’s designing a new collection for me. keep an eye on his progress, i want regular updates. oh and bring me back something from milan. i’m thinking crystals ” and with that incredibly vague statement emma hangs up on him. typical.
  • two weeks later after erik has fulfilled all his prior commitments, emma arranges a meeting with xavier at what is quite possibly the stuffiest restuarant in all of manhattan. erik tugs on his silk tie and reluctantly resigns himself to an evening of mindless conversation. twenty minutes later and xavier still hasn’t arrived. erik levitates knifes above the table and idly considers castrating the bastard.
  • “oh but that’s incredible, do that again.” erik looks up into the brightest blue eyes he has ever seen and the silverware instantly falls to the table. the angel smiles and erik smiles back awestruck. he snags the empty seat at erik’s table and gestures at the silverware. “well go on, don’t stop on my account.” erik flicks his hand and the spoons begin waltzing. 
  • the man laughs delightedly. “extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary. i’ve never seen anything like it- tell me is it telekinesis?” erik shakes his head. “metalokinetic is the closest word for it, i manipulate magnetic fields.” the man grins and steals a roll from the bread basket and lathers it with butter. 
  • “this is such a relief. forgive me, mr. lehnsherr but i was worried we’d be discussing color theory and fabric choice all evening. it’s such a delight to meet someone with similar interests.” before erik can ask what he means by similar interests, the man raises his hand to his temple in the universal gesture for telepathy. 
  • erik sits back in his seat stunned. xavier- and its xavier it has to be- is not at all what he expected. he’s not quite sure what he was expecting but not this charming, odd man dressed more like a professor than a fashion designer. erik feels slightly flustered and off balance and he will later attribute his next words to a temporary lack of self awareness. 
  • “do you want to get out of here?” erik’s cheeks flush, that is not at all what he wanted to say. the spoons seem to wilt in embarrassment before falling to the table. xavier’s eyebrows rise and he smiles mischievously. “a bit forward but i’m willing to consider it.”  erik facepalms. “that’s not what i- i meant that do you want to go somewhere else to eat. i don’t much care for this place.”  charles smiles. “lead the way.” 

The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This week, the world around you will expand, it will open up, it will give you all the space you need. It might feel a little lonely and it might feel strange and it might feel like you’re living high above the ground, but the air you breathe will feel clean, and the light will feel clear and kind. This week, you’ll have enough space to grow into yourself and enough space to grow into your world, enough air to breathe freely and deep and enough air to laugh and shout and sing.

Taurus: This is a week for getting free, for unsticking yourself from the heavy things and the poisonous things that live around you, that have crept into your bones and into your dreams. This is a week for cutting away the doubts that have wrapped themselves around you like vines and for throwing away the ones that sit heavy in your pockets. Quit the things you need to quit, this week, and marvel at the bright self that remains, marvel at how light you feel, marvel at all the fresh sweet ways you can move.

Gemini: Some kind of breeze is going to sweep through your life this week, gentle enough that it won’t make you cold, but strong enough to stir things up a little, to clean out the mustiest corners in your house, to clean out the stuffiest corners of your head. Some kind of breeze is going to blow through your life this week, just enough for the air you breathe to feel fresh again, just enough to remind you that the world is in motion, to remind you that your heart is full.

Cancer: The best thing you can do this week is get so dreamy; the best thing you can do this week is let your imagination run strong and wild. It’s a week for believing in your own dreams and a week for believing that every good thing is possible. Go to the movies and let your mind wander in the dark. Go to the ocean and let your mind wander in the sun. This week, you’ll have so much to think about all day long. You’ll have so to dream about in so many different colors at night.

Leo: This week, your desires might run up against the boundaries of what’s possible, they might crash up against the borders of the world as it exists. The world might feel like it’s too small for you, like it’s not enough, but you can make it bigger; you can make space for yourself if you want to, if you don’t hide. Try to be honest with yourself, try to be open with the people you know, try to be brave enough to own even your deepest, most tender desires. Listen to Beyoncé and let your bravery carry you through this week.

