stuffed jalapeno


Stuffed pretzel appreciation post.  Jalapeño stuffed pretzel and Cream cheese stuffed pretzel. Unfortunately, neither pretzel are available in any of the parks.

Sour Milk

Pairing: USUK
Rating: K
Tags: Soulmate AU, Coffee shop AU, Convenience store AU
Summary: Of all the ways Arthur could have met his soulmate, he did not expect to meet him breaking into his store to buy six gallons of milk in pajamas.

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your writing! Anyway you can write some Zimbits Thanksgiving headcannons?

Thank you so much lovely! Thanksgiving Headcanons coming right up!

  • No, you don’t understand, he bakes everyone two pies each.
  • Jack brings the Falconers over because of course he does
  • He forgets to let Bitty know
  • Bitty cries 
  • But then Tater steps up like “zimmboni you are terrible boyfriend I will step up as boyfriend tell me where food go Bitty Boy we cannot let you do all this yourself”
  • And Jack is like “im so screwed and goes on all the food runs to grab more stuff since Bitty didn’t prepare to feed TWO hockey teams
  • Also feeding TWO hockey teams is expensive OMG jack
  • Ransom follows Tater around like a lil duckling
  • Holster snapchats the whole experience because Ransom’s crush-that-he-won’t-admit-to-being-a-crush is amazing to watch
  • Marty and Thirdy bring pictures of their kids upon Jack’s request because Bitty is still vying for that Falconers’ Babysitter Job
  • Snowy and Chowder exchange Goalie talk
  • Chowder still remains pure despite being assaulted by curses every five seconds
  • Guy turns out to be a wizard in the kitchen
  • Which Bitty is making pies and sides, Guy is in charge of the protein
  • They have two turkeys, a ham, and meatloaves 
  • Shitty shows up in time to get half a turkey leg and a slice of meatloaf
  • Lardo laughs at him while she devours her whole turkey leg and three beers in record time
  • Poots shows up with a cooler full of…something
  • Shitty takes on sip of the cooler drink and promptly gets wasted
  • It’s Long Island Ice Tea that’s somehow been masterfully created with Everclear
  • Lardo gets through a cup before she gives up
  • Poots silently asserts his dominance over the Samwell team while Jack and Bitty chat with Tater and Guy in the kitchen
  • Once everyone is passed out, Tater walks around with his phone to take snapchat and instagram stories for the Falconers’ social media.
  • “Best Friendsgiving”

There are no leftovers. Nothing is left. The Samwell team and the Falconers eat the entire Thanksgiving meal of over 30 pies, two turkeys, a ham, multiple meatloaves, two bowls of mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, three different kinds of stuffing, jalapeno cornbread, fried okra, deviled eggs, honey buttermilk biscuits, the best gravy, pimento macaroni and cheese, collards, cranberry sauce, classic southern ice tea, and Poot’s Long Island.


Jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel from Block & Hans located in Epcot’s American Adventure.

had a job interview this morning and then spent the afternoon making (vegan) stuffed jalapenos and loaded french fries for everyone when they get home (: 

Summer Bucket-List 2014
  1. Make Strawberry muffins from scratch
  2. Go vegetarian for a week
  3. Have an 80s movie marathon
  4. Re-read a book
  5. Make chocolate chip cookies from scratch
  6. Make fried pickles
  7. Answer everything yes for one day
  8. Watch TFioS
  9. Make breakfast
  10. Learn to grill
  11. Make homemade hamburger patties
  12. Spend a day at the bookstore
  13. Go a day without your phone
  14. Befriend a stranger
  15. Go a day without complaining
  16. Stay awake 36 hours straight 
  17. Lay under the stars
  18. Go a day without makeup 
  19. Make sausage pinwheels
  20. Get CPR certified 
  21. Make stuffed jalapenos
  22. Make smores
  23.  Tie-dye a shirt
  24. Make Hawaiian Punch
  25. Make Funnel cake
  26. Late night snack out
  27. Homemade popsicles
  28. Late night swimming
  29. Grow my hair out
  30. Get a snowcone
  31. Watch a sunrise on the beach
  32. Summer job?
  33. Mix glow sticks and bubbles
  34. Make a face mask
  35. Finish Supernatural
  36. Mentos and coke
  37. Leave notes in random places
  38. Run 3 days a week
  39. Tie a message to a balloon and let it go
  40. Take a photo booth picture
  41. Go bowling 
  42. Finish Doctor Who
  43. Go to a water park
  44. Go to an amusement park
  45. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
  46. Set a dandelion on fire
  47. Kool-aid dye my hair
  48. Make a time capsule
  49. Use a fake name at Starbucks
  50. Buy an airhorn (why not)
  51. Cut a watermelon 
  52. Make a basketball shot from half court
  53. Get my cartilage pierced
  54. Get donuts for breakfast
  55. Read at least 10 books
  56. Go to the zoo
  57. Get a free slurpee on 7/11
  58. Disney movie marathon
  59. My favorite movies marathon