stuffed koala bears

The Donor

Wally the Koala had a problem.  He lived with “small dog who eats faces of stuffed animals”!  So Wally had lost his eyes and his nose.

Actually, not too bad.  His fur was in place, just the plastic eyes and plastic flocked nose were missing.  Usually, I would custom paint and install new eyes (they were a bluish gray) and give him a new nose.  But Wally had a flocked (velvety) koala nose, which is very difficult to find aftermarket.  So, his person’s dad sent him with a donor:

They didn’t want the donor back, just the eyes and nose transferred to Wally.  Here’s Wally all better:

But look back at that second photo a second.  Look how cute and fluffy the donor was… I couldn’t just discard him, or leave him blind and scentless!  So I gave him new brown eyes, and a new koala nose like my potbelly koala has, and now he’s happily living with Teddy and the other sample animals in the hospital, an inspirational post surgery story for incoming patients:

Oh, and btw, Wally flew home to GA where his family wrote “He looks great!”

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Sooo how would the mercs rreact to a lover who loves sleeping with a stuffed animal??

Scout would tease his S/O at first. “Aww, dat’s adorable, ya still sleep with a toy!” But really, discovering this kinda makes him happy to discover a new quirk of his lover, and only adds on to how much he adores them. Makes him feel a little bit more protective of S/O because of this innocent quality, and Scout lowkey puts them on an even higher pedestal. 

Soldier has a stuffed animal of his own, that being his rocket launcher. Seriously, the man cuddles the weapon like it’s the softest and fluffiest teddy bear in the entire world. Eventually S/O coaxes him out of this questionably dangerous habit by giving him a stuffed raccoon wearing the American flag as an adorable cape. Now Solider and his S/O are stuffed animal partners!

Pyro already has a (fireproofed) Balloonicorn, so they don’t judge their S/O whatsoever! May or may not set fire to their S/O’s stuffed toy once or twice in an attempt to play around with it. A S/O of Pyro is going to have to quickly realize they gotta fireproof their stuffed animal as well if they want to preserve it.

Heavy gives his S/O a soft little smile when he first discovers they sleep with a stuffed animal. Doesn’t question, address, or pry upon the little quirk. From that point forward, whenever Heavy glances at a stuffed animal, he’ll immediately think of his significant lover. S/O is going to find out eventually that Heavy has a talented hand for sewing, if they ever need their stuffed animal to be repaired. 

Demo fools and teases his S/O mercilessly the moment he finds out they still sleep with a stuffed animal. He’d be a playful jackass by stealing the toy and running around the bedroom with it, wanting S/O to chase him in hot pursuit. Eventually escalates into a pillow fight (of course Demo purposely loses); and he relents the stuffed animal back to his S/O. Gives them a big kiss on the forehead and promises half-heartedly to never mess with their stuffed animal again. Still doesn’t miss out on the chance of teasing, though.

Engineer would be straight to the point, kindly pointing out, “Darlin’ aren’t ya full fledged adult? Shouldn’t ya given up the stuffed animal phase a long time ago…?” Quickly learns from S/O, “Yeah I still sleep with my teddy bear, you gotta problem with that, you can pry Mr. Fluffykins from my cold dead hands.” OR, the other way it’d go down is that Engie eventually warms up to this quirk, and just loves seeing the sight of his S/O cuddling with their stuffed animal.

Sniper is a bit amazed and surprised to find out adults totally have the option of keeping a stuffed animal in bed. He wouldn’t mind having one to cuddle up with in his sleep. But no! It’d make him look unprofessional! Still lowkey wants a stuffed animal, though…A S/O of Sniper would eventually figure out the man needs a good old fashioned sleep buddy, so they end up buying a stuffed animal for him. A stuffed koala bear, at that. Sniper doesn’t express it properly, but holy fucking shit he has a stuffed koala bear, he’s gonna name it Blake Jr. and give it its own bed and perfume it with eucalyptus scent and everything.

Medic probably won’t notice such a quirk until he’s deep into the relationship or has been with his S/O for a long while. Just as he and S/O would be getting ready for bed on any other typical night, he’d exclaim upon seeing the stuffed animal, “Meine liebste, why is zhere a child’s toy in our bed?” S/O has to slowly explain/remind Medic that, “Uhm, you know I’ve always slept with a stuffed animal…?” Medic blatantly admits his ignorance, saying he never noticed it all this time they were in their relationship. However, he thinks it’s an absolutely endearing trait.

Spy never voices his appreciation or professes his love for his S/O’s childish quirk. The man secretly finds it charming, however, and thinks it only adds on to his S/O’s appeal. Whenever he has the chance, Spy likes watching his lover squeezing their stuffed animal in their sleep. It gives him some peace and security, knowing his S/O is safe and sound. He can’t be there for S/O as much as he would like to, but at least their little toy can give them some form of company in the long and lonely nights.


“A fan gave Mike a big stuffed koala bear, made out of kangeroo-skin, which he instantly named Nelson. Mike really fell for this souvenir and took the bear everywhere. Some of the others tried to kid him along by "nicking” the bear, but Mike developed a sort of intuition about Nelson and always knew exactly where he’d been hidden.“ - Quote from Monkees Monthly, November 1968.

