An Expected Journey Art Masterpost

I am so ridiculously spoiled by wonderful people drawing art for An Expected Journey, so I’m putting it all together in one post so that everyone else can adore it as well. This way you can enjoy how talented everyone is even if the fic isn’t your cup of tea. Yes, I’m fully aware that a good chunk of them are mine because I can’t decide whether I like drawing or writing more.

The link to the artist and the piece is directly under the image!

‘The rose and the ring’ by mariejacquelyn

'Glass rose’ by musicnsneakers

'Karhon’ by asparklethatisblue

'Mirkwood dungeon porn’ by speakfriendandenter (NSFW)

'Smaug and Scatha’ by mariejacquelyn

'Proud daddy fan club’ by stuffdone

Smaug’s Eggs by hershellayton

'Consort’ by DragonSapphire

'Stay’ by mariejacquelyn

'Not this time’ by mariejacquelyn

'Maylin Comes to Erebor’ by mariejacquelyn

Dis by asparklethatisblue

'He would have liked real ones’ by meereseibe

'He would have liked real ones’ by shamingcows

Welcome Home by maura-labingi

Also check out this piece by viviena. Not exactly from the fic, but so close that it makes my heart hurt to look at it. Also tinylilremus wrote and sang and amazing song!