Thiam / Theo Reaken x Liam Dunbar AU 4 (request skaterboy x lacrosse)

@formerprincess asked for this:
AU I need:Thiam Social Media where Theo’s Instagram is full of all things skating and yes selfies too and one day he gets Liam’s Instagram recommend which is filled with lacrosse, Liam’s friends and funny videos and Theo takes a liking to his page because the videos are funny and Liam is nice to look at too, so he replies to one video and that’s how Liam finds Theo’s page and comments too and from that point in they develop a pattern of liking and commenting on each other’s stuff, tagging each other in stuff and following each other on any social media. And their messages get flirtier each time but they both are quite cryptic about where they actually live until one day Liam is at the mall with Mason and suddenly he runs into someone and that someone is Theo of course and they stare at each other until they grin and laugh about them being too blind to realize they live that close together. In the end they have their first date at the mall.

At least I was able to do the first half. Maybe one of you could write a one shot to this request and my social media au.
I’m not good in writing about them but I love editing soical media au’s to them ( and I would say they’re quite good too) so I tried my best.


First Thiam AU

Second Thiam AU (with posts)

Third Thiam AU (traveling)

There going to be more Thiam AU’s in the future. The next one’s going to be about them traveling to Mykonos.

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