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the other day I was reading this story about people who lived in Japan and ended up accidentally dating Japanese ppl. like, this foreign guy wanted advice on how to gently let down a Japanese guy. because this J guy? thought they'd been dating for WEEKS. and F guy is like BUT HOW and J guy is, well we've been doing couple things, that means we're a couple??? and F guy is I THOUGHT WE WERE HANGING OUT NOT DATING. So. Victuuri AU where Viktor hasn't confessed yet... to his steady boyfriend, Yuuri.

Hoo boy. I think it’s really hard to distinguish, even within the same culture, exactly how to meander through relationship stuff. ANYWAY have some one-sided pining (for once it’s not mutual, cause one person is done pining!) for headcanon happy hour.

–”Help, Christophe,” Viktor whispers into the phone desperately, “I-I’m at a karaoke bar with that cute guy I danced with last week. I need him to be my husb-”

Okay, whoa there,” says Christophe. “You met him last week. You have only been taking a break in Japan for a month.”

“I need him to be my boyfriend,” Viktor forlornly corrects. He just has to figure out how to do it. 

“Can’t believe you exist,” Yuuri slurs, bursting in and slinging an arm around his shoulder. “Can’t believe you asked me out to karaoke.” His eyes shine. Viktor has never seen much attraction in karaoke, but his heart is singing now.

–After two months of dinner and lunch and Viktor texting Breathtaking Future Husband (BFH) every hour, Yuuri pauses the movie on Viktor’s bigscreen and lightly says, “do you want to go to a festival together?”

They coordinate their outfits. Yuuri wins him a big stuffed poodle at a booth, and thumbs gently at dessert that’s stuck on Viktor’s cheek. Yuuri is the best friend Viktor has ever had. He wants to lie giggling over nothing on his living room floor together, while simultaneously needing to toss Yuuri into his bed to do unspeakable things with him until they both cry. 

Yuuri, sweet Yuuri, doesn’t seem at all troubled by these thoughts.

–Viktor wishes he could hide his trembling fingers, but it’s so hard when they’re laced with Yuuri’s. Tonight is the night. There are reservations at a beautiful restaurant with a fountain out front, and Viktor will ask Yuuri to officially be his boyfriend and go on dates with him. Maybe, if he’s very lucky, he’ll get a kiss on the cheek, and. And…

“Yuuri,” he blurts, and pulls him over to sit on the fountain. “I’ve been thinking…”

His beloved looks down at his watch. Viktor’s heart only breaks in half. “Our reservations were for five minutes ago, right? Shouldn’t we–”

“Yuuri, please be my boyfriend!” Yuuri blinks at him, bottom lip trembling. The misty look in his eye has nothing to do with the cheerful tinkling of the fountain in the background.

“Are… are we not already boyfriends?” Viktor has been catapulted to heaven. Yuuri’s spirits seem to fall, though–he yanks his hand from Viktor’s, face crumpling. “Oh. Oh no. Things were different in America but this is Japan and I– you must think I’m desperate and overeager.” Viktor has no idea what to say. He has no idea how he’s this lucky.

“I call you Future Husband in my head!” Viktor blurts. “I– I bought wedding rings? Maybe… a week after we met?”

Yuuri’s jaw drops. “You’re… you’re kind of…”

“Desperate and overeager?” Maybe Viktor should throw himself into the fountain. He is desperate. He’s foolish. Foolish Viktor. Except then:

“What are we going to do with four wedding rings,” Yuuri mutters. The fountain water is freezing. They kiss in it for twenty minutes anyway.

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Oh oh oh!!! Prompt! !!! Victor and Yuuri celebrateing their cat sons birthday!!! Happy Birthday Yurio!

((I’m kinda late with this, but oh well.)) 

“What are you doing.” Yuri deadpanned as Victor steered him by the shoulders from the doorway into the apartment when he arrived at noon. He barely had time to kick off his black boots before he was forced onto the couch by a rather large, exuberant poodle.  

“Nothing, nothing,” Victor dismissed, grinning widely at both Yuri and Makkachin.

He dug his fingers into the poodles fur, giving him a bit of affection. “I don’t believe you,” Yuri said slowly as he looked between Victor and where Yuuri was standing in the kitchen. He turned his head to hide the flush that appeared when Yuuri caught his eyes and flashed him a smile. 

“Don’t worry, Yurio,” the Japanese man said as he poked at something cooking on the stove. “We just wanted you over to have katusdon with us. Our little birthday present to you.”

