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20 rules for Daddy Doms

1. Hold her hand while crossing the street, watching a scary movie or…just because.

2.Leave loving notes all over the place to surprise and delight your littles’ heart.

3.Brush her hair, help her bathe (bubble baths preferably), treat her stuffed animals like living creatures and talk with them.

4.Know all her stuffies’ names.

5. Punish misbehavior with time outs, spankings and occasionally make her write out an apology or things like “I won’t sneak a cookie before dinner” (50 times is good).

6.Take her to fun places that appeal to her inner little. Places like the zoo, a kids movie, build-a-bear, the swings at the park, an aquarium, or a carnival.

7.Reward good behavior with treats and kind words of encouragement.

8.Never lose your temper just because you are having a “bad day”.

9.Know all of her favorite foods, allergies, and all of her favorite things; whether it be color, hair bows, dress, or stuffies.

10.Bedtime routines. If you’re going to do something, make sure (if circumstances allow) that you do it everyday without fail. If you stop doing something you always did before, it makes the little feel as though they’ve done something wrong to lose that treat. Examples: brushing her hair, reading her a story, or just tucking her in at night.

11.A good Daddy Dom does not make idle threats. If you threaten a consequence for a certain behavior you are looking to change, and do not carry through, not only will the little not learn to break the habit, but they will take your threats with a grain of salt. Also, it may make the little feel unimportant if a consequence is not followed through with.

12.Always spend time reassuring your little of your love after a consequence. They need this assurance, and the knowledge that you still love and care for them.
Aftercare is incredibly important. After all…this relationship is built upon trust.

13.Send your little a text message (or many) throughout the day if you must be apart. It warms their little heart!

14.Surprise her with a new stuffie from time to time.

15.Watch a Disney movie of her choosing with her. And it doesn’t hurt to know her favorite one…and all the songs from it.

16.All boo-boos, whether scratches, bruises and scrapes need to be looked after by her Daddy. Nothing makes a little feel safer and totally cared for than having a feel-better kiss, or their Daddy getting them a cool band-aid (Hello Kitty works well). Be sure to lavish them with lots of TLC!

17.If your little makes you something: no matter how big or small, you should always make them feel like their creation is cherished. Hang it up, save a pic on your phone so they see you like it and plan to look back at it…anything at all. Nothing is sadder than a pretty picture, colored with love and care, that is left sitting and collecting dust, and then forgotten.

18.If your little is in a playful, youthful mood (and you are not), do not roll your eyes, get mad or yell. Simply and calmly tell them that Daddy is not feeling playful right now. Everyone can’t be fun and playful all the time. Littles understand that…even if upset about it at times. So tell them, and that way no one’s feelings get hurt, or feels like they did something wrong.

19.Aid the age play dynamic. Do such things as carrying, lifting, and reaching high places for your little. It helps them feel as though they are seen as vulnerable and protected. Also, asking things like, “Are you sure you don’t need Daddy’s help putting that straw in the juice box?”, or “Maybe I should do that, it’s a big job, too big for you.” It keeps the little feeling happy and loved.

20.Ask your little to sit on your lap from time to time. It’s an instant smile and a blush trigger. Other things also work like tying their shoes, brushing their hair or buckling their seatbelt. -Dumb Baby🌼


IT’S TIME TO GET SPOOKY! It took me two days to make these, and I absolutely couldn’t decide which background is my favorite! 

This was SO MUCH FUN to make! From concept to basic design and putting everyone in costumes I was never bored or frustrated! I basically worked left to right and started with Nikki, then Max, then Neil, and then Gwen and David, and halfway through Gwen I thought how cute it would be to add Muack! So I gave our favorite little platypus some devil horns (There was a whole costume that Nikki stuffed on the poor creature but it is now in shreds all over the camp)

Nikki was by far my favorite to make! She came out so adorable and each little Mummy bandage made me so happy, I feel like I really captured her adventurous self! Neil was the easiest to do I think, his face shapes were all really easy and the costume was a sinch! He took me about twenty minutes, whereas Gwen took me 3 hours! I had such a hard time picking her costume and getting all of her shapes right, especially her eyes. Max and David took about the same. (Drawing all of those little bones was so much fun you guys don’t even know)

I was so proud that I did this all freehand too! I had references of course for the various expressions/color matching, but this is all by hand! It wasn’t photoshopped or traced, I made this all myself and I am so proud of how I managed to copy the style! All in all it came out to 110 layers! 

