Food Fight

     Stuffer Shacks are the same wherever you go. The lights are always sickly, artificial off-white, the tiles all have that thin sheen of grease, and all the aisles are stacked the exact same way.  First aisle from the door were the anti-pollution aides needed to survive the harsh environs of any sprawl: water purification, personal air filters, and even radiation tests. In the farthest corner, aisle 18, there was all the raw materials you could put into your home’s auto-chef: flour, nutrient enhanced soy, myco-protein bricks, freeze-dried krill meat for those special days, and a wide variety of artificial flavorings. Everything in between held everything in between. Two wall freezers and refrigerators made up the far walls, each filled with orderly stacks of microwavable meals parodying food from all over the world, “handmade” lunches shipped on the overnight, synthetic fruit juices of all flavors, imitation alcohol, and various sweets. Over by the cashier’s post were a variety of cheap consumer electronics, ranging from commlinks to portable simsense rigs. It also had the convenience store favorite of a microwave corner, slushie tanks, synthmeat hotdogs and hamburgers, and various flavors of soykaf.

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Using IIFYM to Get Fat... with Science

Using macronutrients and calorie counting to get weight gain results is one of the most effective and scientifically sound ways to get fat or just add a little ‘cushin’ for the pushin’’. Regardless of your weight or goal, it can work for you, and its easier to figure out than you think. I’ve laid it all out for you and it’ll take no more than 10 minutes to get you on the fast track to fat. 

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The Visceral (Belly) Fat Diet

Want to gain weight and target your belly? Perhaps you are looking for a beer belly or a hanging belly or just want to outgrow your clothes quickly. Speak to any nutritionist and they will tell you that there is no way to target your fat gain to any specific region, this is true, with one exception – visceral fat gain, that is, belly fat. This is the fat that surrounds our internal organs, and there are certain steps you can take in your life and your diet to promote visceral fat gain.

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