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i'm not sure where i read this but i remember seeing a post (i think it was a sue quote? idk) stating that dylan had a koala beanie baby and that he carried it with him everywhere. i was wondering if you knew what post i was referring to , thanks !

oh also , if you know the name of the beanie baby that’d be great ! i’m pretty sure it’s mel but i’d lov to get a definitive answer (~: [ it me again , the bee knee babbie anon ]

Dylan did have a Koala bear stuffed animal when he was little kid and he probably did take it with him everywhere he went as it was his favorite of all his stuffed animals. Though, it’d be a mistake to think he carried the thing with him as he grew as an older boy such as late elementary school on into middle school in the nineties.  Yes, the Beanie Baby Koala bear is called “Mel” but to clarify, that is the company’s name for their Koala bear and not Dyl’s name for it.  Also, he would not have had a Beanie Baby Koala because Beanie Babies didn’t exist until 1993 and by that time period, he would’ve been too old for stuffed animals as a tween boy. Dylan had a regular stuffed animal Koala bear which he would’ve gotten as a child in the Eighties-  probably similarly to these first two 80s style bears. It seems very likely that Dylan’s Koala is visible in this photo.  Also check the here for all other posts about his Koala. :) 

Some Junkrat headcanons!

• he loves those small Japanese candies
• he builds different prosthetic arms for different reasons
• he even build one similar to a toy robot arm. It drove Roadhog up the wall
• he wears out his clothes quickly, making holes in them. He tried to sew them back together but it was a failure
• he asks Roadhog to sew them up now
• he is actually very sensitive but hides it all under jokes
• he sometimes draws on himself and on the patches sewn in his shorts by Roadhog
• probably one of the favorite things he stole was a stuffed koala bear
• he can’t really express his emotions very well
• he takes good care of his teeth
• whenever he’s covered in soot/ash/dust he loves to pass it on to others via pats/hugs/or a straight up dirty hand in their face
• he 100% was that kid who wrote a “kick me” sign and stuck it on someone because he saw it once in a cartoon
• doesn’t think things through
• he stands up tall when he tries to be scary
• asks lots of rhetorical questions
• draws little pigs on his bombs for Roadhog
• is actually very good at math and science
• was definitely a mama’s boy
• has a temper but it lasts for one minute. He will usually forget why he was even made in the first place

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Hutt came into the hospital room and left a stuffed koala bear on the side table with a note that said "I heard you were in the hospital. I hope you get better."

{| Alfie appreciates the get well gift and letter he cry from happiness

Forgive me for this poorly drawn and resoluted picture idk why but my art doesn’t want to save so I had to copy paste it to paint @ask-huttman @ask-villain-nyocanada |}

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If you know that the columbine shooters were evil people who killed innocent people why do you support their actions? Why do you glorify them?

I don’t think that Eric and Dylan were evil. The people created the monsters they became with all their bullying and their actions towards them. I don’t wanna say they are completely innocent and did nothing wrong but you have to look a bit behind the whole thing and see Dylan as the guy who came home crying, covered in ketchup because the jocks threw tampons covered with ketchup at him, hiding in his closet while cuddling with his stuffed koala bear. You have to see Eric as the guy crying over his sick dog and as the guy who asks girls what they feel when they look up in the sky at night. You have to see Dylan as the guy who wrote a love letter to a girl, expressed his deepest feelings, revealed his true self. I’m sorry for all the pain they went through and I can’t imagine the feeling Dylan and Eric had when they left their home on the morning of April 20, saying goodbye the last time, knowing, they won’t ever come back. A lot of people forget they were human too and had feelings, too.

I’m also sorry for all the family who lost their children in the massacre, I’m sorry for the Scotts, who never got to see Rachels drama talent on a big stage, I’m sorry for the Bernalls, who had nearly no time to experience a new Cassie, I’m sorry for the Sanders who lost a loving father, an amazing husband. I’m sorry for the Townsends, who never got to hear her daughters valedictorians speech. I’m sorry for the Flemings, who never got to see a new Kelly, not shy anymore. I’m sorry for the Shoels, who never got to see Isaiah on a big sports game, I’m sorry for the Mausers who lost a brilliant son in the massacre, I’m sorry for the Velasquez who lost a loving son and their reason to be, I’m sorry for everyone who died there, who bled to death, who hid beneath the tables, clutching the hands of their friends, in fear of being the next one. 

But I’m also sorry for the Klebolds, who lost a young, talented son in the shootings, I’m sorry for Sue Klebold, who got to drive home, sitting in her house, devastated, not knowing if it was really her son who did all this. I’m sorry that she had to say “And so while every other mother in Littleton was praying that her child was safe, I had to pray that mine would die before he hurt anyone else.”, because that cleary breaks a mothers heart. I’m sorry for the aftermath she and her whole family had to go through, getting harsh comments while buying groceries, not able to leave her house for weeks and months after it because the people said that it was all her fault. I’m sorry for Sue to collapse at the funeral, crying in the pastors arms, begging not to take her son away from her. 

I’m also sorry for the Harris’, who totally cut themselves off of everyone and everything because they simply couldn’t stand all this. I’m sorry that they had to sell their house and move somewhere else because they couldn’t stand living in the house where Eric lived with them. I’m sorry for all the troubles they went through considering his Dad and brother were both in the army. I’m sorry for all the nights spent crying over things they just couldn’t have seen, over things they missed, over things they didn’t do. 

That’s a piece of my mind on this one. 

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What is the story with Dylan and the koala bear?

Dylan had a stuffed koala bear that was apparently his childhood favourite. In Andrew Solomon’s Far From The Tree, it is noted that Dylan’s dad goes up to the place where they used to hike together every year on Dylan’s birthday and brings the koala and some Dr Pepper with him at that time. The koala seems to have become a part of a comfort ritual for Tom Klebold, which can be really valuable in dealing with grief and loss of this magnitude.