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okay but DOES anyone from Disney know about your comics it's driving me that they're better than the official comics (can we? tell them? about them?)

haha well, gosh, truth is one of the Italian comic artists and an American comic writer have got in touch with me but we’re pretty much just friends- I talk to them and ask them questions from time to time, I wouldn’t want to overstep that sort of relationship by asking them for more. On the other hand, I am horribly shy and clueless about how to tell such people I exist and wouldn’t mind at all if you would like to tell Disney people about the doodle comics SO LONG AS-

1. you are polite and don’t hassle them about my stuff

2. you are kind about the official comics (which tbh I think are A+ and always always better than mine)

3. if you’re talking to Don Rosa tell him I adore his work and hope his garden’s chilli crop is doing well

4. you’re really sure you want to do that I mean hell that’d be cool I have no idea what I’m doing with these I just really really enjoy making them

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I'm soooo eager to know what you think of 5H's new album??

Well, here’s my verdict… *drumroll* IT’S A FUCKING GREAT ALBUM!!! 👏👏👏

I really really like it except for a few little things - I’m gonna break this down song by song.

1. DOWN - still don’t like it, lyrics make me cringe, to me the biggest mistake of this album, there was no need for that collab girls - anyways moving on to the good stuff

2. He Like That - I really really love the beat and the melody - the lyrics are a bit too hetero-basic for me, kinda boring and not really interesting - but the melody is my fucking jam so I guess it makes up for it 

3. Sauced Up - I also fucking adore the beat, especially the chorus - but again, the weak part is definitely the lyrics, same boring story, I mean come on “Don’t you know I’m fluid in the bro-code?” What? 😂  But still a really good song melodic wise

4. Make You Mad - one of my fave for sure (Camren vibes 🌚 ) I love the melody ,the fucking bridge I adore and also the lyrics are good to me, no male pronouns, finally a song my little lesbian heart can relate to.

5. Deliver - I have very mixed feelings about this one, I don’t really know if I like it or not 😂  I changed my mind at least 10 times while listening to it. I really like the piano background, that’s really dope, also the bridges but I think it’s the chorus that doesn’t really do it for me, the way they say “deliver”, I don’t really like it - but anyways it’s still a very good song, but again, still about boy problems 🙄  #cantrelate

6. Lonely Night - one of my favs too! Especially the chorus break down, it’s just really good, also Ally’s part I really love it - I’ll let the “boy” in the song slide #denialinordertorelate

7. Don’t Say You Love Me - my favorite!!!! Camren as fuck of course 🌚  I just love everything about it, the melody, the lyrics, their voices, the fact that it’s pronoun free #canrelate - MY FUCKING JAM!!

8. Angel - I’ve said it before, I really love Angel, it’s a great song, I really adore the beat, the lyrics are alright, and I’m slowly getting used to Ally’s rapping, it’s growing on me 😂

9. Messy - I like it, I don’t really have much to say about it, it’s a good song, it just doesn’t really stand out for me because I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before - but it’s a nice song, and finally no boy story! Hallelujah!

10. Bridges - I like it too, a bit like Messy it doesn’t really stand out for me melodic wise, feels like it’s been done before  - but the lyrics are fucking great, great message - it’s a good song 

So all in all I think melodic and beat wise it’s a really really great album, their voices and harmonies are also on point! So to me the real weak point of the album is probably the lyrics and the song concepts - I think they could’ve dive deeper than this, get more emotional or have lyrics that are a bit more interesting, but anyways most of the melodies make up for it.

I’m definitely real proud of our girls! That’s what I call a come back!! If that was to be their last album as 5H than they’re definitely leaving on a bang!💥

5 things i like about my adhd

tagged by @adhd-queer!! thank u so much aaaaaaaa

1) the way it allows me to think super quickly and make fast associations! its very useful for writing and analytic stuff

2) bc of my adhd i know a lot of like, niche stuff! bc i hyperfocus on like a different thing every day, and since its interesting i tend to retain it, so i end up knowing the complete history of breadmaking, or the details of the big crunch theory, or how exactly to make mead, or the various uses of laudanum in victorian england. i love knowing all that random shit honestly?

3) how fast it allows me to be when i actually can focus! i can type comfortably at 80 wpm without any training (which is about double the average so im pretty happy with that), how quickly i can peel potatoes or how long i can play endless runner games. the last few probably arent like helpful skills but u no what? im bad at so many things so having things that i am good at is really nice!

4) the fact that i can happily do physical tasks that only require muscle memory all day bc i can literally maladaptively daydream for weeks straight. thats not usually a good thing but if u need me to sort something or like fold stuff for 6 hours i totally got u.

