- the one who gets everything ready

- like money check new gifs check new video check even though there’s still one month left

- part of the comeback team who tweets, post, etc. about the comeback


- the one who thank jyp first before anything else

- cause it only took 6 months for them to comeback


- once they’ve heard about the comeback 

- *gif*


- the one who’s ready to save thousand pictures and watch thousand videos until late night

- they do not sleep

- GOT7 before anything else probably spazz before doing homeworks and stuff


- they are the ones who starts dancing and shouting because “COMEBACK”

- probably jumping and shouting and clapping at the same time because “COMEBACK”

- throws a party because “COMEBACK”


- the bitch-im-ready one 

- because they’ve already moved on on HARD CARRY

- possibly the rich kids


- the am-i-ready-for-another-comeback-?

- but also even-though-im-not-ready-i-need-to-be-ready

- the one who can’t moved on on HARD CARRY

- probably the fan who have 1 month to save up for another purchase of album and tickets and everything in between 


- the -i-need-an-oxygen-right-now

- probably crying right now

- and still will cry tomorrow morning 


- the one who’ve managed to save up

- they are the frugal ones

- because they need money for the next comeback


Disclaimer: I don’t wanna offend anyone, this is just for fun. Actually all of the above is basically me. Kekeke… *dissing myself*

And I know I’ve used these gifs too many times so please bear with me. I’m gonna have new gifs because of COMEBACK. Anyway, I’m actually excited for the new songs and choreography and music video and shows and new things GOT7 will showcase in the future. Let’s support and love them all the way and in every way Ahgases!

what working in a lab is really like

1. make graph
2. axis are wrong on graph
3. more graph
4. calculate some stuff
5. watch naruto for 6 hours while the calculations come back

Weekly Updates (Please Read)

1) This has been a very crazy week. I’ve been going non-stop. On Tuesday I had a job interview, and I ended up getting the job. It’s a full time position for the 2017-2018 school year, which means I’ll be moving at the start of August. I’m very excited about it. There may even be an apartment tour video. If I do that, it’ll be on the crafty panda blog.

2) Speaking of @crafty-panda I finished my second attempt at the Wonder Woman dress and I love it so much more than the original. I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures. But expect that, and pictures of my Yona dress soon.

3)I have written next to nothing this week I’m hoping to get some stuff done this weekend but who knows.

4) Friendly reminder I am starting a new job on Tuesday which means I might not respond as quickly as I usually do. Just a heads up.

On to the good stuff

5) I recently put out all the mobile master lists. Everything has been updated. The first official part of when Eyes meet will be out this week.

6) Your husband is a superhero has one more part and then it’s done!!!!

7) New parts of Bat-Aunt, Princess of Themyscira, and ROBIN’S NEST are ready to go!!!!

8) More big news, the first part to Damian’s soulmark au has been finished (insert dance here) It is going to be soooo freaking cute.

9) I’m bolding this one because I need help. I’m looking to update the theme for this blog, @crafty-panda and @teachingpanda. This means I’m looking for banners to be made, color schemes, any ideas. I suppose I’m looking for a designer LOL. Only thing that is staying the same is the duck icon for uncpanda. Message me if interested

10) Finally the biggest news of all, we found out this week that Mama Panda does NOT need Chemo, only radiation. This is such a blessing, we are so  happy about it. It mean’s we’re just that much closer to being done!

hey im louis and my url is cool as shit but my blog has literally nothing to do with dada like 93% of the time. pls hit that mf follow if u like any of the following:

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9. a ten gallon hat full of ranch dressing 

10. hetalia meta that’s actually critical of the source material because what the fuck 

Braving Native American Diversity

Native American diversity is a two-pronged topic. First, there is the whole concept of introducing Native American characters, then there is picking which tribe you’re dealing with. This began as a reply to an ask we received recently and has since expanded into a general guide.

Native American characters are wildly under-represented in media, as a whole. 0.5% of movie roles go to Native actors, there are 0 Native protagonists in the top 100, and less than 1% of children’s books feature Native people (source). As a result, it can be very intimidating to even consider writing them, because there is so little good representation. It can become tempting to change it, especially after an initial fling with the stereotypes.

There are a lot of stereotypes about Native Americans, and it can be extremely difficult to figure out what’s fact from fiction. Where is the line between Noble Savage and a spiritual character who puts stewardship of the earth as a priority? It can be very difficult to tell.

That being said, making a respectful Native character is not actually that difficult in the grand scheme of things. The steps are simple:

1- Pick a nation/tribe
2- Research that tribe’s customs to get a rough idea of how their upbringing would influence them
3- Flesh out how that character relates to their identity and the rest of the world
4- Basic character building stuff
5- Get somebody of the group to look it over for glaring issues

And you’re done.

Ethnicities are not “flavours”. They’re not something you pick out of a grab bag of “Oh, I should have this.” Yes, they can start that way, but you can’t just toss away a huge part of a character’s background without due thought. 

If you can throw the ethnicity out, then you were nowhere near to creating a good character in general. Changing characters happens, yes, but things like race impact so much of the character growing up (especially a marginalized identity) that simply tossing them out without a thought is, to me, a sign you really didn’t try for good representation. You just wanted a flavour, a little extra special something, and once you realized that was hard, you cut it.

