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some punk playlists for cryptic occurrences and general weird shit you cannot explain

1.  You wake up in a cabin in the woods and the only other thing in the room with you is a very tired looking werewolf in a UPS uniform. He regards you with disinterest, and keeps drinking his Red Bull. He seems alright. Not great, but okay.

2.  You buy a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer from a guy in a blank red baseball hat who has a cigarette in his mouth but the smoke he blows out is black and you feel vaguely like you did in third grade when your teacher read the class That Book about the pants that came back to life.

3.  You join a beer league softball team. The pitcher has an eye missing, and it’s always bleeding. He doesn’t care. The left fielder is a lizard man. Nobody notices. He’s pretty good and hits a triple. You give him a high five.

4.  You hail a taxi by accident. You’re in the middle of the desert. You have no idea where it came from. You get in. The driver is a woman with really long fingers. They are wrapped around the steering wheel like snakes. She smiles, and asks you where you’re going. You say San Diego. She takes you to Eureka instead.


Hi guys!!

So,, i’ve just hit 100 followers and i’m going to celebrate with name playlists!!

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i’ll be searching through both my spotify AND iTunes playlists for these so keep ‘em coming!! i’ll be doing all of them!!

katealot  asked:

I was trying to write some semi-angsty stuff with the playlist on shuffle and Words Fail came on and I said um,,, ok and then Headphones and I said oh good this is better aND THEN GOOD FOR YOU CAME ON AND IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH SO I HAD TO STOP

// that playlist is an emotional rollercoaster tbh, it’s the best thing ever

kosher-delhi  asked:

Besides King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, what other music artists do you like?

dude i fuckin love Queens Of The Stone Age!!! im so pumped for the new album and GOD theyre just. good

talking about new albums, Everything Everything is releasing a new one too around the same time and im pumped for that. i like them a lot too

another fave is OK Go, lotta good music by them, very nice

other than that its a grab bag of musical artists n stuff. my “rock” playlist on Google Play Music has 100+ songs from a huge assortment of musicians



water: a mix for the changing  (x)

cleansing, life and freedom. of power, strength, life, mystery, hope and truth.

earth: a mix for the growing (x)

four “corners” of the earth, four directions, four seasons, four clans of mankind, four virtues

fire: a mix for the determined (x)

passions, compulsion, zeal, creativity, and motivation great power for forging will. our inner light; burns in every soul.

air: a mix for the peaceful (x)

powerful teacher and divination tool. connected to the mind, wisdom, spirits and the soul

playlist ask game
  • create a playlist for each category you get in your ask box <3
  • periwinkle: songs that make you calm
  • neon: songs to dance to
  • green: songs to run to
  • lavender: songs you connect to
  • pastel: songs that describe your past/childhood
  • rainbow: songs that describe your present
  • blue: songs that make you sad
  • red: songs that make you mad
  • yellow: songs that make you oddly happy
  • orange: songs you want other people to associate with you
  • grey: songs to listen to on a rainy day
  • canary: songs to listen to on a sunny day
  • pink: songs that describe your love life
Unusually Wondeful Spotify Playlists

Spotify is a fantastic place to find and discover new and old music, but it can also be a wonderful source of literature, audiobooks, and old radio shows. As a fan of all of these things, I have put together a list of some of my favourite non-musical playlists!

Scary Stories
Everything from Poe’s the Raven to some good, old-fashioned spooky late night radio! Very good for fans of podcasts/audiobooks like Lore, the No Sleep Podcast, etc.
Explore the stories behind your favourite myths including Greek gods and legends, Buddist mythologies, Britannic classics such as Arthur, and Egyptian Afterlife stories!
Love Poems
A beautiful collection of love poems from classic authors like Shakespeare, Walter Raleigh, and more!
Fairy Tales
A collection of full fairytales, all by Hans Christian Anderson and including The Mermaid, the Little Match Girl, and The Snow Queen!
The Adventures of Sherlock Homes
Select adventures of Londons Favourite Detective, and including some pretty amazing vintage radio adaptations!
The Essential Edgar Allen Poe
Great for research projects, this playlist includes the very best of the famously frightening poet Poe. (I love his work but lack the focus to read it on paper, so this playlist has been a godsend for several English projects and papers!)
Jane Austen
This is a massive playlist, including the entirety of the Pride and Prejudice audiobook, sense and sensibility, persuasion, and more! It also includes poetry and film scores from Austen adaptation.
The HP Lovecraft Compendium
23 hours and 14 minutes of love craft’s spokes and mind bending-est stories read aloud to you by some fantastic Narrators. 
A Hipsters Guide to Poetry
Ever seen and amazing poem quoted on Tumblr? It’s probably on this playlist. Sylvia Plath, Walt Whitman, and Robert Frost are all included.
SciFi Radio Dramas
Classic Science Fiction, like 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1984, and the War of the Worlds turned audio play for vintage radio and coming to your late night study session now!
Women’s Lit
Maya Angelou, Virginia Wolfe, Mary Shelly and More are included in this playlist, their poems and short stories. 
Irish Lit
Explore classical and contemporary Irish novels, short stories, plays, poems, and lore in both English and Irish Gaelic! Learn and practice the language at the same time as you discover the countries culture.
Shakespeare: The Poetry
His sonnets and poems, all of them, read aloud to you by a number of talented performers. 5 Hours of Shakespeare to put you in the writing mood!
French Literature
Hugo, Balzac, Dumas and more! French short stories and novels, now in audio form! Explore classics of French literature while you do laundry!
Shakespeare: The Comedies
Shakespeare can get notoriously gloomy, what with all the murdering and tragically ridiculous misunderstandings he features in some of this plays. But explore his bright, innocent, and summer side with hi classic comedies!
The Victorians
Explore the sensibility of the Victorian era through some if its best poetry: brooding, sceptical, romantic, whimsical, and nonsensical. 
Sylvia Plath
Everything you’ve ever wanted in a beautiful playlist. “Hear the voice that penned the poems.”-Spotify.
Poems for Spring
Beautiful poems read vintage and modern style, celebrating the innocent light that emerges in the spring!

So there you have it! This is by no means a complete list of playlists containing this kind of content, I know for a fact that most public domain books/ audiobooks are available on here! Happy Listening!


JULY: a mix for summer nights [listen]

i. ever since new york / harry styles // ii. writer in the dark / lorde // iii. nicotine / panic! at the disco // iv. sorry / halsey // v. sun / sleeping at last // vi. homemade dynamite / lorde // vii. manhattan / sara bareilles // viii. i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it / the 1975 // ix. 26 / paramore // x. staying up / the neighbourhood // xi. hum hallelujah / fall out boy // xii. for the first time / the script // xiii. hometown / twenty one pilots // xiv. all the pretty girls / kaleo // xv. hear me / imagine dragons


1. Angels / Khalid
2. Blue / Beyonce
3. Thinkin Bout You / Frank Ocean
4. Electric / Alina Baraz ft Khalid
5. Juke Jam / Chance the Rapper
6. Drew Barrymore / SZA
7. Night Time / The xx
8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World/ Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
9. Japanese Denim / Daniel Caesar
10. Seigfried / Frank Ocean
11. Blue / Zayn
12. Carry Me Home / Jorja Smith
13. Make You Feel / Alina Baraz & Galimatias
14. From the Dining Table / Harry Styles
15. 3WW / alt-J
16. Close to You / Rihanna
17. Broad Shoulders / Taylor Bennett ft Chance the Rapper
18. L$D / A$AP Rocky