Remember when Jason finds a box of Ali’s stuff while Ali is presumed dead? Inside there are love letters between Peter Hasting’s and Jessica DiLaurentis (his biological parents).. There is also $15,000 in cash. The liars come to the conclusion that Ali must have been blackmailing Peter for money so she could fake her death at some point.

This made by brain explode into all these reasons that it’s possible Jason is Charles!!

Enjoy my theory! : 

  • Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis are married. 
  • Jessica has an affair with Peter Hastings and gives birth to Charles.
  • Kenneth realizes that Charles is not his son, and forces Jessica to put him into Radley.
  • Jessica puts Charles in Radley, but joins the Board so she can watch over him.
  • Charles goes through terrible experiences in Radley, destroying his entire childhood. There he meets a girl named Bethany Young- the two become close friends and confidants.
  • He also meets his cousin, CeCe Drake, and the three of them bond.
  • Jessica and Kenneth have a daughter named Alison.
  • Jessica cannot bear to be away from her son any longer, and convinces Kenneth to let her bring him back home. 
  • Kenneth agrees, and they decide to try to start all over- by re-naming him Jason.They convince Jason that Charles was an imaginary friend who never existed.
  • They even went as far as to build a fake grave for the ‘death’ of Charles.

This picture Bethany drew is of Jason being taken away from her:

Bethany hates Jessica so much because she abandoned Charles, and then took him back, renamed him, and tried to brainwash him into thinking Charles never existed. Bethany’s hatred towards Jessica is evident in all the drawings she did of her in Radley.

Remember when Jason and Ali were looking through photo albums and Jason comments on how many more pictures there are of Ali than of him? That’s because he didn’t live with the DiLaurentis’ for most of his childhood….

When he was brought back into his family, he felt a deep resentment towards Ali, who was loved and treated so much better then him by their parents. 

The only bond he ever shared with anyone was with Bethany and CeCe in Radley. Jessica takes Bethany out of Radley some days so he can play with her. Jessica does this secretly behind Kenneth’s back, but tries to make Bethany believe that Charles is JASON and that he never lived in Radley with her. That’s why Bethany thinks Jessica is a liar.

Jessica even let Bethany come to one of Jason (Charles) birthday celebrations. 

As Bethany gets older, she blackmails Jessica into doing things for her so that she won’t tell Kenneth the truth. That’s who the second dress was for hidden in the piano. Remember Jessica tells Ali “not to tell Daddy because he will get mad.” Jessica doesn’t want Kenneth to know she still lets Jason(Charles) interact with his old friend.

Jason is jealous if Alison, and tells Bethany about her. When we hear the recording of Bethany talking about Ali she says, “Is it like mother like daughter?” 

Growing up, Jason(Charles) turned to alcohol and drugs to ease the memories of what he went through as a child. Remember Jason is an alcoholic and drug addict, and A is ALWAYS seen drinking.

At some point Alison finds out about Bethany, and the two write letters to one another. But knowing Alison- she probably treated Bethany badly, angering her further. 

At some point Jason(Charles) finds out that Peter is his real father, by finding Ali’s box of money and his biological parents’ love letters. He realizes she is blackmailing his dad. His hatred for Ali grows.

He starts sending Ali the text messages, and creates the NAT club with Ian and Garrett to spy on Alison in order to find dirt to use to blackmail her. He asks his cousin CeCe Drake to get close to Alison and learn her secrets. 

The night that Alison goes missing, Bethany escapes from Radley. Jessica knows that Bethany hates her, and panics when she hears she has escaped. That’s why she tries to keep Ali inside that night.

Bethany attempts to kill Ali (for Jason), by hitting her on the head with a rock. Jessica sees the whole thing from the window. Thinking Ali is dead, Jessica buries her because she needs to keep her secret safe. Ali survives and escapes.

Because Ali and Bethany are both blonde and wearing the same clothes that Jessica bought them, Mona mistakenly kills Bethany- thinking it was her bully Ali. 

Melissa comes across Bethany’s dead body and thinks it is Ali. Melissa buries her, thinking Spencer killed Ali. 

Jason spends the year after Ali’s disappearance trying to find Bethany and Ali, not knowing what happened. He believes that one of the 4 liars- Ali’s best friends- knows what happened to Bethany.

He begins to send the girls A messages, to gain information. He has a serious mental illness from the psychological distress from his childhood, and that is why he sometimes treats the girls kindly. He has a soft spot for Spencer, his other half-sister, who is intelligent and kind, and he also has an obvious crush on Aria. But most of the time he is torturing them to avenge Bethany.

Jason is Charles-Head A- and CeCe is Red Coat. 

He sends CeCe into Rosewood to befriend the liars to get information from them. He also has Mona working for him, but Mona doesn’t know his true identity- he communicates to her through CeCe.  Mona is instructed to take the fall as A when she is caught so that the game can continue. We see CeCe talking to Mona in Radley, and Mona saying, “I did everything you told me to.”

Jason is a wealthy man, capable of doing everything A has done. He hired EZRA FITZ, an undercover police officer, to do constant surveillance on the girls. It was a set-up that he met Alison that one time. Jason instructed him to get close to her. He ends up falling for Aria over time, but continues his police work.

The cash money found in Ezra’s drawer, was payments from Jason for surveillance. 

When the coroner reveals that it is Bethany Young’s body that was buried under the gazebo, and not Ali’s, Jessica makes a lair in Aunt Carol’s basement, and dedicates her time trying to find Alison.

CeCe runs away to London.

