I want you so much more chubbier.
I want you sitting on the bed, tugging your shirt down, trying to get your shirt over your belly. Looking at me while you blush. Teasing me, saying, “look what you did!”
Trying to jump and wiggle into jeans that barely get around your belly.
Trying to do the button up, squishing and squeezing your belly.
Sucking it in won’t even help~

I just wanna hug someone from behind, slowly pull their shirt up and grip the sides of their tummy.
Shaking up and down, squeezing their belly together.
Jiggling and rubbing it.
Showing them just how chubby they got for me, in front of a mirror.
What I was responsible for.
Grinning and saying into their ear about how much more chubbier I’m going to make them.


For all the feedees and big belly girls out there, and the ones who are striving to become them, here is a little bit of encouragement for the day.

Just keep eating, fill that belly up. Eat that last slice of pizza, drink that high calorie milk shake you’ve been craving. Make yourself moan in fullness like you are meant to be. Eat seconds, thirds, fourths, until you feel the layers of fat begin to settle on your swollen belly, then dessert. Don’t put it off, drink all that heavy cream like you told yourself you would, your future self will appreciate it. Feel your skin begin to stretch, your clothes become tighter, and the growing weight of your bloated midriff. Experience that new Jiggle when you walk, the new waddle you’ve been finding yourself doing. Keep yourself stuffed to your limit… all day. Forget what hunger feels like, familiarize yourself with being a bloated, fat, growing girl. Swell out of your clothes, pop those buttons you never thought you could, and reach those proportions you’d never thought you’d be. Make them ask you when you’re due. Feel the weight of your belly on your thighs increase as you shove fat dense food into your greedy mouth. Notice that new stretch mark tomorrow morning from the entire day of eating. Do it, become that swollen girl you know you’re meant to be. Make today the day you go really got fat. Be a good feedee.

And to all the feeders out there, take care of your feedees and keep feeding them. Don’t forget to remind them how sexy and big they are getting and make sure they know how much bigger you’re going to make them. Rub their big full tummies and keep pushing their limit, they will love it.

We’re sitting on the couch and I hear your belly growl.
You look at me and tell me you’re really hungry.
We order a pizza and you happy bounce up and down on the couch.
I tell you to sit in my lap and I slowly hand feed you the whole pizza.
You lean back into me with your round gut poking out of your shirt, I unbutton your pants for you spilling out your stuffed tummy into your lap and pull up your shirt. I squish and rub your belly as it slowly gets tight and round from the pizza.
I tell you how good of a boy/girl you are for eating that whole pizza for me. Gently kissing your neck.