If you changed it because you didn’t have a reason to be diverse, why? Do people need reasons to be diverse in real life? Can you really not imagine a world where a Native character would exist in a group of friends? From Nikhil:

You don’t really have to have to reason to make a character a specific ethnicity, but the usage of that ethnicity has to be appropriate.  So it’s probably best to settle on a character’s ethnicity early on and use that as a starting point for proper research, instead of just using the ethnicity as decoration and then having to redo your worldbuilding and/or characterization halfway through because you realized you were falling prey to stereotypes.

Diversity is not optional. That’s really the bottom line. Spend a day people watching and you’ll notice that the world is extremely varied just on external appearances. This doesn’t count what you can’t tell from a single person standing still (such as mental disabilities, sexual orientation, trans status, invisible illnesses), or the ridiculously wide variety of life experiences.

Just picking and choosing an ethnicity like it’s the character’s favourite colour is wildly disrespectful. If you’re avoiding it because it’s too scary, too hard, too fill with minefields— know they won’t be disarmed until there is good representation to draw from. Would you rather be one of the reasons future writers struggle with this, or do you want to be part of the solution?

And you know what? The way you get better at writing marginalized identities is to write marginalized identities. I would not be where I am as a writer or a researcher today if I didn’t have ten years of experience writing non-Western fantasy under my belt. Yes, I will admit I started off with a certain amount of exotification, but it has been a better education unlearning that exotification than avoiding it. Now, I’m far more cautious about what I research, how I research it, and respecting the culture on its own terms instead of mine.

The hard truth is: you will only unlearn all this stuff and start asking better questions if you admit you know nothing at the start, everybody starts somewhere, and there are resources out there to help you. It will be difficult. It will be painful, cause you’ll probably come across dozens of call outs like this. You’ll probably get tired of reading them.

Natives are just as tired of writing these callouts. We’re tired of people taking our identities, thinking they’re doing a good job, and not knowing what they don’t know so much that we have to give them an education— again— because we are not represented and they genuinely do not know better.

Don’t shy away from learning. It’s how you grow.

~Mod Lesya

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you have any Darus fic recs? I'm on mobile, so sorry if I missed a rec page!


1.“You’re Like Me (A Goddamn Idiot) by yellowhairedrobot

nervous Daryl, determined and flirty Jesus, THIS ONESHOT IS EVERYTHING

2. stillness and silence by doctorkaitlyn

cute established fluff im in LOVE

3. Show Yourself by karenthecomputerwife


4. something keeps pulling me back to you by wardeness

wardeness is my fave slowburn writer so READ THIS ONE IF U LIKE THAT STUFF

5. the space between by wardeness

this one is still updating, Modern AU, MECHANIC!DARYL <3 <3 <3

Long post!

Last Sunday we tested the ‘read more’ tag on the week summary, and as it turns out - you don’t like it. So I’ll continue to make week summaries as long as they have to be to show all the good stuff from the past week.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Interesting and fun stuff

Recipe lists

Food days

Top recipes

Mint Chocolate Chip Banana Popsicles


Blueberry Donuts

No Bake Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Cake Donuts





Soft as Cotton: Try This Japanese Cake Recipe!

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells Recipe


Creamy Confetti Corn with Bacon

sempergloria  asked:

Do you work on one layer for all your color or do you use a few and then merge as you go? (The speed paintings are phenomenal btw❤️)

Hi there! Thank you so much! ^o^ ❤️  I go about all my paintings like this:
1. Sketch/line art
2. Base colours underneath
3. Merge the stuff
5. Painting over it (additional layeres are optional)
Sometimes I merge stuff several times but I always create a second folder with not merged layeres just in case I have to go back
I keep the crucial objects on separate layers e.g. characters and bg are always on different ones~ I often keep all the lights on a separate layers too!

Hey y’all, the monkey in the picture (i.e. me) needs your help. Making these infographics has quickly turned into a hobby of mine. As there is a limit to how much I can do, I’m enlisting your helps. Send me your ideas, let me know if you can help me in whatever language you’ve mastered, etc. Below are the topics I have used in the past:

1. Fun facts

2. Sad facts

3. XYZ in different languages

4. Untranslatable stuff

5. Same word, different meanings in languages

6. Fictional characters success

7. Real people polyglots

8. Proverb literal translations - literal translation of some proverbs into English.

9. Millenial words/Internet slangs

10. Benefits of multilingualism

11. Funny phrases translated to other languages

12. Tongue twisters

13. Fictional/constructed languages

14. Myths

15. Cross lingua puns

16. Things in languages that make you want to give up

17. Dying languages

Needless to say, you’l bel credited accordingly so everyone in the 7 kingdoms will know of your brilliant minds. PM is a-OK but might be harder to manage so if you can hit me up at, that’d be super! 

Things you should’ve done as a Pisces/ that should’ve happened to you as a Pisces

1. Trusted a person too fast at least once

2. At least once being taken advantage of

3. Listened to the same song for hours and hated it after that

4. Being laughed at for liking childish stuff

5. Others call you weird/strange/mysterious/crazy/artistic

6. You were misunderstood at least once

7. Someone indirectly (maybe through a joke) insulted you and you wanted to cry

8. You told others you were fine even though you weren’t at least once

9. You’ve hurt someone with your words and regretted it later at least once 

10. You have tried to have a deeper “connection” with your friends yet you didn’t want to be annoying

How many things were right for you? 

- Nhi


But… this umbrella doesn’t belong to me. I just borrowed it from the lobby desk. They only let employees borrow it. If you open the umbrella, there’s KBS written on it. Since it belongs to the company, they’ll take it out of my paycheck if I don’t return the umbrella. Please make sure you return it to the lobby.