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Rin with a stuffed belly that is giving him a bad stomach ache so he massages his own stomach to to let out the painful burps but he can't so he calls Makoto for help:') pleaaaase

Only now, laid out in bed and barely able to move, is he willing to consider that he may have made a mistake.

He hadn’t meant to eat so much, but anytime he returned to his home his mother always went all-out with cooking. She prepared steaming platters of chicken, of fish and rice and vegetables and all sorts of things that made Rin’s mouth water. His self control had been totally stripped away.

Now he finds himself coming to regret it. The pulsing cramps in his gut show him no mercy. He’d hoped they would fade once he was finally able to lie down in his own room, but so far he’s had no luck. If anything, Rin is sure that they’ve just gotten worse since he retreated to his bedroom.

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