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I don't forget these things ~ Sirius Black imagine

My First Imagine!

Hi could you do a one shot set during OotP where before my seventh year I have to go to Grimmauld Place and meet Sirius, who recognizes me because I befriended him (brought him food, treated his wounds, told him my secrets and troubles etc) throughout PoA when he was in his dog form (never knowing he is not just a dog) and now he thinks he should tell me, but he doesn’t know how? Happy ending please :). I’m sorry for being so descriptive

It was her 3rd year at Hogwarts when (Y/N) met that strange creature. It was a beautiful day, and what better way to spend it than being outdoors? As she wandered outside the castle, she heard a whimpering sound. Being the curious person she was, (Y/N) followed the sound; It was coming from the Forbidden Forest. Although she knew that the forest was off limits, she couldn’t bear to hear the painful cries of whatever creature it was. She looked around to make sure no one saw her, and dashed towards the forbidden forest. She cautiously roamed the Forbidden Forest, still searching for the source of the whimpering. 

Finally, she saw a black dog, lying on the grass, panting. She also saw that it had a large gash on its leg. She immediately ran towards it and dropped to her knees next to it. “Oh my god! How did you get like this?” She whispered. The dog weakly looked up at her. She quickly pulled out her wand, trying to think of a healing spell. “Vulnera Sanentur" She whispered, maneuvering her wand over the gash. She watched as the wound began to slowly disappear, She put away her wand and said "You’re okay now, don’t worry” in a soothing voice. The dog began to stand and could walk again. The animal slowly moved towards (Y/N) and lightly sniffed her hand, and she gently petted him. “Do you have a name?” She asked. “I’ll call you… Shadow. How’s that?”. He then rested his head on her lap, and she befriended him.

Ever since the meeting between (Y/N) and Shadow, they have been inseparable. (Y/N) met up with Shadow  every day in a secret meeting spot.  She fed him, took care of him, shared her secrets with him, and treated him as if he was her best friend (Because he was). And one day, (Y/N) found herself heartbroken when he wasn’t there to meet up with her; She went back every day, and each day, he was not there. (Y/N) feared for the worst, worrying that he might have been dead

But, of course, that was a long time ago. Now, (Y/N) is about to go into her 7th year. There wasn’t a day that went by where she didn’t wonder about what had happened to him. But today was a day where her mind was a train wreck; She was on her way to Number 12, Grimmauld Place to the Order, because they were going to recruit Harry Potter into the Order of the Phoenix. 

(Y/N) walked up to the large building and waited for Mad-Eye to arrive. When he did, he was with a group, along with Harry Potter. “Hello, Mad-Eye. Nice to see you again, Harry” (Y/N) said sweetly, giving Harry a friendly hug. Mad-Eye took his large staff, and began tapping the ground. Suddenly, the buildings began to part until a new section was made: Number 12. They all walked inside and (Y/N) was immediately greeted by Mrs. Weasley. (Y/N) was a good friend of the Weasleys; Her parents knew them very well, and (Y/N) was a close friend to the twins and Ron.

Later that night, everyone met up in the dining room. Once (Y/N) stepped into the room, a man stood up and stared at her. That man was Sirius Black. He recognized her right away: The girl who took care of him, the girl who was his best friend…

The girl who saved his life…

(Y/N) stared back before sitting next to the twins. All throughout dinner, Sirius stared at (Y/N). He had to tell her. He had to.

As everyone finished, (Y/N) helped Mrs. Weasley clean the dishes. She sat down at the table, feeling a bit stressed about everything happening with You-Know-Who. Sirius finally worked up the little courage he had and sat down next to (Y/N). 

“Hello” (Y/N) said with a small smile.

“Hello” Sirius answered.

He took in a deep breath. “I’m not sure how to explain this”

(Y/N) sat up in her seat. “What is it?” She asked

Sirius hesitated, but then told her everything. He explained that he was the dog that she met 4 years ago, that he was an animagus and could turn into a black dog, and he told her that he was Shadow.

(Y/N) simply stared at Sirius, an awkward silence falling among them. She gazed into his eyes and then it hit her. He had the same eyes as Shadow

“It is you!” (Y/N) gasped, jumping out of her seat. Sirius stood up as well. (Y/N) threw her arms around him and hugged him tight. “I thought you were dead” She whispered. Sirius held her close, rubbing his hand up and down her back. She pulled back to look at his face. “I can’t believe you remember me” (Y/N) said. Sirius gave her a smile. 

“You were there for me when I needed someone most. I don’t forget these things” He said, hugging her once more.

“What is your real name?” (Y/N) asked

“Sirius. Sirius Black”

“Do you mind if I still call you Shadow?" 

"Not at all" 


Thank you for requesting! 


movie trivia
↳ Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

Alfonso Cuarón had the idea to have Harry, Ron, and Hermione wear everyday clothes more often than their Hogwarts uniforms in order to show more of the characters’ personalities. He also gave the rest of the Hogwarts students permission to wear their uniforms any way they wanted to in order to bring a greater sense of realism to the wizards’ school, hence why some of the students wear the uniforms very neatly while others have the shirts and ties hanging out.

ben bugun stajda cok uzuldum.
zaten staja basladim baslayali dertlenip duruyorum, neyse.
sonra cikista yagmur basladi,
cok sevindim hem de.
sizi bilmem ama ben eylulu
-ve esasen her ayi-
yagmurlu severim.
daha iyi hissetmek icin eve yuruyerek donmeye karar verdim.
-anlayacaginiz, yagmurda yurumeyi de bir hayli severim.
yagmurda 40 dk yurumekten bahsetmek istiyorum:
waterproof rimel isyan edip yanaklarimi ele gecirdi.
ama iste yagmur guzel,
yurumek guzel,
yagmurda yurumek en bi guzel.
az kalsin fotografi aciklamayi unutuyordum.
bu da
“bakin bakin,
bir ara sokakta sans eseri bu t-shirt’e denk geldim, yasasiiiin!” isimli fotograf.
cunku “after all this time?”a cevabim “always.”