So, I realize I’ve been quiet for a while now- and I have a really good reason for it, the only thing is… I can’t tell you guys what it is…


I can’t stress enough how proud I am to be a part of this project I’ve been working on, to be a part of something that will bring so much positive representation and be inclusive as f*** and have badass queer leads.

@thegayagendatv and I have been working our asses off night and day working on this project, and I feel like this is the one story I’ve been wanting to tell for years.

And I can’t wait to share it with you… When the time is right, will you be there to support the project and all of its representation and inclusiveness?

And thank you @clexacon, you don’t know it yet- but we’ve started a media revolution.

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Alison Clues by Episode - “Do Not Disturb”

So according to what we know now, Rollins was manipulating Alison this whole time and trying to isolate her from the Liars…too bad what we see in this episode totally contradicts that. Why would he be encouraging Ali to seek out her friends and trying to convince Emily to give her another chance if his whole goal was to isolate and trap her in a marriage? That doesn’t make any sense.

It is odd, in fact, that Alison would believe anything that Sara says to her about Charlotte. And what’s even odder is how quickly she avoids explaining why that is when Emily calls her on it.

Alison is all kinds of shady in this scene. First the shot of Sara leaning over Emily is the exact same angle as the one of Alison doing the same moments later…

…and then she majorly contradicts herself. First she says that she was right outside the whole time, so nobody could have gotten into the room. Then moments later she claims that she went to go and find the nurse. Which is it, Ali? Both can’t be true. Could the whole thing with Sara really have happened…and could Ali have been involved with it?

It’s a little bit too convenient for me that Alison is with Emily throughout the entire process of removing her eggs, including bring privy to the nurse’s explanation after the procedure, and suddenly A knows all of the same information and is using it to hurt Emily. Did A somehow sneak into the hospital and eavesdrop? Or is there a much simpler explanation for how A seems to know everything that the nurse went through with Emily…and Alison?


New voiceover is up! As always, feedback is very much appreciated on these.

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What episode does Haleb get married and engaged

I know it all happens in the last couple of episodes, but the specifics I’m not sure about. I think the proposal will be in episodes 17, 18 or 19. Then depending on that the wedding would be in episodes 19 or 20 if there is one.

But I’ve heard people saying haleb would just elope or there would just be mentions of a wedding, that we wouldnt actually see it. Makes sense though since Ezria are getting a wedding (spoiler if you didn’t know) I don’t know if they would give every ship one.