imagine being on tour with Calum and the concert had just finished for the night. As usual, Calum had run off stage and scooped you into his arms, lifting you and spinning you around, high off the adrenaline from a great show. Then he’d tell you that he was going outside to smoke and that you could wait for him in the green room and he would be back in twenty minutes. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, so you’d nod and give him one more kiss before heading off to the green room. Twenty minutes would go by, then thirty, then nearly an hour and you’d begin to worry. The venue was in a pretty safe area, and there were tons of people were milling around, so it was hard to believe that anything bad had happened to him. But then you thought back to news stories you’d heard, Dateline episodes you’d watched, where terrible things happened in broad daylight and you made up your mind to go search for him.

You first checked the outside of the venue, peering out the back door into the dark night, but you didn’t see Calum. So, you searched the venue, wandering through the winding hallways, big ones branching into smaller ones, which led to even smaller ones, like the blood vessels you’d learned about in biology. You prayed you wouldn’t get lost. You eventually found him in one of the smallest, narrowest hallways on the east side of the building. Unlike the main hallways it wasn’t bustling with crew members and venue employees, instead it was completely silent, empty except for you and Calum. He was lying on his back on the floor, the hallway not wide enough to accommodate his entire body, so he had his legs up flat against the wall, looking like a human L, staring straight up the ceiling.

Your footsteps echoed down the empty hall as you walked toward him and he finally turned to look at you. “Mind if I join you?” You asked. When he shook his head you got down on the floor and copied his position, your shoes beside his red Nikes on the pure white wall. You knew that if you’d been at home your mother would have scolded you for putting marks on the wall, but here you really didn’t care. You could tell that Calum was in one of his thoughtful moods, the ones that would have him grabbing his journal and scribbling at the speed of light, never letting you see what he had written. Whenever he was in one of these moods, he grew quiet, so you were surprised when he spoke.

“Tonight was just one of those nights, you know, like I got up there and I couldn’t believe that this is my life.” You turned to look at him. His eyes were still fixed on the ceiling, cheeks flushed from the high-energy show, shiny black hair pressed to his forehead with sweat from running around under the spotlights. “I mean so many people spend their lives working dead-end jobs that they hate and I get to do what I’m really passionate about every day. I’m really lucky.”

You turned you gaze up to the ceiling as well, feeling pretty lucky yourself. Whenever Calum started thinking like this, he almost never talked about it, preferring to write in his journal or mull over his thoughts alone over a drink. You knew that he didn’t open up to just anyone, it was something you had to earn. And you’d finally earned it. Like an oyster parting to reveal a pearl, Calum finally trusted you enough to share his deepest thoughts with you. You chose your words carefully, knowing that this was a big step for him. “You deserve it. All of it. You’ve worked hard, and you’ve got so much talent. There was no way it could go to waste.” You reached down and found Calum’s hand, holding it tightly, your hair spread out behind you on the dirty linoleum floor like a fan.

You lay like that for hours, talking, until your legs fall asleep and your back began to hurt from being in the awkward position for so long. But you didn’t complain, hearing Calum talk was worth all the pain, all the dust bunnies in your hair. By the time a harried crew member found you, saying that the bus was about to leave and if you didn’t hurry it would put you behind schedule, you felt like a barrier had been broken. Calum had opened up to you like never before, the layer had been peeled back, and you loved him even more for it.

Cualidades de los signos

* ARIES ♈ Su predisposición a todo, es de gran valentía.
* TAURO ♉ La simpatía es uno de sus puntos fuertes.
* GÉMINIS ♊ Siempre ávido de información, eres muy inteligente.
* CÁNCER ♋ Con quien tú decidas eres muy amable.
* LEO ♌ Tu carisma hace que pocos estén a tu altura.
* VIRGO ♍ La constancia. Son muy trabajadores.
* LIBRA ♎ Su tranquilidad y paz interior contagian a cualquiera.
* ESCORPIO ♏ Son enigmáticos por naturaleza.
* SAGITARIO ♐ El dinamismo y la energía rebosan en ellos.
* CAPRICORNIO ♑ La sinceridad ante todo.
* ACUARIO ♒ Su imaginación y creatividad nunca descansan.
* PISCIS ♓ Empático y dulce con los demás.