Top 10 Girl Crushes. #09 Stana Katic

Stana took my heart by storm. The second I saw her in Castle, I pretty much knew she’ll become one of my favorites soon. And I was right. While I loved her character on Castle with every episode more, I felt in love with her more and more with every picture or video of her I saw or interview/article I read. Her very unique persona and beauty captured me and the more I learned about her the more I adored her. With her still present shyness, when she’s in front of a big group of people or gets compliments for her amazing work; her so natural way of acting and ability to express so much with a simple look; her gratefulness, passion and yeah, devotion for her fans; her well-wrought and intelligent, but still lovely and entertaining answers in interviews; her eager to explore new things and to be active and her in many acting practices and matrial arts trained, bad-ass self she manages to get me into awe of her again and again and again.

Top 10 Girl Crushes. #07 Eliza Dushku

As many others I felt in love with her with her portrayal of Faith in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I were never a big fan of Buffy (or Sarah Michelle Gellar for that matter) and Faith was just so perfectely imperfect and badass that I liked her right away. And then Bring It On happened and I was completly lost. I’m such a sucker for spunky, ass-kicking females, that stand on their own feet and don’t take bullshit from anybody and Eliza portrays that like no other. Beside her awesome characters I began to workship Eliza herself very soon. She such a fun, out-going person and while most just see her as this overly sexualized bad/action girl, she’s indeed a very sweet and caring person. Probably most people don’t know, that she’s traveling the world with her family, visiting conflict areas to educate herself and help and supporting a few charties in favour for troubled kids. It’s admiring, because she doesn’t do it for the publicity, but the cause itself. Oh, and I love her even more for being such a tiny person like me and still being able to kick some serious ass =D