If you want to use any of these for anything like an icon or a background/banner please let me know! Or if you have any questions about the process, I’ll be happy to talk about this, as I’m REALLY proud of it and I would love to talk to you about CC in general! 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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A very rare unifoozle. Sighting of this creature are very few and far between and until recently they were thought to be extinct. She is a very sleepy creature and would love nothing more than to snuggle up with you.

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Hey y’all!

We are dead broke. Not like on the streets broke, but we’re in the negatives. I have five medications to buy monthly now, and I still need two MRIs and have two fish and a dog to take care of

None of the places I’ve applied to (about 25 now) have contacted me, and I haven’t been commissioned for a few months.

Right now commissions are my only source of income, and I desperately need them!!

Please check out my “#commissions tag” to see some past work! I can create anything you might ask for, I specialize in custom (mainly fish, but I can make any creature!) stuffed toys and have made clothing and bags in the past! I’ll be getting photos up of some of my other creations soon as well!

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I kept forgetting to put these pictures up! This is my Voidfish, as inspired by the amazing podcast Adventure Zone! The pattern is my own design and I think it turned out pretty nicely! The fabric is a stretchy thing I found at Joanns, and I do have enough to make more, but in the future I may make some custom minky for these. The little tentacles are a pain and I hope to come up with a better way to make them! Look out for my jellies when I get back from my vacation!

(BMC) Collections headcanons

-Jake is a freak about collections
-He has like twenty of them
-In rough chronological order from when he started collecting them, examples include:
-A collection of snowglobes
-A collection of seashells
-A collection of glass dragons
-A collection of stuffed marine creatures
-(His favorite is a blue octopus named Keto)
-A collection of paperclips
-A collection of coins dating back to the ‘80s
-And many more
-His prize collection are the coins
-He keeps them all in a special envelope and takes them out once a week for cleaning
-He’s really protective over them
-When he first got together with Chloe, she thought all these collections were dumb
- ‘You’re just crowding the house with junk’
-Jake agreed, but couldn’t help and feel a little crushed
-He’d been planning to give her a coin to cement their relationship
-Oh well….
-His favorite collection is a book of stamps his grandpa gave him when he was twelve
-That collection means the goddamn world to him
-It has stamps from all around the world, from all these different time periods
-Jake is Old-Fashioned™ and hates how emails are replacing letters
-He also sends emails, sure, but still
-Letters have stamps
-Stamps are amazing
-Jake hero-worships that stamp book as the last present his grandfather gave him before he died
-Until it’s lost in the fire
-A few weeks later, Jake goes and visits Rich in the hospital
-Rich has changed
-A lot
-He has a lisp, and gets much more flustered than he normally would when Jake sits next to him
-Jake acts like he doesn’t notice
-He pulls out some scraps of burnt paper and shows them to Rich
- ‘This is my stampbook’
-Rich is confused (and a little afraid)
-He’s worried that Jake is here to beat his already beat ass up for burning down his house
-And frankly, he doesn’t blame him
-Then Jake explains about the stampbook and Rich feels even worse
-He goes to apologize but Jake interrupts him
- 'No man, it wasn’t your fault. I didn’t come here to guilt-trip you’
'Then why’d you come?’
-Jake hands him a small wrapped circle
- 'To give you this. Hope you feel better, Rich’
-Rich opens the wrapping with a lot of difficulty
-He half expects to find a mini bomb or something
-Instead, he finds a coin

Sir Snoogles

You guys can blame @daddy-devil for this one. We’ve all heard of Sir Snoogles, Tiny Virgil’s favorite stuffed animal? What is Sir Snoogles and how did he make his way to Virgil’s keeping? We’re about to find out, kiddos! 

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There was something that Roman, Logan and Patton had never addressed. When each of them had been “little”, the first time it happened, they had received a beautiful, hand stitched plush from Virgil the next day. Logan had a tiny dinosaur, Roman had a little lion, and Patton adored his tiny puppy. They were a little crude, the stitching imperfect, but the darker side had made one for each of them.

At no point had any of them tried to do the same for him, and it was a sticking point for all of them. Sure, they couldn’t sew at all, but the fact remained that Virgil had done something very sweet for them and they had failed to reciprocate when he was vulnerable himself. Which is what lead them to the here and now. Here being Build-A-Bear.

Virgil’s eyes were huge, and he looked around at all the options. Different animals, different colors, all the outfits and accessories. He toddled along, holding Patton’s hand and absently sucking the sleeve of his tiny hoodie. 