Yuri perked up at that. Real katsudon made by Yuuri sounded fantastic. It was months since he’d had any. “Well…” he said, pretending as if he was being put-upon (it was better for his image if he resisted a little), “I guess that’s okay.” He paused. “But you two better not be fucking lovey-dovey around me. I don’t want to see that shit on my birthday,” he made sure to add with a glare directed at Victor.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Yuuri said as he sauntered over. He rested one hand on the back of the couch, the other on Yuri’s arm. “Happy birthday, Yurio.” 

“Tch. Whatever.” He pulled Makkachin closer and buried his face in his soft curls so he didn’t have to look at the gentle expressions the other two men gave him. 

“I’m almost finished cooking,” Yuuri said as he leaned over and laid a small kiss on Victor’s lips. “Why don’t you get Yurio his real present. There’s no point in keeping him waiting.”

“Wait. What. You said it was just katusdon,” Yuuri complained. He didn’t like being surprised. Not by Yuuri at least. 

“I suppose,” Victor sighed and stood up, but there was a glint of something either excited or mischievous is his eyes. Now Yuri was worried. “Close your eyes, Yurio.”

“I’m not closing my fucking eyes,” he said defiantly and crossed his arms over his chest. 

“Just do it,” Yuuri laughed as he walked back into the kitchen. “The sooner you do it, the sooner it’s over.”

“It better not be something stupid like a fruit basket,” Yuuri mumbled, but closed his eyes anyway. 

There were some hushed whispers from behind him and he desperately wanted to open his eyes. 

“I’m not going to do this forever,” he said with a frown. 

“Patience,” Yuuri called. 

Yuri huffed as Makkachin left his lap. He felt like an idiot sitting on the couch with his eyes closed. But, as strange as it was, he trusted Katsudon enough to do it. 

“Okay,” Yuuri’s voice came from beside him, startling him a little, “open them.”

He opened his eyes slowly almost expecting to see some kind of stupid gift like a giant stuffed poodle (although giant stuffed tiger might be okay). But he was not expecting THAT. 

“….Otabek?” Yuri said, mouth falling open. It was like a mirage - his friend was standing right in front of him. “What?” He blinked as his brain tried to catch up. Otabek shouldn’t be here right now. He was supposed to be at home in Almaty. That’s where he was last night when they had their Skype call. 

“Happy birthday, Yura,” Otabek said, holding his arms out.

Yuri got up off the couch immediately and took the one step forward to throw himself in a hug. “Oh my god,” he said in shock. He was vaguely aware that Victor was recording everything. “How did you-” He tried to ask. 

“Yuuri and Victor bought me a plane ticket,” Otabek said as he hugged Yuri tightly. 

Yuri refused to let go, but he turned his head to look at Victor. “Really?” He didn’t want to say it was too big of a gift because he was actually so happy, but he knew how much the tickets cost. He had been looking at them for months now. 

Victor shrugged. “What’s money to me if I can’t make my family happy,”

“We’re not fucking family,” Yuri protested, but it was half-hearted. He finally pulled away from the hug to smile at Otabek. 

“I hope this was okay,” Otabek said with a quirk of his lips.

“Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. It’s fine.” Yuri nodded. “Wait. THAT’s why you didn’t text me today?!” he realized and slapped Otabek’s bicep playfully. 

“I was on a plane all morning. Seemed a waste to text ‘happy birthday’ when I could do it in person.”

Yuri bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to stop himself from smiling too much. It wouldn’t do to give away how pleased he was. 

“Ah,” Yuuri distracted him, “lunch is ready.” He placed a couple bowls of steaming katsudon on the coffee table by the couch. 

Before he could chicken out, Yuri stepped around Otabek and pulled Yuuri into a hug. “You’re a liar,” Yuri hissed when they hugged.

“Mmnn,” Yuuri agreed, slow to return the hug, but responding with a tight squeeze. 

“I never though you’d be able to lie convincingly. ‘Just katsudon’ my ass,” Yuri grouched. 

Yuuri smiled, but didn’t say anything as they pulled apart. Victor’s love of surprising people must have rubbed off on Katsudon at some point. But if all of his surprises were like this one, then maybe Yuri shouldn’t complain too much. 

He grabbed a bowl for both him and Otabek and found a spot on the couch between Victor and his friend. This gift was so much better than a stuffed tiger. 

((Happy belated birthday, Yurio. 🎉 (Also, they can be any ages you want, but I was thinking this was a couple years down the road.)))

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for the fic title meme: you can't take it with you

okay, so i usually am not here for VICTOR’S MEAN AWFUL FAMILY trope, but this fic would have to have victor’s mean awful family who want him to marry a rich awful husband that is NOT yuuri katsuki.  they would send him terrible suitors with checkbooks larger than their hearts, and victor would be so tired that he would finally say, “yuuri, you have to meet my family, because when you meet them they will fall in love with you and stop sending terrible suitors and we can get married and they will finally CHILL.”  

except victor’s family DOES NOT CHILL.  they throw a big welcome home meal for the both of them and of course invite half of the most eligible bachelors in the city.  victor’s father says things like, “well, he said you liked to eat,” looking at yuuri’s stomach during the meal where they have seated him in the corner and have fed him twice the servings of everyone else.  “is this the one who falls all the time?” victor’s little sister asks, nodding her head at yuuri, because they haven’t spoken in over a year, and she has selective hearing when they do talk and the only thing she remembers victor ever saying about yuuri was how good he would be if he didn’t fall on every jump.  

victor’s family is beautiful with a cold kind of elegance.  they have rooms in their house dedicated to victor, cases of trophies, framed medals, pictures of him on podiums as young as ten.  

“they clearly love you,” yuuri says.

“they love the idea of me,” victor replies, but yuuri doesn’t listen.  

the nikiforov family just absolutely outclasses him with their house and their style and the parties they continue to throw while victor is home and the men they parade in front of him and yuuri feels like he’s taking last place all over again.  especially because he can see so much of victor in his mother’s poise and mean jokes, and his father’s keen taste in music and art, and his sister’s lust for life as she drives them back home from a club one night and victor is passed out in yuuri’s lap and they speed through red light after red light and over the sound of honking horns she tells yuuri, “my family really hates you for what you’ve done to him.” 

anyway maybe yuuri decides to leave and is like, “maybe i’ll see you at home?” to victor, even though he doesn’t think victor will, and goes to the airport by himself, except one of the eligible bachelors victor’s parents tried to shove his direction is a drug lord and given victor a stuffed poodle absolutely packed full of cocaine with intentions to smuggle it to japan without victor’s knowledge, and victor put it in yuuri’s luggage sadly, saying, “maybe take this with you so you don’t get lonely,” so of COURSE yuuri gets arrested at the airport for smuggling drugs.  and victor’s family are no help, will not take responsibility, pyotr is a SAINT, why would he put drugs in the stuffed animal?? and anyway, it’s a big fucking deal with the ISU too, and while yuuri is proven innocent really quickly, he’s pretty much done by this point, and when he’s finally freed he thinks that he’ll just go back to japan alone again, not expecting victor to be there having waited for him, having finally stood up to his family for the first time, having told them how awful they are and how perfect yuuri is.  and victor’s family is shook, but maybe coming around on yuuri since he isn’t the terrible athlete and drug smuggler they took him to be.  and yeah, victor, maybe he DOES have great eyes and a perfect ass, his sister says. okay, maybe he DOES have music flowing through him and is a total artist, victor’s dad grumbles after victor makes him sit through a compilation of yuuri’s best videos on youtube that victor definitely did not make himself (he did).  maybe he DOES have a good heart and i’m just pushing my own failed expectations onto you, his mother agrees reluctantly, even if he does wear the same ugly jacket everywhere, she adds.

anyway, when victor and yuuri do get married, victor’s horrible family comes and they do bring a pretty mean party with them, and minako’s there anyway with her resting bitch face ready to eat any of them alive if they try anything with yuuri, and victor tells yuuri over and over again that yuuri’s his family, the one he chose, the one he’d trade the world for.  SUPER CHEESE, because it’s victor’s trademark.

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Hi, I just found Drunk on You today and then I bindge-read it and all the stories are beautiful! I wanted to suggenst an au where you find stuff your soulmate loses (it's not my idea, I saw it on a post months ago). I imagine Viktor would keep losing so much stuff since he's such an airhead and so rich. But then imagine Yuuri losing one of his Viktor posters?? Idk, I think it's really cute ^.^

Actual footage of Viktor Nikiforov dropping/losing something in front of Yuuri:

Originally posted by highlyflammablex

ANYWAY there’s a drabble (ahem, basically a one-shot) for that soulmate AU under the cut, because you’re right– that idea is adorable! Thanks so much for reading Drunk on You, and I’m sorry I took so long to get back to you!

