stuffed jalepenos

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What about the foxes on a midnight snack run


  • Okay so it’s like around semifinals or something and 2am because Kevin made everyone practice until they were at the gates of hell so everyone is tired and sleep deprived and exhausted and hates Kevin
  • Except Kevin he’s still going
  • But Nicky is having none of that because Kevin tried to throw out all of the junk in everyone’s fridges but now all that’s left are like a pack of peanuts and an avocado so he throws everyone into the 24 hour Target parking lot
  • Matt drove everyone there too because he saw the avocado and cried
  • So everyone is in Target at like ass o clock in the morning, running around looking for food and Andrew
  • God Andrew’s just
  • He’s got circles under his eyes that make him look like the spawn of death itself
  • Dan is a fucking nightmare
  • She’s tired and hungry and ready to fight like twenty people and she’s throwing literally anything into the cart.
  • Pizza?? Can’t get enough frozen pizza. There’s like twenty different kids of cereal. Cheese stuffed jalepenos! Great! Let’s get three bags! Can’t have enough salami! A pumpkin?? Someone knows how to cook that right??
  • Matt is trying to be ground control but he’s so tired and sleepy that at some point he falls asleep trying to pick things out of the cart and they have to stuff the rest of him in there and cart him around while they throw food on top of him.
  • Andrew just bitterly. Puts a giant store-bought cake on top of Matt. He doesn’t remove it and nobody can make him.
  • Nicky has disappeared at this point but he comes back with like thirty different outfits but they’re all for Neil
  • NEIL
  • Nicky it’s three int he morning- NEIL PLEASE
  • Aaron is off by the aisle with the bean bags and has just sort of curled up in one to sleep and not left. Renee finds him in the middle of the aisle and puts him and the bean bag back on the shelf where less people can find him because she feels bad.
  • She also covers him in pillows.
  • And towels because she can’t unpack the blankets.
  • And she ends up falling asleep on the floor next by accident on top of a bunch of towels and pillows because Aaron just looks so comfortable and peaceful it made her sleepy and peaceful.
  • Kevin has grumpily been banished in the Starbucks for a long time. He just sits there as Allison is his guardwoman, using Kevin’s credit card to buy herself like fifteen cups of coffee as she angrily glares at him in silence.
  • Dan finds them eventually with a cart full of boyfriend and random food items.
  • “I want Kevin to buy all of this” “Dan you can’t buy a human” “Fucking watch me”
  • Nicky got distracted when he found Renee and Aaron in the bean bag aisle and is taking like forty million pictures.
  • And Andrew just shoves a half-awake Neil into a changing room so they can make out.
  • They come back with flushed faces and mussed hair and Allison takes more money from Kevin’s wallet.
  • It takes like three people to pull Matt out of the cart and carry him into the backseat.
  • They all eventually get back home with Neil asleep on Andrew, Aaron five times grouchier than normal, Renee buying all of the towels out of guilt, six bags of frozen chicken nuggets, and evidence of all of their misdeeds on Nicky’s instagram.
  • Wymack almost bans late night practices.

- I was really cute today and had to document it.
- The boy and I did something bad.
- Really bad. Beef burgers stuffed with onions, jalepenos, habanero jack cheese, and bacon.
- But avocado was on top and avocado is healthy… Clearly it balances out.
- The salad tasted like an orange creamsicle.
- I have Friday off and it’s my first full day off since I came back from Minnesota on January 20th.
- I have 7 miles planned for Sunday and the high is 64!