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Q. Anything you couldn’t say on stage?

Ren: I couldn’t properly say this before, but to our company president, Han Sungsoo, thank you so much, and also Vice President Kim Yeonsoo, and General Manager, and to all the many staff, thank you so, so much. Also, our parents, who were happier than anyone, and our fans, really, thank you so much.

Baekho: Many people used their strength for our sake, so we will work really hard to repay that. I’m still feeling the intensity from before, so I don’t know what to say. (Interviewer: I can see that you’re still trembling.) Really, thank you.

Aron: What do I do? I’m still processing. Uh, just, I want to say my thanks to the fans. This is all– this is all thanks to the fans. Thank you so much.

JR: Yes, uh, really – I really couldn’t speak properly while standing on stage. I lost all strength in my legs so even standing was – yes, to the fans who supported us so much, thank you so much. Thanks to you we are passing time so happily, so I want to say my thanks.

translation by minyeodan // source: youngstreet radio

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Out of all of Danny's unique and interesting ghost-powers, which among them is your most/least favorite?

Ooh, this is really hard. There are a lot of reasons to like different powers he has. Some are more effective, some look cooler, some are powers I wish I had. It’s also hard to say I dislike any of his powers, so picking a least favorite is also tricky.

I’m tempted to say the cryokinesis is my least favorite because one of the main reasons it was introduced was to connect Danny to the Far Frozen and, as a result, retcon ghosts as spirits of the dead. At the same time, though, it is a really cool power that Danny uses in some really creative ways. It’s hard to actually not like it.

I guess when I really think about it, I’d have to say his “increased speed and agility” are my least favorite. Not that those aren’t good abilities, but for Danny, they’re pretty useless. Being faster and more agile doesn’t make him that much better at dodging attacks. He gets hit all the time anyway. Both powers also become kinda pointless when he can turn intangible and fly. He’s faster when flying than he is when running anyway, and he has more success avoiding attacks by turning intangible than by just dodging anyway. I suppose some could say this doesn’t count, but eh.

As for my favorite, I guess the ghostly wail is the best in terms of both uniqueness and effectiveness, but it’s also incredibly destructive, can usually only be used once or twice at a time before draining Danny completely, and it doesn’t have the most pleasant roots, making it less fun to watch.

I think I’m gonna go with the ghost ray/ectoblasts. It’s the ability Danny uses  probably the most and in some of the most creative ways. He does things like combine it with other abilities, change the shape and power of it, send out small bursts or constant streams. The ghost stinger is probably just a variation of this, too.

Plus, I find it kind of surprising how uncommon shooting beams of energy from the hands is among superheroes. It seems really useful because it’s like a weapon you always have and doesn’t get in the way very easily. It’s just like throwing explosive punches from a far distance. Very cool.

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Just to add something to the Phantom/Dan/Dark Danny debate ... when the credits roll, what name is put next to that of Eric Roberts?

It’s actually Dark Danny, out of all the names they could’ve chosen. And I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here’s the actual credit for anyone who doesn’t believe me.

Truly he is the most evil, terrifying, destructive specter to ever exist.

He…is Danny.

@rapunzely​ tagged me to list ten things that make me happy (thank you omg this is cute) so here’s my list:

1.) My boyfriend
2.) Playing video games, especially Overwatch
3.) Watching my favorite anime
4.) Drawing something and actually getting compliments/attention?!
5.) When I get compliments/attention too lol
6.) Snuggling with my dog
7.) Using the treadmill and the sense of accomplishment after an hour on it
8.) Everything Disney, but especially Winnie the Pooh or Tsum Tsum plushies!
9.) When people associate me with my favorite/ID characters
10.) Drinking delicious coffee and eating a delicious burrito!!

I know, they are all weird lmao ummm I tag @fuwaprince, @lazy-gudetama, @fancyfae, @alexiabladen, @swordbiter, @voreween, @freshwitchgladiator, @fancyfae, @larisher, @that-disney-blog, @unoriginalid, @kalteherz, @phantomfists, anddddd any of my other mutuals that wanna take a stab at this lol?