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“You SURE you can handle animating the poodle puppet printing plate part?”

Carl the Animator: “Oh yeah. I’m good with alliteration.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m being serious, Carl, it could be pretty tricky. Don’t want you to be in over your head, that’s all–”

Carl the Animator: “Relax, old timer, I’ve got this. Lemme show you how it’s done.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m barely two and a half years older than you, ‘young man.’”

*13 minutes later*

Ted the Animator: “Going ok?”

Carl the Animator: “Going amazing.”

Ted the Animator: “…ly.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, shaddup.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, since it’s allegedly going so amazing, I take it you’ve got your mid-pull cels drawn?”

Carl the Animator: “…eh?”

Ted the Animator: “Well, it doesn’t look like you bisected the puppet’s layers at the interaction point, so I assume you’re using unique cels to animate the plate getting pulled out.”

Carl the Animator: “…whatever you just asked, I’m gonna go with ‘yes.’”

Ted the Animator: “…see, that’s what I was afraid of. It just looks like the plate got way darker, and teleported out of the puppet.”

Carl the Animator: “It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine.”

Ted the Animator:This is why details matte- wait, why’s that… oh no. Don’t tell me.”

Carl the Animator: “…what?”

Ted the Animator: “…did you seriously draw the printing plate into the puppet?”

Carl the Animator: “…well… maybe?”

Ted the Animator: “So, now the plate appears to have teleported out, before proceeding to then duplicate itself.”

Carl the Animator: “Ehhhhh… the kids won’t notice.”

Ted the Animator: “And, by the way, you drew the puppet 3x larger than it was earlier in the show.”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t rub it in, I’m already getting embarrassed….”

Ted the Animator:AND, don’t forget that the the body is 2-3% darker gray than it should be–”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, now you’re just messing with me.”

勝生 Мария Headcanons

Just a few headcanons I have about Victor and Yuuri’s daughter~

Full Name:  Mariya Katsuki
Surname:  Because her fathers couldn’t get married in Russia or Japan at the time, Yuuri added Victor to his family registry, giving them both the surname Katsuki.
Given name:  Russian, derived from Egyptian mry meaning beloved or mr meaning love.  In addition to the meaning, her name was chosen to honor her birth mother.


Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Black
Body type:  Petite, though she tends to plump easily.


Biological Father:  Victor Nikiforov Katsuki
Biological Mother/Surrogate:  Mari Katsuki (Yuuri’s older sister)*
*I feel I should note that she did quit smoking well before becoming pregnant.
Story:  After months of searching for the perfect egg donor and gestational surrogate, Yuuri broke down, saddened that their child would only be biologically related to one of them.  Mari, who always supported her younger brother, stepped up and volunteered to be their surrogate so their baby would be a Nikiforov and a Katsuki.  (And she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer)


Infancy: The kind of baby who only cries when she needs something.  There were several nights early on when Yuuri would just get up and stand over her crib, worried that something was wrong, since she wasn’t waking them up every hour like he’d heard babies should.  He and Victor spent many nights snuggled together on the rocking chair in her room, waiting just in case she needed them.
Toddler/Preschool Age:  A “literal angel” (everyone’s words) Sweet and kind, always giving nice, gentle pets to their two poodles, Makkachin and Vicchan the Second, who absolutely adore her and bark if anyone outside of the family gets too close.


Yuuri Katsuki:  Her father.  They spent a lot of time bonding when she was an infant because he was worried that she wouldn’t care for him as much as her biological father.  Still, he was the only one who could get her to go back to sleep on the rare nights she woke up wanting nothing more than a cuddle.  He would sing to her, humming a tune she’d recognize later when she played an old CD she found in his keepsake box.

Victor Nikiforov:  Her father.  They are related biologically and, like with Yuuri, share the same surname.  She didn’t know either of her fathers were famous skaters when she was younger, but went with them to the Ice Castle from the moment she could walk.  Victor gave her her first pair of skates.  He waited until he was done lacing them to start crying.

Mari Katsuki:  Although Mari is Mariya’s biological mother, she’s always referred to her as “Aunt Mari.”  They have a close relationship and Mari is famous for slipping her treats and extra portions of pork at dinner.

Toshiya and Hiroko Katsuki:  Mariya’s maternal grandparents.  They spoil her rotten.  She has a veritable plethora of poodle stuffed animals in her room because of this.  Hiroko, like Mari, also gives her extra portions of pork cutlet, her favorite.

