stuffed bunny rabbit

Tiny and Giant

This week the smallest patient in the hospital and the largest patient in the hospital went home (to OK and IA respectively).  The tiny one was the first to arrive, a little bunny named Bubber aka Chocolate Easter Bunny:

As you can see, he needed eyes and a nose and some plumping.  He was partly filled with walnut husks (a traditional bean like stuffing) and partly with stuffing.  The walnut husks were preserved for his restuffing, and supplemented.  First, however, he had a little bubble bath:

Then he had his eyes and nose selected and installed:

Next he got his walnuts back in and supplemented, and new stuffing.  But, he also had a little of his original stuffing in a heart:

Finally, he was fluffed and ready to fly home!

Meanwhile, the giant panda Myke had arrived at the hospital hoping for a spa and plumping:

As you can see, he couldn’t hold his head up.  Like Bubber, Myke had hybrid stuffing.  His bottom was filled with tiny styrofoam pieces, but his limbs and chest had stuffing (although the styrofoam had also migrated EVERYWHERE!).  So first all his stuffing came out and he had a nice bath (he needed a much bigger tub!):

Then his heart got made (you can see stuffing and styrofoam):

And it was installed along with styrofoam beans and new traditional stuffing:

And soon, Myke could hold his head up again!

Here are the duo enjoying a little conversation just before they got on their flights home: