Teen Wolf Preference: How They Protect You...

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He was human and he knew that. God did he know that, but he wasn’t about to let you get hurt…he wasn’t about to watch you get injured or worse…he at the very least had a trusty bat and some willpower. So if it meant hitting werewolves over the head and risking his own neck to save yours then he would. 


She wasn’t much of a fighter or a do-er in that sense. She couldn’t hit someone or do any sort of physical damage in that way, but goddamn it she was smart and if she could find a way to help you and protect you then she would whether it was a Molotov cocktail or a homemade flamethrower. Because there was nothing she wouldn’t do for you…


Was violent on his best days and a softie when no one was looking. But he cared a great deal about you and he’d be damned if he’d let anything happen to you, let anything hurt you. He’d rip their throats out if he had to…he’d kill to protect you. 


He was new to this whole werewolf business, he was new to control, but god did he find a resolve when you were in danger. He’d do anything to protect you. He’d claw and he’d bite. He’d howl and he’d fight, because you were all he had in the world and you taught him control that he had long missed. 


Scott had never lost control since his first few months as a werewolf, but seeing you in danger had tripped something in him and he wasn’t about to let you get yourself killed. He’d fight for you because that was damn well what he wanted to and what he should do. 


There were times she was thankful she knew archery so well. That she could draw back and arrow and release it in a fraction of the time it took to blink. Times when you were in danger were part of that, she was never more glad for her talent then when she could save you and protect you.

Original Imagine: imagine Scott going down on you in Stiles’ jeep and you two getting caught by Stiles

Author: anon

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1430

Warnings: oral sex, semi-public sex, getting caught (i’m not sure if this is one or not but i’ll add it anyway)

“Okay so I have no idea how long this will take, but I need you two to stay in the car, and stay alert okay? If anyone comes in I need to know.” You and Scott both rolled your eyes simultaneously as if on queue.

You were perched in the back seat of Stiles car, leaning forward slightly to hear what Stiles was saying. You knew the speech, you’d heard it a thousands times, but if it’d make him go away faster then you would listen to it one last time. “Yes Stiles, we know, we’ve got it. Call you if anyone comes in the station. Now hurry.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any fics where dans in abusive relationship with someone else and phil saves him? Thanks!!


Content - Phil finds out that Dan’s boyfriend has been physically abusing him.

Emergency Rooms And BruisesPhil wakes up with the realization that his soul mate is being abused, but doesn’t know how to help him.

Healing Bruises - Dan has been in an abusive relationship for the past and has been too afraid to say anything to anybody. Phil walks in on Dan in the bathroom while he’s shirtless and sees his bruises. Dan doesn’t want to talk about it but Phil convinces him to, and he helps Dan get out of the abusive relationship that he’s been for the past couple months.

Too Far

What I Deserve - Dan was abused as a child and hides his past from Phil.

~ Tori

friendly reminder that ocd and meticulous attention to detail/a knack for organization are not the same thing
you are not “so ocd” because you organize your closet by color or keep your books in perfect alphabetical order

I will not speak for anyone else who does have ocd bc it is different for everyone but for me, I have obsessive compulsive disorder and that is exemplified by my inability to stop obsessing over certain irrelevant negative thoughts and the mind-numbing physically painful anxiety that appears if I don’t perform certain rituals that severely interfere with my life in a negative way

ocd is a very real and sometimes very serious and uncomfortable disorder and it’s not something that you want to control your life and I hope that none of you ever get taken over by it like I did.

Do you want feels? You’re getting feels.

I’m slowly becoming proud of the man I am. I only came out as trans last year, in November, and before that, I identified as non binary. I remember when I first changed my name from “Sarah” to “Jacey”  on Facebook and I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was only after exploring my gender identity for a couple months after the school year started, I came to realize that I was, in fact, a guy. It wasn’t long after that until I became “Jason”. I look back to my freshman year and was so frightened to explore my identity that I just pushed the thought out of mind. Now, years later, I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come. Unfortunately, I do not with supportive people. But I have relatives that do, fantastic friends, LGBT and not, and teachers that put the effort into really caring about me.

I’m going to miss them so, so much when I graduate. My senior year has definitely opened my eyes, and I can’t wait to further my transition in the future.