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Things I Want To See in Tangled the Series

  • More romantic Eugene and Rapunzel moments
  • Angry and Red to come back for at least one more episode and Eugene to bond with them since we don’t get to see him and Raps be parents in the series I need this to fill that void okay
  • More Owl like we’ve only seen him twice and the season is halfway through boi where u been
  • More Stan and Pete bickering with each other when they should be doing their guard duties
  • For Varian to have a Zuko worthy redemption arc where he eventually becomes friends with Raps again
  • Learn more about The Baron and Lady Caine and the Saporians. Raps has a lot of enemies and a lot of potential for conflict in the series
  • When Cass and Eugene eventually become friends they don’t stop bickering and making fun of each other because that dynamic is hilarious
  • Just more Cass in general. Specifically, a Cass centered episode where we learn more about who her birth parents were. There’s a lot of potential there.
  • NO more fake out deaths my heart can’t take it idc if Ever After exists I was so wrapped up in the current episodes that I totally forgot about it and honestly thought Pascal died
  • Rapunzel’s confidence in herself to continue to slowly develop throughout the series like it did in the movie.

anonymous asked:

I wrote a Varian moon powers fanfic, and credited you with the lyrics for the incantation. It's posted on snowprincess-artist blog if you'd like to check it out. :)

Cool, thanks! I’ll take a look! :)

(But possibly not for a few days, since it’s American Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I’m baking tonight and spending time with the fam tomorrow.)