OH LOOK IT’S CLYDE. (of Elementary fame, in case there’s another famous tortoise that goes by that name)

I can’t trust myself with a live pet tortoise, and even if I could I’m not sure they’re allowed here in Australia without some sort of special reptile permit. So I did the next best thing and replicated Clyde in all his hard-shelled (soft-shelled?) glory in the form of a cuddly softie. Lovingly hand-sewn, and made with these beautiful cotton fabrics from my favourite quilting store.

(don’t you just want to poke that belly?)

I’ve also gotten my hands on some houndstooth fabric, so next on the list of ‘Project Clyde’ is to make him a little deerstalker. 

I might even replicate the little knitted shark-fin cozy that Mrs. Hudson made, but I’m afraid my knitting skills fall far short of my sewing ones. We’ll see.