Yakov Feltsman:  (Because we don’t know anything about Victor’s family yet) Yakov has always been like a father to Victor. The moment he laid eyes on Mariya, he fell in love with his “милый ангел/mIliy angel” (Little Angel)  She calls him “Deda Ya” and, on several occasions, has had him wear her tiara.

She also almost gave her fathers heart attacks when, at three, she stated that she wanted to become Russia’s next Prima Ballerina (blame Lilia Baranovskaya Feltsman or, as Mariya calls her, “Babulilya” and Minako, of course)

Minako Okukawa: Mariya’s ballet teacher and the one who accidentally told her about her fathers’ first kiss. Heehee.

Yuri Plisetsky:  “Uncle Yurio” is one of her most favorite people because he plays dolls with her and does her hair.  Of course, there’s no photographic evidence, because Yuri has kicked/stomped any phone or camera directed at him during their tea parties.

Takeshi and Yuuko Nishigori:  Mariya’s godparents.  If anything were to happen to Victor or Yuuri, they, along with Mari, would take care of her.  (But, not to worry! Victor and Yuuri will be fine!!)

The Nishigori Triplets:  Mariya’s babysitters.  Axel taught her how to hold a camera, Lutz taught her the best way to get what she wants from adults, and Loop showed her the wonders of the internet and how to look up her fathers’ old skating videos.

The other skaters:  Mariya has a lot of Aunts and Uncles from all around the world.  So, it’s no surprise when she receives several coaching offers when she reaches competition age.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later, but I had to get these down.  Right now, I want to think of her as three or four years old - the Yakov part of this headcanon was what started it all.  And, yes, I had him and Lilia get back together, hehe. Can you picture him, though?  All tough and grumpy-looking, but wearing Mariya’s sparkly tiara?  Yurio’s part is cute to imagine, too~

Victuuri Recs #6

Maelstrom by feelslikefire (NC-17, 43,6k)
Summary: Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes. (Or, the time loop au. Loosely based on Groundhog Day.) [Time Loop/Time Travel AU, *FAVORITE]

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing (NC-17, 13,2k)
Summary: AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

Basically this is an excuse for total fluff. And porn. And shit-talking with bonus smut. (Edited for accuracy.) Happy birthday, Victor.
Victor turned back to him, supernova smile in place once more. “I really, really like you. Promise you’ll still dance with me at the banquet if you take gold this time around.”

Yuuri stared at the man. He looked at their entwined hands—he hadn’t wanted to pull away—and their thighs, pressed together despite there being plenty of room in the backseat of the cab. That scent of Victor’s cologne—just a dab, lightly applied somewhere on his neck—swirled around him. This was too real to be a dream, too physical for him to have imagined it.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri said slowly. “But…have we talked before?” [Canon Divergence AU]

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar (NC-17, 14k)
Summary: It’s hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player. (In which Yuuri doesn’t blow the Grand Prix Finals the first time round, does blow Victor, and everything changes but ends up the same.)

Right Off His Feet by EmilianaDarling (R, 7,4k)
Summary: One of Yuuri’s hands is sliding around his waist, guiding him effortlessly until they’re dancing together. Really dancing together, and Viktor forgets to think, to breathe. Yuuri’s so close that Viktor can feel the heat of his breath against the back of his neck, the warmth of his skin through his clothes.Then he closes his eyes, leans into the touch, and gives in completely as he lets Yuuri lead. [Missing Scene]

Six Kinds of Love by Frilly_Axolotl (NC-17, 13,4k, WIP, Warnings)
Summary: It’s almost funny how one night can change a person’s life forever.

They were caught and sold together over a year ago. Two Yuris for the price of one, the auctioneer said. But now their sadistic Masters seem to have angered the enigmatic Viktor Nikiforov, who is willing to take on another slave or two as compensation.

Yes, one night can change a person’s life forever. Perhaps that is not always a bad thing. [Kidnapping, Slavery!AU, WARNINGS - This is a much darker fic than I normally rec, but it’s incredibly well written. Just mind the warnings and take note that they heavy stuff is in the first few chapters, and the story turns into one of healing and recovery from there]

lovesick by Ironinkpen (PG, 2,7k)
Summary: “Did the doctor send you?” When Yuuri doesn’t reply fast enough, since he’s still gaping like a fish, he turns to Yuri. “Did the doctor send him? Because wow,” He drops his arm and presses his hand to his chest like the dramatic bastard he is. “You’ve got to be the prettiest man I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh my god,” Yuri groans. “Is he hitting on you?”

