Highest Quality Victorian Nerdery

Given that a good number of you follow me for Dracula stuff and given that one of the major appeals of Dracula is that its about super-cute Victorian nerds nerding at one another, I have to very very very strongly recommend that everyone following me go read Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes, because it delivers nothing but the highest quality Victorian nerdery I have ever encountered.

It is a romance: a romance about telegraph operators romancing one another via morse code. It features horrible telegraph-delivered puns, relatable complaints about working in customer service, fears about being catfished, and the gang’s inept dweeb friend accidentally throwing away his hat and sitting on Charlotte Russes. While nobody’s memorizing train tables, geeking out about shorthand, or obsessively phonograph-blogging, it is clear that the cast would pretty much fit right in with people who are into that stufff… even if they might not exactly be up to fighting the malevolent undead and all.