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anonymous asked:

How do you get inspiration to draw? Because I'll see my drawings and how it looks and I'll loose inspiration and have effort to come back. Also I realllly love the way you colour and draw:))

HMM for me I usually only feel like drawing if I have a clear idea in mind (which is bad and also why I always suffer during con season), and most of the time I DON”T actually have any solid ideas to draw? when I don’t, I just doodle faces and stuff or like fashion outfits bc those are things I draw a lot but I love drawing them anyway. LOOKING AT FASHION STUFF always inspires me though, or photographs of people/places, I like looking at that sort of thing. Also it helps a lot i think, to have a clear picture of the end product, because it’s a lot more motivating for me when I know what I’m heading towards! I’ve recently tried doing more preliminary sketches + thumbnails and stuff before drawing. 

Try to let your older art motivate you maybe? If you don’t like what you see, identify what you don’t like about it and try to do it better in the next piece. Inspiration comes and goes, so don’t let it control your art! Draw even when you don’t feel inspired bc it will help boost up your art for when you actually have neat ideas to execute!

ooc - stuff

Hey peeps, I have to apologize to those of you waiting for responses, on either Ratty or Alessandro. I am on my last few days of vacation, i’m being dragged to Arizona (ew) and I then it’s back to work. So i’m trying to just enjoy myself and do things I want to do. Not that I don’t want to rp with you all, but I also need to clean my house and I really want to draw and paint, aside from planning and prepping for work. 

So if you send stuff, if the inspiration is strong, I will respond quickly. If I think I can give you a good response, I will do it. If I feel like my response is shitty, I just can’t. That would be wrong. So bear with me. I will get to you guys as soon as possible.

I am truly sorry for making you guys wait.  T-T


qtt-reblogs asked:

Congratulations on that staggering amount of followers!! Your stuff is incredible and inspiring, you deserve it!!

You’re so kind thanks but i’m a cursed artist so i will just fall into depression drink absinth and die alone in a dark room drawing my masterpiece at 27 if you allow me to 

Curating isn’t so easy. I have a full time career as an entrepreneur. I design products. This blog helps me a lot in terms of inspiration and I want you people inspired too. For a rad change in our lives. If you find the quality of last few pictures less, let me know. So I could take a step ahead, will find stuffs much more rad and inspiring. If you expect more posts like tattoos or something specific, drop a message.

new blog list

I recently made new blog, figured time to update blog list

fishontree - you are here, for art

theotherrandomthings - used to be “dump anything” blog, now it’s for inspiration stuff and sometimes something funny

osiemfr - Flight Rising blog, for art, reblogs and general FR related stuff

7thwall - new blog for random snapshots and talking

voxeljello - Tron fan blog, it’s not really updated that much anymore, but still not dead!

osiem-ay - for pet sites stuff and this one… is kind of dead, nothing new to really post there >_>

//whispers/ happy birthday eicinic