(In which Yuuri worries, Viktor’s on the good drugs, and Yuri puts up with a whole bunch of bullshit.)

a match worth waiting for by fan_nerd (NC-17, 17,8k, WIP Series)
Summary: a collection of fics centered around a/b/o dynamics. victor is an omega; yuuri is an alpha. [Omegaverse, Series, Not Complete]

A Fellow With a One-Track Mind by ken_ichijouji (dommific) (NC-17, 3,9k)
Summary: Victor decides in order to help Yuuri land quads more consistently, he should have some kind of reward system. (AKA the Victor strips every time Yuuri lands a quad fic.)

i think i was blind before i met you by incode (NC-17, 4,9k)
Summary: Victor has a thing for every new bit of Yuuri he sees. (It’s odd, when he thinks about it, how awkward he has historically been in everyday life in contrast with the way stepping onto the ice feels like fitting into a disguise, an alternate persona where he’s confident, alluring, captivating. Yuuri used to feel so invisible; Victor has made him blossom into someone present.)

Immaculate Dream, Made Breath and Skin by RC_McLachlan (NC-17, 2,8k)
Summary: Almost half his life has been spent training for the day that Victor Nikiforov takes him to bed, so when it finally happens after the Grand Prix Final, Yuuri’s prepared. More than prepared: he’s ready. No one’s ever touched him as a lover, sure, but there’s nothing that he hasn’t already dreamed about doing or having done to him to make anything that could happen a shock.

But apparently Victor’s sole purpose in life is to subvert all his expectations.

Life is a Series of Accidents by BrinThePuffling (R, 24,6k)
Summary: When Yuuri started college in America, he had a certain amount of expectations. Pretending to date his history TA was certainly not within that realm of expectations. Falling in love was even further outside his expectations. [Fake/Pretend Dating, College!AU, Ace!Yuuri]

silver by pageleaf (NC-17, 2,9k)
Summary: "Oh? You can’t kiss silver?“

Viktor makes a mock-horrified face. "Silver? No way!”

Ah. Yuuri recognizes this—Viktor getting into one of his bratty moods. Yuuri’s never really tried to do anything about it before, and eventually Viktor always tones it back down, but this time, Yuuri wonders…

He shrugs. “Well, I guess I just won’t be able to kiss you then.” [Dom/sub]

Distraction by SuggestiveScribe (NC-17, 7,9k)
Summary: "Yuuri, let’s not think about that,“ Viktor said, holding out his hands. Yuuri set his other skate aside. "You should take your mind off it; maybe seek a distraction–”


“–Anything to disengage from the nega–” Viktor stopped, blinking. “Wait, what?”

Yuuri rose back to his feet, moving to stand in front of Viktor. Emotion burned at the edge of his irises, and in the limited light his stare flashed more crimson than brown, “I said, ‘okay’.”

a day for all the rest by Etharei (NC-17, 6,2k)
Summary: Phichit clears his throat. “You, ah, might want to wear your scarf again.” He taps meaningfully at his own collarbone.

Victor touches the indicated spot on his neck. The skin is markedly sensitive. He presses down, unable to help himself, and the sweet little ache summons a sense-memory: strong fingers carding through his hair, then digging into his shoulder, powerful thighs like a vice around his hips, his name gasped into his ear before a hot mouth seals over the skin of his neck.

The day after the Cup of China.

Breathless by MilkTeaMiku (NC-17, 5k)
Summary: “Take whatever you want from me, Yuuri,” Victor urged. “Use me however you like. I’ll give you anything you want.”

After being in Russia for two months, Victor is eager to return to his mate and finally mark him. [Omegaverse]

Watch. by SuggestiveScribe (NC-17, 7,8k)
Summary: "You have pretty legs, Yuuri.“

You searched for: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov by Arumattie (PG, 8,2k)
Summary: Having discovered the ice skating fandom, Victor takes a keen interest in the fictional love lives of himself and his fellow skaters.

That said, he’s quick to pick a favorite ship.

We Share a Common Interest by autoeuphoric (FreezingRayne) (NC-17, 2,9k)
Summary: Yuuri lets the music fill him up, feeling Viktor’s attention prickle over his skin. The flames remind him of the sweeping lights in an exhibition skate, and Viktor’s gaze reminds him of the Grand Prix. But dancing this close–he doesn’t remember that. It’s completely new.