“Dada…I can have one? ….Really?” Patton smiled at the hushed question.

“Of course! You can have any one you want, kiddo.” 

“Indeed! It is the least we can do after your generous gifts.” Roman’s voice boomed dramatically behind them.

“It is only fair that we supply you with a stuffed creature as you have been kind enough to supply each of us with one. However, since we lack your sewing abilities, we hope this will suffice.” Logan adjusted his glasses and offered the child a small smile.


“Well? Go take a look. Pick one out, Verge!” Patton pointed him towards one of the shelves, and Virgil toddled over. All of the empty skins kind of freaked him out a little, but he didn’t want to upset the others. They meant well. 

He perused the different animals, trying to pick out just one. He was about to walk away when he spied a discarded one wedged behind a stack of dresses on the bottom shelf. He tugged it out, and his eyes widened. It was a black cat with guitars and guitar picks all over it. It was a little dusty, had obviously been back there awhile, but to Virgil it was perfect.

“Found one you like?” Patton asked, seeing Virgil gently holding a selection. 

“My, Virgil, how perfect for you! Good choice!” 

“Yes, it does seem quite appropriate.”

Smiling, Virgil brought his choice to the lady at the fluff machine. He did the little dance and kissed the heart. They were about to sew him shut, when Logan walked over and handed her one of the voiceboxes. Virgil looked quizzically at him, and Logan only smiled. The woman sewed the cat’s back shut. He shyly thanked her when she handed his new friend to him, and then pressed his ear close to hear what the voicebox said. His favorite lullaby started playing, and Virgil had to fight back tears.

Roman helped him name his kitty, “Sir Snoogles, a valiant name for a valiant knight!”, and soon they were heading home. In the coming weeks, Virgil would play the song in Sir Snoogles so many times that Logan would almost regret taking the time to record that little snippet. But watching the darker side relax, and hum along, was so adorable that none of them could bear to say anything about it.

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Could you do the parent thing you did for Monchevy, but for Spirk pls? You don’t have to go so in depth though I know it probs takes a long time. Maybe just as a baby? And in canon verse if you can :)

Of. Course. Yes. I love these this gah

* Jim and Spock really don’t plan on having kids
* Jim had voiced his curiosity in what it would be like once but that was it
* “Huh, wonder what it’d be like to be a dad?” “Jim, having a child in your position is highly illogical—“ “yeah Spock I know I was just sayin’”
* However when they found the ship wreckage with two deceased adults (a Vulcan female and human male), and one living, if hungry, baby Vulcan, they couldn’t just leave him
* Even if he hadn’t wanted to take the baby (which he did), Jim would have at seeing the sadness on Spock’s face
* So they took the baby aboard ship and Jim took him into medbay for a checkup while Spock went off to “complete some paperwork”
* “Jesus Jim, a baby?” “Yeah, Bones. Thought it’s pretty obvious” “so what, you and the hobgoblin are adopting him?” “…idk Bones”
* Of course they did
* Or at least Spock did
* Apparently the ‘paperwork’ he had had to do had been adoption papers, in which he had forged Jim’s signature alongside his own
* “So you break the rules with this but not when I literally save your life?” “The two circumstances are completely different, Jim” “yeah but—wait we have a kid now??” “…yes”
* After further investigation of the ship they found a locket with the name Jevan in a crate along with a few baby blankets, a pacifier, and a stuffed creature which Spock tells Jim is a sehlat
* They consulted the higher-ups and managed to get them to allow them to raise Jevan on board the ship so long as proper accommodations were made
* So they set up a nursery in the room that used to be Spock’s before Spock moved into Jim’s
* Since they didn’t just have a crib on board the ship, they first let Jevan sleep between them on their bed so that he wouldn’t get hurt
* He was extremely young, only a few weeks by Bones’ estimation, so he didn’t yet understand what was happening and therefor thankfully didn’t cry too much
* Spock was immediately very close to him, Jim guessed it was because he saw similarity between them seeing as they were both half human and half Vulcan
* Spock carried little Jevan everywhere he went, day and night
* When they stopped on a planet to restock some supplies and were finally able to get a crib, it took all of Jim’s persuading to get Spock to set Jevan down to sleep in his own room instead of with them. In the end they agreed to move his crib into their room until he was at least a month or two older
* Jim put Jevan’s locket in a safe to give to him when he was older, but placed his blanket and stuffed sehlat in the crib with him
* As Jevan got older Jim and Spock took him to get his immunisations from Bones
* Bones claimed to dislike the “miniature hobgoblin” but everyone knew otherwise
* Bones showered Jevan with affection whenever he saw him, and Jevan loved him just as much
* The first night that Jevan slept in his own room he cried as expected
* Spock kept saying they should just let him sleep in their room, but Jim just walked over and gave Jevan his pacifier, which quietened him
* Spock still didn’t like being away from him, and was awake for most of the night, but Jevan didn’t cry anymore
* When he was about seven months old, Jevan said his first word
* It was “dad”, and surprisingly he said it to Jim and not Spock
* It happened while he was on the bridge during an uneventful trip, and everyone went silent, then burst into a round of applause
* Except Spock
* Spock seemed slightly upset as he walked over to Jim and took Jevan from him
* However that quickly changed to surprise and delight
* Turned out Jevan had formed a mental bond with him, something that Spock later explained was common between family members but nothing like the t’hyla bond he shared with Jim
* When Spock and Jim wanted time alone they usually asked Bones to take care of Jevan
* Bones always accepted reluctantly, but when the time came to part again he did that reluctantly as well
* When he wasn’t available, Jim asked Chekov, who positively beamed at him before saying yes
* When Jim and Spock went to collect Jevan later they found him asleep on Chekov’s lap, who was also asleep, while Sulu watched over them with a fond smile
* “Hey Spock I bet you $50 they’ll get together within a month” “Jim that is—“ “Come on Spock, have some fun!” “…Very well. I bet they’ll get together within two weeks”
* Jim and Spock both became ridiculously worried when Jevan got so much as the sniffles and would immediately take him to Bones, who rolled his eyes at them and told them not to worry so much (even though he got a little worried too)
* Scotty made a little rattle for Jevan, which Jevan absolutely loved but that kept Jim and Spock from precious sleep
* Uhura made it a point to make Jevan laugh every time she saw him
* Jim asked Spock if he wasn’t upset that Jevan was probably going to turn out more human than Vulcan
* “Why, Jim,” Spock answered, “why would that upset me? After all, the best part of me is human, too,” he said, looking pointedly at Jim with fondness clearly evident in his words and his gaze.

