stuffed animal murderer

How would the guys react if they somehow suddenly swapped bodies with their female S/O?

A question I’ve dedicated my life to answering.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • What the fresh hell.
  • There he was, looking right into your eyes as he does, and suddenly he was staring into his own instead??
  • The two of you were completely thrown off guard; you even let a couple choice swear words loose
  • Was this really happening?
  • He doesn’t… Appreciate this.
  • He has no problems with his own body and he certainly never wished to be out of it.
  • He has no problems with your body, either, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be in it
  • Well
  • He knows what he means.
  • This whole thing just makes him extremely uncomfortable. He can’t stop staring at his own face and wondering how this happened.
  • After the two of you manage to calm down, you agree on some “terms” (such as, the two of you won’t undress or get into trouble) and then he’s off to find a solution to all this.
  • It’s obviously Monokuma’s doing, so he just has to find out what that demented stuffed animal wants
  • And if it’s murder, somebody better give in quickly so he can go back to being himself… and not have to feel like he’s taken something important away from you.

Rantarou Amami

  • He’s no stranger to girl’s bodies
  • Not in a weird way, he’s just used to helping out with his many sisters
  • So even though this is the first time he’s… Become one himself
  • He knows where his boundaries are.
  • After the initial shock, he kind of takes the whole thing in stride.
  • Yes, he’s in your body and no, he doesn’t know how that happened. But there’s no use worrying about ‘how’ when it’s already happened.
  • What he does worry about is you.
  • Does this mean you’re in his body? Or are you still in your own body with him, perhaps asleep and unaware of what’s going on?
  • He makes up a few theories on the way to his room
  • But sure enough, you open the door to his room when he knocks and… You’re in his body.
  • “Well. This sure is something, huh?”
  • Slight understatement there, Amami, but okay.
  • Well, as long as the two of you stay together, it’ll be okay.
  • You’re going to help each other through this, no matter what!

Kokichi Ouma

  • This little gremlin was gleeful to the point of giddiness when he realized what had happened
  • Screw fixing whatever this is, think of all the pranks he could pull like this?!
  • He immediately pulled all his resources and planned to take down your classmates one by one.
  • People TRUSTED you. They listened and respected what you had to say. Even when he was blatant about how obviously fake your claims were, people still listened.
  • Everything was going off without a hitch!!
  • He was like a kid in a candy store
  • Spreading chaos and confusion wherever he went
  • And people didn’t believe you when you tried to tell them that the two of you had switched bodies
  • Surely, this is what it is to be a god
  • His fun lasted up until you cajoled your friends into following you, and you caught him red-handed as he was supergluing Kiibo to a monocub
  • Curses… He would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids…

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He knew what had happened as soon as it had happened, but he didn’t know why or how on earth it was possible
  • He was just going to pointedly ignore how different his body was - YOUR body was - oh god, this really was almost too much for him
  • When he finally found you (inside his body) he promptly threw himself in your arms
  • And then immediately backed away because you were in his body and it was so weird to seek comfort from himself -
  • Oh, dear
  • You had to help calm him down because his head - your head - was practically spinning off his - your - shoulders
  • Trying to think in first person was the worst
  • But after he’d calmed down, he suggested the two of you investigate together to find out how this had happened
  • Hopefully while doing so you’d discover how to switch back.
  • Secretly, he was very anxious to get back to his own body. He wanted to be able to look at your face…

Kaito Momota

  • What the fuck?!?!
  • Momota was pretty used to weird things happening
  • With Monokuma and the Exisal around, there was no getting around expanding your tolerance levels
  • But THIS??
  • This bullshit was unprecedented fuckery.
  • He had to go and teach that black and white hellspawn of satan a lesson-
  • But before that… He was just going to poke his chest.
  • Just to see what it felt like.
  • …Huh.
  • Alright, mystery solved.
  • Now, time to go-
  • Or not, since someone was knocking at the door
  • “What the fuck that’s me?!”
  • He was so weirded out at first
  • So this is what he looks like to other people…
  • But he didn’t have time to stare, because you’d just grabbed him and now you were looking right into his eyes
  • “Momota, have you been to the bathroom yet?”
  • “No…?”
  • ”…..I’m going to have to help you change your tampon.“
  • His what.
  • One mortally embarrassing trip to the bathroom later, the two of you were ready to go beat down Monokuma.
  • Carpe Diem.


  • This is a huge deal for Kiibo
  • One minute he’s the Super High School Level Robot, the next…
  • He’s in a human body.
  • He’s human.
  • He doesn’t even notice that it’s your body at first, he’s so overwhelmed
  • He pokes his arms, feels his calves, touches his lips in a daze…
  • And then he steps in front of the mirror and realizes who he is.
  • How the hell did this happen?!
  • How is it possible for him to be you right now - it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be possible!
  • That’s when he hears a knock on the door and opens it to see.. himself.
  • Well, you.
  • He just stares at you for a moment before telling you to come in.
  • Of course… that’s right. He has to get back to his own body so you can get back to yours.
  • Even though he can’t feel and see things the same way you can, he still wants to be with you… and that can’t happen if he is you.
  • So he agrees with you that the two of you should go investigate.
  • Regardless of how things turn out… He’s glad the two of you can really understand each other now.
  • …And he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t feeling sad at the thought of going back to being inhuman.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta was beside himself
  • Of course, not because he was you.
  • And not because he was a woman.
  • But because… he couldn’t be a gentleman like this.
  • What would Gonta do?? All he wanted was to be the perfect gentleman, but he couldn’t do that if he was you, right??
  • After all, ‘man’ was in the word..!
  • You spent a little bit of your time consoling Gonta before posing a question to him
  • “You know… Isn’t the word ‘man’ inside the word 'woman’, too?”
  • He thought about that for a second.
  • “Gosh, you’re right! Does this mean Gonta can still be a gentleman after all??”
  • “Yes, Gonta. You can still be a gentleman.”
  • He was so relieved he almost kissed you.
  • But then he realized he was looking at himself, and it was just too weird.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He knew something was wrong the instant he got out of bed
  • Everything looked smaller??
  • For a second he thought he’d finally had a growth spurt
  • But then he realized his chest also felt differently…
  • And his hair was longer…?
  • And he didn’t have his….
  • Hoshi takes a little while to wake up in the morning.
  • The first thing he did after ascertaining that this was, in fact, happening was try to find himself - or, rather, you in his body
  • When he’d made sure that the two of you really were stuck in each other’s bodies, he suggested the two of you just waited things out
  • Obviously, this was a motive from Monokuma, but it couldn’t last forever, right?
  • In the meantime, he would just ignore the fact that he really had to pee.

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“Crap, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…” Ookami said, seeing all the stuffing around his room. The wolf man had brought in one of the strays he watched into his dorm room for a little while to get out of the rain. Feeling bad for the poor thing, he “borrowed” a teddy bear from Juliet’s room to play with. Now, it looked like stuffed animal murder scene. The pup was still chewing on the face. “Juliet’s gonna kill me…”