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Not to be nsfw but Yoonmin is so affectionate with each other, like???? Even if they're teasing each other they're still all over each other and I more or less live for it.

even if they’re teasing each other !! there are times when one of them goes too far and then they make up for it in the end like this iconic example here where jimin picked himself as Most Influential Member and was then cut off by yoongi (+ everybody else) when he was explaining himself

so jimin got all pouty

and then for the next two questions, yoongi ranked jimin as #1, and when he was asked why

Aka in which crows have pure black wings but kageyama doesn’t so he’s been keeping those feathers under wraps.

Highlights from newsies live

- crutchie believes every thing Jack tells him!! He’s gonna ride the ponies some day!
- how les is so grown up in his mind but still looks back to his big brother for guidance
- LET THE MAN THINK so uh Jack, ya done thinking yet?
- David is so affronted by the whole thing he’s just here to sell his papes he didn’t ask to help lead a strike wtf guys
- Medda’s riffs are literally goals??
- Kara was so funny during watch what happens I could see every transition from each thought I really enjoyed it
- literally all of Santa Fe?? It’s so intense omg
- When Race sticks out his his tongue at “it’s my city, I’m the king of New york”
- Andrew Keenan Bolger made me cry during letter from the refuge ahhhh he looks so hopeful like he wants Jack to know it’s all going to be ok but he’s not sure himself but like he knows Jack can do anything
- Jack looks so small and scared while talking to Katherine right before something to believe in, my poor child!!!
- When spot puts his hands in a fist to stop the applause, he is so cocky he knows they’d do pretty much anything he’d ask and he lives for it
- hernst’s son doesn’t skip a beat just like yep that’s me
- after shaking Roosevelt’s hand Jack turns back to David like oh my god did you see that??
- When crutchie hits snyder with his crutch like yes you go crutchie!!! he deserves it what an asshole
- Katherine smiling while kissing Jack, they’re so in love awww
-Each ensemble character had an individual personality i loved watching them all

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Brotp prompt: AU where Daisy gets pregnant at the end of S3 and that's why she runs away. May, Bobbi, Elena and Jemma accidentally run into her 3 years later hand and hand with a toddler. (Bonus if the little girl's name is named after a team member)

AN ~ aw! I had a lot of nostalgic Static Quake & Bobbi feels writing this… written for AOS Brotp Week Day 2: Favourite Fanon Relationship, bc in fanon all these ladies can coexist bc #reasons

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Sounds like a Song

It’s not until after Lincoln is gone that she figures it out. At first she thinks the sickness and bloating and appetite changes must be grief, must be guilt, must be one of the thousands of micro-emotions that pass through her every day. But it’s not. It’s more than emotions it’s – well, something. A person. A tiny little person.

It’s too much, is what it is, and Daisy has to run.

Is she trying to keep the child safe? Escape pity? Avoid memories? Even she’s not sure. She’s not sure of anything these days. Even sitting in the waiting room of the health clinic she’s not sure what she wants to ask for. She ends up with pregnancy health, counseling services, and birthing class.

“Is there anyone with you?” they ask. She thinks of everyone underground, living and dead, all too far away for her to reach even if she wants to, and smiles sadly.

“No,” she says. “Just me.”

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