Shunka Warak'in

The creature known as the Shunka Warak'in is described as a mix between a wolf and a hyena. The creature was simply a myth until a hunter shot one dead in 1896. Israel Ammon Hutchins shot the famed creature in what is present day Montana. It was purchased by taxidermist Joseph Sherwood who then put it on display in his store in Idaho. Sherwood named the animal “Ringdocus” and the trophy has caused controversy ever since. The stuffed creature currently resides in a museum in Ennis, Montana.

To people’s surprise not a single DNA test has been done on the animal. In fact the museum that’s currently housing the animal doesn’t have legal rights to run tests on it. The museum that has it on display does not actually own it, it is “borrowing” the exhibit from another museum. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman claims that neither museum wishes for a DNA test to be done because the mystery surrounding the creature is what attracts visitors to see it. The true origins of Shunka Warak'in and what animal it truly is may never be known.

ML Fluff Month Day 11 - Plushie/Stuffed Animals

Plushies/Stuffed Animals

Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 12

“I can’t believe your first year anniversary with Adrien is the one day this week he has a photoshoot the entire day,” Alya huffed as Marinette walked beside her into the school doors.

With a sigh, Marinette nodded her head in disappointment. “I know, but he can’t control it.”

As the two made their way into the locker room, Alya let out a suspicious hum. “You don’t think his dad did this on purpose, did you?”

Eyebrows shooting up, Marinette blinked in surprise. “I don’t think so. Mr. Agreste is actually quite fond of me, I think. He tells Adrien all the time that he’s lucky to have such a talented girlfriend.”

“Wow,” Alya said with a whistle. “From what Nino says, Mr. Agreste is a serious stick in the mud. You must have really impressed him to get such high praise.”

Marinette gave a shrug and began putting in the combination to her locker. “It’s—It’s a learning process, honestly. I’m just very polite and go with whatever Adrien guides me into doing. The last thing I want to do is get him in toub…le…?” her voice trailed off as she saw what sat on top of her books.

Alya leaned over her shoulder to see what all of the fuss was about. Marinette gaped in surprise at the small stuffed cat that stared back at her. Had Adrien done this? It looked suspiciously like Plagg, so it couldn’t have been anyone else. Placing a hand over her heart, her best friend cooed at the sight. “Adrien Agreste is one of the sweetest boys on the planet, how lucky are you, girl?”

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