5) stimming!! there is nothing on earth better than walking in a circle on my tiptoes, flapping my arms. i dont care how stupid it might look its literally better than any other thing u could come up with. and if i was nt i wouldnt be able to have that! so im glad

im supposed 2 tag 10 people but focusing is a no rn so im tagging anyone who follows me who has adhd! if u have adhd please do this! i am tagging u!

top 10 episodes of brooklyn 99

10. boyle-linetti wedding: maximum boyle’s awful brother-sister sex jokes. hilarious 
9. windbreaker city: the 99 banding together against dickbag feds is a+. also love the episodes where the squad do tactical simulations together 
8. det. dave majors: love me a pining jake. plus jake + rosa bonding, detective majors was a great character, and “no he dumped her, she blamed hurricane sandy on gay marriage” is Iconic ™  
7. beach house: “___ drink amy”
6. the wednesday incident: gina and kevin make this episode 
5. AC/DC: “the doctor said all my bleeding is on the inside, that’s where the blood is supposed to be!”
4. the party: “don’t move as a group! you’re not gazelles!”
3. the oolong slayer: love episodes that show both how genuinely good of a detective jake is and his loyalty to holt. excellent stuff
2. the bet: PINING. JAKE. 
1. the swedes: jake is so mature in this episode??? but still in his goofy jake way????? charles “the unhinged beast of squash” boyle. also jake and rosa’s broship and their mutual disgust over the swedish interpol agents is top notch joke material. “you do NOT want to know what they have in their tooperwares!”

tagging everyone who watches b99 to reblog and add your own ranking + reasons bc this show is a gift 

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Hey, I'm sorry to ask, u probably get asked this a lot, but do you have any tips to get a successful blog. Ib been at it for a year and virtually no progress... Help??

Oh ho ho ok so I’ve been meaning to make a post regarding this topic for a long time but have been procrastinating on making a super neat post post with diagrams but just gonna list the general thought flow here havent actually been asked this alot tho maybe about twice

Before you start the blog
So before you start there are some things you wanna establish before actually making the blog and those include why you want to start the blog, what do you want to achieve with the blog. Here are some potential examples below

Motivation for the blog:
1. Improve your art/writing skill
2. Play around with your oc(s)
3. Simple pet project to try out

1. Get famous
2. Have fun
3. Get good
4. Relay a message (i.e body positivity)

With this you’ll be able to set your expectations with the blog and a general drive for what and how you will run your blog.

Next up is establishing what your blog is about which includes its theme, what type of blog and possibly, but not necessarily, a gimmick

1. Slice of life
2. Cutesy stuff
3. Grimdark
4. Adventure

Type of blog:
1. Cutesy stuff
2. Simple asks and replies
3. Story blog

1. Animated posts (ask-frigiddrift, whateverbender (nsfw))
2. Comics
3. Extra sugoi kawaii desu
4. Interesting oc/world (i.e merponies or oh wow look at Acorn’s neck what the heck amiright)

This will help establish what your blog is about which people will then immediately catch on like “Oh hey this blog is a (combination of the pointers mentioned)” which will catch their attention and maybe even shoot a follow your way! One thing I’d like to mention is that this is ultimately an ask blog so as far as possible keep the content on your blog relevant to what it is. 

So now your blog’s idea has been completed and after the miscellaneous things are completed such as your character and the world they live in (quick tip before starting having your characters’ background written out will help you understand how your character thinks and behaves) you are ready to start your blog! …So now what. This is especially tough for people who are just starting out and are doing something original since people have never heard of you before. Luckily there are some ways to get yourself known out there and here are some you can try out

  • Send asks to other blogs
  • Hold contests (but not to often otherwise your blog just converts into a giveaway blog instead)
  • Join different art groups/discord servers
  • Your character interacting with someone else’s character (but not too often too)
  • Drop in on people’s streams
  • Tagging the shit out of your posts

Generally it involves some level of socialising and lots of dedication but eventually you’ll hit that lucky break and whoa new people (usually during after a follower special) and as long as you keep following your craft you gonna go faaaaaaaaar

Extra tips and details

  • Don’t over rely on asks to update your blog. It’s still a blog about your character so show off what they are about! You can just show off your characters doing their own thing like how i draw Acorn in her school uniform or chilling with her friendos, drinking bubble tea all that good stuff.
  • Ultimately this is an ask blog so as far as possible keep the content on your blog relevant to what it is. There’s a lot of ask blogs out there that get no attention because its filled with loads of random reblogs so no one would even know what your actual content of the blog is. Same applies to posting your own art which I’d suggest to make all of these their own separate blogs.
  • Don’t overstress yourself to having to make super duper regular updates or you might just end up hating your blog instead which is never fun.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard about not getting many followers. Just enjoy the process and whatever lil shenanigan that ensues