(Yuuri and Viktor revisit the time they met)

Hooked On Your Love by EllaWinchester24 (NC-17, 5,3k)
Summary: Yuri is whining, rutting against the mattress, nose buried in Victor’s shirt. His lithe body is naked, every beautiful inch on display for Victor to feast his eyes on.

Which is… not what he should be doing, fuck.
The one where Omega!Yuri gets his heat in Russia and alpha!Victor discovers exactly how much his mate likes it when he praises him. Basically, me indulging myself with some smut and fluff. [Omegaverse]

 be the salt on your skin by alykapedia (NC-17, 2,2k)
Summary: Yuuri’s heat arrives two weeks after Viktor shows up. (Or: the five times Katsuki Yuuri spent his heats alone, and the one time he didn’t (and never would again). [Omegaverse]

Unimaginable by emilyenrose (PG, 4,8k)
Summary: Sixteen year old Victor spontaneously travels to the future, where he’s… retired? And married? [Time Travel AU]

all come praise the infanta by pearl_o (PG, 1,2k)
Summary: One week after Victor announces he won’t be competing next season, he posts to his Instagram account a photograph of an impossibly tiny onesie and a small stuffed poodle lying atop a comforter. [Kidfic]

turntables by exocara (PG, 4,3k)
Summary: It happens approximately one week after Yuuri’s disastrous performance in Sochi.

Viktor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
I wish I could date pretty black haired boys who dance well.

“Ooh, the candidates are already flooding in!” Phichit says with an amused grin.

“Candidates?” Yuuri asks and Phichit helps Yuuri scroll down to read the replies. Most of them are variants of “date me!” with pictures attached. It’s all very interesting.

“You should send one too!” Phichit says and Yuuri doesn’t even bother answering him. “Look, I’ll send one if you send one. It’ll be fun!” [Canon Divergence AU]

Shut up and let me hold you by shysweetthing (R, 2,4k)
Summary: “How can you tell me to return to the ice while saying you’re retiring?” As Victor spoke, his anger flared into something just a little darker. Something just a little possessive, and Yuuri was usually the possessive one between them. Victor found himself closing the distance between them, grabbing hold of Yuuri’s leg. Yuuri shrank back—a centimeter—but Victor followed. Their noses brushed. Their lips were so close that when Victor spoke, it was almost a kiss.

“Yuuri, how am I supposed to skate my heart out when you are my heart?”

Stupidly Happy With You by qwartooty (PG-13, 2,9k)
Summary: “You have that stupid look on your face again,” Yurio said, skating up to where Viktor was watching Yuuri.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Viktor said, putting on a very deliberate frown.

“Face it- Katsudon is sucking the cool right out of you.”

“He’s not sucking anything out of me.”

“Ohoho?” Phichit glided by them with a gleefully scandalized look on his face.
(post episode 9 - in which Yurio means well, Viktor loses his cool, and Yuuri helps him find it)
(oh, and Phichit is a little shit)

Deluded by SuggestiveScribe (PG-13, 3,4k)
Summary: “Say Yuuri,” he began, gently brushing off the legs of his slacks, “do you know much ballroom?”

“Uhm, well,” Yuuri was wringing his hands now, suddenly overflowing with anxious energy, “Just the very basics that helped with skating. It was mostly ballet for m–”

Viktor extended his hand where he stood, arm and fingers outstretched and beckoning to Yuuri, “Then you know how to waltz.”

dadvans replied to your post: “it’s a small world after all”

ok but what about the fic where yuuri and victor both work at disney land.

OH YES very important fic, thank you for pointing out this hole in my heart that I need filled immediately.

I’m going to go off-script for two seconds here and reference an old convo with @missmichellebelle, where we decided what rides at Disney each of the YOI kids would be. Viktor is Space Mountain bc it’s the most popular and has all the SUDDEN DROPS and sharp turns! Yurio is the Temple of Doom. Yuuri is Radiator Springs Racer bc (and I’m quoting her here) “you have to wait fucking forever to finally get there and when you do it’s worth it every time.” SO UM

If they worked at Disneyland… oh, man. Viktor would double as a show performer and a ride operator for Splash Mountain. Yuuri would double as a game booth worker and a ride operator. Viktor would wander around the park with his long silver hair and be mistaken for prince, princess, and fairy all at once by the kids. Yuuri teaches the kiddos how to win the rigged carnival games, and is absurdly good at them. They meet, in Viktor’s point of view, when Yuuri comes in off-the-clock for a birthday party (he’s already smashed). Yuuri wore a white dress shirt, which is absolutely soaked and see-through by the time he vaults out of the train car and licks his lips right in poor Viktor’s direction. This was already terrible enough, but he returns an hour later with a jumbo stuffed poodle that he won at a booth, and buckles it into the Splash mountain seat beside him.