Jason (Charles) kills Jessica. He could never forgive her for giving him away in the first place. He blames her for everything that happened to him. I think this is why we are going to feel sympathy for A. 

Jason sends Kenneth a birthday card- taunting him. Kenneth never treated Jason (Charles) well. He forced Jessica to give him away, and treated him poorly the rest of his life.

Later, CeCe is told to take the fall as A. Jason tells her to pretend she is Charles to gain sympathy. Jessica is dead, so no one can say that CeCe’s story isn’t true. When we see Jason and Kenneth’s ‘unconscious’ bodies when CeCe is revealed as A, it was similar to the movie SAW. Jason was just pretending to be unconscious. Really, him and CeCe had kidnapped Kenneth, knocked him out, and were going to kill him. 

But lets back up a little….

Jason sent this card and balloon to his house, so that no one would suspect him (just like Mona sent herself A-messages in the first season)

During the long period of time that Jason wasn’t in Rosewood, he was building a Dollhouse, where he is planning to bring all the girls to. He had help from CeCe, and other members of the A Team, like Noel and Mona.

He convinces Mona to stage her own dead, in order to frame Ali for her murder and put her in jail for the rest of her life. 

In the Dollhouse, Jason (Charles) recreates the childhood he wish he had.

He has a playroom:

Baby pictures:

A mannequin family representing the family he wish he had: The little boy represents him, and the girl Bethany (The girl he loved like a sister).

A crib

And his teddy bear:

He also has a very interesting wall hanging- that says LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, which represents his mother having an affair with Peter, their next door neighbor.


Mona is acting the whole time, pretending to be Ali- Jason gives her the gas mask saying “Because your my favorite,” because she has been a loyal A Team member.

When he comes face to face with Spencer, the sister that he does love, he doesn’t hurt her. That’s why Spencer says that he felt familiar to her.

Everyone always comments that Aria gets the least of the torture from A, and that’s because Jason is A and is in love with her.

The Liars come face to face with Jason here, THIS IS NOT CECE:

Coming back to what I said before, CeCe takes the fall for Jason when the Liars escape, and uses Charles’ identity and pretends to be transgender to gain sympathy and get put into Welby instead of jail. 

Because Mona is found with the Liars in the Dollhouse by the police, she continues to pretend she was kidnapped and brought there against her will. Due to this, Ali is released from jail.

Jason and CeCe need to find another way to punish Ali. 

CeCe has her boyfriend Archer (pretending to be Dr. Elliot Rollins) make Ali fall in love with him. Their plan works. They instruct him to marry her, mess with her mind, drug her, and get her to check herself into a mental institution.

But someone kills CeCe….Jason decides to use the name AD for now on, which stands for After Death, to immortalize CeCe. He vows even more revenge.

When Ali voluntarily checks herself into Welby, all of the money under her name in the Carissimi Group goes to Elliot, who in turn gives it to CeCe and Jason. 

CeCe’s mother- Mary Drake- helps them with this plan.

Jason kidnaps Hanna and tortures her, trying to find out if she really knows who killed CeCe.

Mary starts to feel badly for what they are doing to Ali. Her maternal instincts kick in when she sees the torture Ali is going through, and decides to take her out of Radley.   


His anger towards Mary is evident.

When Mary tells the girls about Jessica’s lair, they go to investigate. Jason decides to burn the place down, but not before taking Aria’s file (because he loves her) and Noel’s file (to protect him because he is one of Jason’s loyal A members).

Mary, Noel, Mona, and Jenna are all part of the A Team

Mona helps Noel escape when Hanna kidnaps him, and pretends to surveil the Radley Hotel with Caleb so that Jenna can sneak out. 

Mary, Jenna, and Noel go to the Blindschool to kill the girls once and for all, but everything goes wrong as usual.

Noel is murdered, and Spencer is shot. Again, Mary’s maternal instincts kick in and she runs to Spencer’s aid. SPENCER IS NOT MARY’S DAUGHTER. Remember that Mary spent time in Radley as well, and has a mental disorder. She just recently lost her daughter CeCe, and is unbearable grief. Her running to Spencer’s aid was her way of trying to save CeCe’s life. She looked down and saw CeCe, not Spencer.

Jason (Charles) pulls Jenna out of the Blindschool, saving her life because she has been loyal to him. But just like with Mona, Jenna doesn’t know his true identity.

Okay, so this theory literally just came into my mind yesterday and I had to get it all down. I hope you enjoyed it.

Only 4 more months til we find out!!!!!!!!!!!!


anonymous asked:

Would you rather have Caleb or Hanna die in the last episode?

NEITHER! That would so sad! Imagine the other one finding out their husband/wife (they’re married in the last episode just like adding that in there) is dead. I know this is a terrible way of think but I want them both alive or both dead.

But i would take a one jumps in front of the other to save them. But they both survive. Or both die and get out of Rosewood forever… I mean that’s one way to do it. But my Haleb heart cant answer your question


i. we were hungry before we were born ii. what happened to my life, all this ain’t right iii. we won’t eat and we won’t sleep, we’ll drag bodies from a ground iv. don’t get cut on my edges v. doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades vi. you don’t understand how damaged we really are vii. we were victims of a constant loss, we were not the enemy viii. all we are are empty shells, try to pick us up you’re gonna cut yourself ix. we will tear your fucking empire down x. let the wolves that would destroy us live forever in the rain xi. i got you right where i want ya, and this is how it ends xii. we’re not the same kids you used to know. so you wanna play this dangerous game? well, we’re ready to go. xiii. nothing wrong with me
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