stuffed panda studios


Here is my fursona, Fizzy Moondust - the Dog who fell to Earth, finally brought to life as my first ever hand made partial. I love her so much <3

Resin mask base from Stuffed Panda Studios

The time has come to make an official post about it. Due to a lot of circumstances (Me being off work, gender-related feelings about the suit, money issues ETC) I’ve decided it time to sell Hella, my half suit. I’d much rather know someone is enjoying her and wearing her then have her sit in my room forever. She’s had little wear, is still spick and span, and hasn’t had a single popped seam.

I’m asking for £700 for her, which includes the head (Fits up to 25′’ with Glasses Space, fitted with a working fan to get condensation out), Two arm length wing “paws”, Tail with Belt Straps, and two Knee-length feet that can fit size 6. The eyes are follow-me style, and details are hand painted.

I’ll include 3 conbadges of her, unless you want to change her name, in which case I’ll make a new one with her new name.

She’s made by stuffedpandastudios, who is a fantastic maker! I’ll include a bunch of her buisness cards with the suit.

For more details, please contact me either here VIA ask, or through my twitter CorgiHeronBoy I can give you my e-mail from those to discuss more details :)