“He can’t do that!” Yurio snaps.

“He can do whatever he wants,” Viktor whispers. He can’t even complain when after the ride Yuuri gifts him the toy, only lightly misted, and a generous eyeful of his butt in clinging, wet pants.

After that, Viktor spends a little too much of his wages at Yuuri’s game booth (why is this not a kissing booth, Yuuri, have you ever run a kissing booth, will you consider running– what do you mean, no?) and spends a LOT of time at Yuuri’s ride. Yuuri, meanwhile, joined the park because he’s in love with Viktor’s dancing in his shows, and saved up every allowance in his childhood for tickets to Disneyland.

They have their first real kiss on teacup ride (though EVERYBODY sees them making out on the peak of the California Screamin’ after one of Viktor’s shows). Eventually, Viktor convinces Yuuri to join the performance troupe instead, and together they are considered one of the most magical parts of Disneyland. TRUE LOVE=DISNEY=VIKTUURI. The end.

I would like to know what characters they play at Disneyworld tho

Thoughts on The Princess Most Fair

So I’ve been thinking of The Princess Most Fair ever since it aired and here are a few things that really stand out to me:

1. How nonchalant the characters are when they discover they’ve been zapped into this dimension as the opposite gender. Penn could have said something like “ugh, I’m a girl,” but instead, he EMBRACES it. By talking about his long hair and girly shoes. Boone is also cool with being female, which is great.

2. I love how Penn says he wishes he could’ve been zapped into the dimension as a tomboy. He doesn’t say girl; he specifies tomboy, which does two things: 1. it acknowledges the fact that there are many different types of girls in this world, not all of which are girly. 2. Although Sashi seems to take it as an insult, I see it as Penn complimenting her on how strong she is.

3. We get some awesome backstory here through song: Rippen’s desire to be a full time villain and win just once, plus he sleeps with a stuffed poodle (I think that’s right); the confession that Penn still sleeps with a teddy bear; and Sashi’s confession that she feels left out sometimes.

4. Sashi’s confession really has me speculating. She says Boone and Penn are really really close, so I’m wondering if Penn and Boone have known each other for a long time and only met Sashi recently. Boone and Penn both have part time hero parents, so there’s instant commonality that would draw them to each other.

5. I’m also wondering if Penn and Boone were the ones recruited (or however that would work) to be part time heroes, but when they arrived, Phyllis said they needed a sidekick. So either Phyllis just said something like “here is first mission, here is sidekick [Sashi] good-bye” or if Boone and Penn had to find a sidekick themselves and met Sashi that way.

Marina and the Diamonds Tumblr Drinking Game

To top off a lonely Valentine’s Day, fellow Lonely Hearts, I have created a drinking game for those of you of age and bored at home.

Drink Once:

  • Every time Marilyn (Marina’s stuffed pink poodle) is in a post
  • Every time someone makes a collage of Marina
  • Every time someone uploads their drawing/painting/fan art of Marina
  • Every time Marina laughs in a gif
  • Every time Marina makes a funny face

Drink Twice:

  • Every time Lana Del Rey is in a post
  • Every time Florence Welch is in a post
  • Every time Marina is in a collage with Lana Del Rey
  • Every time when someone who’s not Marina is in a post (which Marina is also not in)
  • Every time there’s a gif/picture of Marina giving the middle finger
  • Every time there’s a picture/gif/video of Fetus Marina
  • Every time someone makes a post with “The Pretty Lies, The Ugly Truth”

Finish Your Drink:

  • Every time you see one of Marina’s fantastic tweets in a post
  • Every time someone takes a selfie and uses Marina’s lyrics as the caption
  • Every time there’s a post totally unrelated to Marina in the Marina and the Diamonds tag
  • Every time Marina curses in a gif/picture (excludes her singing/song lyrics)
  • Every time Marina is wearing black lipstick in a picture
  • Every time Marina’s cat sunglasses show up in a picture/gif