stuff: the pacific


“It’s really about trying to tell the story with something else than the screenplay and the dialogue. When you’re dealing with a genre movie and you’re working with types, you need to deal with them and tell the story in a very simplified and very effective manner. And I try to do it with design, gestures and colours. These things are the things that I lay down in every movie and I hope people notice that they’re there.” - Guillermo del Toro

Hey, y’all! Since Moana came out I’ve been seeing a lot more talk on Pacific Island folk, but a lot of it has been using the terms “Pacific Islander” and “Polynesian” interchangeably. Polynesia is a specific region of the Pacific Islands, while the Pacific Islands consist of the regions Micronesia and Melanesia as well. Much love from your local Micronesian. 🌸🍃

That’s what the enemy is to you, huh? A fucking buck toothed cartoon dreamed up by some asshole on Madison Avenue to sell soap. Well, let me tell you something, the Jap I know, the Japanese soldier, he has been at war since you were in fucking diapers. He’s a combat veteran, an expert with his weapon; he can live off maggoty rice and muddy water for weeks and endure misery you could never dream up in your worst nightmare. The Japanese soldier doesn’t care if he gets hurt or killed; as long as he kills you. You can call them whatever you want but never ever fail to respect their desire to put you and your buddies into an early grave.
—  Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone on the standard japanese soldier

As the sun disappeared below the horizon and its glare no longer reflected off a glassy sea, I thought of how beautiful the sunsets always were in the Pacific. They were even more beautiful than over Mobile Bay. Suddenly a thought hit me like a thunderbolt. Would I live to see the sunset tomorrow? - Eugene B. Sledge, With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa