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Torch of Bellona (Part 5)

Author: Wristic

Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: none (This was actually supposed to be the smut chapter and the last in the series, but like, it was reaching 4k words and read mores don’t work on mobile even though I SWEAR TO GOD I’ve seen them work. I just didn’t want to be a dick to mobile readers so this is like, part 5 part 1, I’m so sorry. On the upside all the smut will be in one special, like, sanctuary for you on lonely nights.)

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The years haven’t been kind to you or Ivar, both being forced to suffer alone in your separate worlds. When the army comes and claims Northumbria, you run away to your long parted love, never looking back. 

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts on ivar and sex? Some people have mentioned that his nerves got the best of him rather than he can't have it at all. People who are in wheelchairs can have sex but it take a different kind of learned effort but most have normal sex lives. How do you think he would be when having sex? He seemed very insecure and submissive but that might change if he got some confidence? He DID have kids and grandkids historically tho.

Yes, historical Ivar had kids but I think the show runners threw the last bit of historical accuracy out of the window by killing off Sigurd, so I really have no idea where they will go with it on the show.

I remember reading an interview where Alex said that Ivar isn’t impotent, he’s just having performance problems, which makes sense to me. Not moving your legs much must definitely cause issues with the bloodflow in your lower body. He also said that after what happened with Margreth Ivar thinks that he is impotent and isn’t likely to try again any time soon. So if he ever gets confident enough to try again - what I really hope - the women would have to take control at first, so that he’d just have to sit back and relax. That will probably be hard enough for him anyways. I think maybe if Margreth would have done that instead of just lying there and waiting for it to be over, thinks might have turned out differently.

About him being insecure and submissive: Who isn’t at their first time? And now next time will probably be the same. Wouldn’t be realistic at all if he goes from thinking “he can’t please a woman” to being a skilled lover from one time to the next. When he gets more experienced and confident I imagine him to be quite dominant in bed. He likes to have control about others so I think that would be a turn on for him. But on the other hand some say that these born-leader-characters are often submissive in bed because they enjoy the chance to give up contol for a while. So that might be another possibilty. 

I hope we will find out in the seasons to come. Whatever the outcome will be a scene including Ivar and no clothes is always a good scene.

Getting very interesting asks today. Love it! Keep them coming!

netflix-is-everything  asked:

Do you think ivar would even be capable of being in a relationship? Can help show affection and can he receive it? Some people think so but others think he's too sadistic (I disagree) I think he would need a love that is opposite than his mother's smothering type of love you know?

I’ve seen tons of people sayin he’s just a sadist and likes to hurt or kill people for fun, but I totally disagree. Yes, he can be cruel but there’s much more to him than just that. I’ve already given my opinion on that topic when I was asked to compare him to Joffrey from GoT. I’ve you’re interested you can read it here

He is definitly able to show and receive affection. We have already seen that when he spent time with Ragnar. He was like a completely different person. I think that is what happens when he is with someone he cares for. The thing is there aren’t many people he really cares for at the moment, so we don’t get to see that a lot. 

I really loved that scenes between him and Ragnar because for once he let his guard down and we saw a whole new side to him. I hope that at some point in the show he will find a woman he loves and who loves him, so we get to see more of his affectionate side. But it must be the right kind of woman to make it work. Someone strong and independent, who can put him in his place when it is needed. As you said the clingy smothering type wouldn’t work.

In the right relationship I don’t expect him to be cruel at all. If he really feels loved and accepted I imagine him to be super loyal and protective. But also expecting complete loyalty in return. 

So that is my take on it. I know many will disagree but that’s how I see him. And since Alex hinted that Ivar falls in love in season 5, I can’t wait to see if I’m right.


I bet you wish you’d never brought me along. Right? And I bet you wish you would have killed me when I was born, just like you wanted to.
I thought your legs were a weakness and you wouldn’t survive. I was wrong. Your legs have given you a strength, a strength that even your brothers don’t have. You are like a deaf man whose eyesight is sharper than anyone else.