Virgo: When you look at the moon this week, when you look at the clouds, when you look at your own sweet face, you’re going to see so much desire reflected back to you, so much need, so much longing, strange and bright. It’s going to be easy to want everything, every single joy there is, every good thing. It’s going to be easy to get carried away, to get lost in the wanting. This is not a bad thing. Let your desires move you, let them shake the ground under your feet, let them burn you up.

Libra: This week you’re going to be so full of energy, and your brain will feel so sharp, and your body will feel so electric. Try to be as unserious as you can. Try to choose your friends over your work, try to spend time with the people who make you laugh until you can’t even breathe. It’s a week for feelings of lightness, even in a heavy world, it’s a week for bright and illogical feelings of joy, as if these feelings could heal you, as if they could save you.

Scorpio: This week, especially when you feel bored and especially when you feel dull, try to accept all the invitations that the world extends to you. Try to take every chance you’re offered, try to grab at every opportunity like it might be the one to change your whole life. Talk to the people you meet. Listen to their stories and their jokes and their songs. Trust that they’ll have secrets to tell you; trust that they’ll have things to show you. Go out to the weird parties, go to the weird shows, follow the paths that open up.

Sagittarius: This week, the world you move through is going to feel complicated and strange and vast, made up of so many different pieces, different materials, different feelings all woven together. And this week, the world inside of you might seem just as strange, just as big, just as unknowable. Try to feel all the weird tangled knots in your head and try not to even worry about them. This is not a week for making sense, but a week for letting life’s messiness shine, for letting it sing to you, for letting it brighten your days.

Capricorn: This week is going to be about getting the things you need to survive; this week is going to be about finding the life you want. This week, you’re going to be brave and you’re going to be unstoppable, in ways you can’t even know, in ways you can’t even expect. Listen to songs about defiance, listen to songs about shining as bright as the sun. Stoke the fire in your head and in your guts. This week, you can burn through everything that would keep you down. You can light your own way. You can keep yourself warm.

Aquarius: This week is for feeling your roots, for feeling your history, for remembering the things that hold you in place, that make you solid. This week is for feeling the full weight of the life you’ve lived so far, and the full wild range of futures that are available to you if you need them enough, if you do the work. This week, tell the stories about yourself that are truest, tell the stories about yourself that nourish you, tell the stories about yourself that can keep you safe and the ones that can let you move forward.

Pisces: This week will be best if you work on taking small steps, if you work on being patient, if you work to believe in your own future. This week, the future will stretch out before you, all sunny and wide like a highway, like an open field, so big that it can disorient you, so bright and golden it can make you dizzy with desire. Just keep moving, just keep your feet on the ground. Work on the projects that will take you a very long time; work on the things you love best.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

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Can you do a titanic AU-ish thing where Sakura is a high-class lady engaged but falls for a poor boy Sasuke and have a forbidden love affair? :)

Life is a game of luck. But he was a man who made his own luck.

And that was why she, Haruno Sakura, fell in love with him. The man of luck. The man named Uchiha Sasuke.

Sakura could feel her world closing in on her. The nights were becoming shorter and the days were increasingly longer. She dreaded waking up in the morning because each day was a reminder to her of what sort of lifestyle she was entrapped in. Each day is a day of decisions being made but every decision was never her own. From her wardrobe being picked out by her mother each day to the breakfast and meals decided upon by her dreadful fiancee. 

She was expected to be proper. Expected to be prim. Expected to be uptight and stuffy like all of the rest of the first class passengers on board. Sakura couldn’t stand it. Couldn’t stand this role she was trapped in. She wanted to be free. She wanted to soar and fly and live for once in her life.

So when she found herself at the edge of the RMS Titanic, her red heels almost dangling off the edges, she finally felt alive for once. But just feeling it wasn’t enough. She knew soon enough that once she turned her body around to go back to her room, she would return back to that stuffy lifestyle of hers. The very thought of it sent trembles through her body. 

A tear fell down her face and she realized that the life that was set out for her in stone was not the life she wanted. 

“Don’t do it.”

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