Shameless plug? If you’re at all tempted by Shakeology, send me a message and let me know! Today is the last day for a great sale with the 21 Day Fix where it’s only an extra $10 to get both! I plan to start another cycle when we get back from our trip and would love for people to join me! :) 

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I struggle so badly to lose more than even a pound in a month. Well, I weighed in today since I won’t be able to tomorrow and LOOK! Even without being fully dedicated yet (I’ll admit), I lost 3.6 pounds this month! It’s not the 10+ pounds some of my fellow challengers lost, but I am more than happy with this. I am finally seeing movement in the right direction. 

1.1.15 - 189.4 pounds.
2.1.15 - 187.4 pounds.
3.1.15 - 188.4 pounds.
4.1.15 - 186.6 pounds.
5.1.15 - 191.4 pounds.
6.1.15 - 185.0 pounds.
6.30.15 - 181.4 pounds. 

So yeah, I am feeling pretty dang good today. I have a ton to do before we head out, but I have already done a lot of it and just finished a short and sweet 1.5 mile run/walk where the first 10 minutes was running (remember when I used to run?), and then 10 minute extreme abs. It’s crazy how yesterday I felt kind of poopy just with constantly feeling hungry and my loose skin, but now today I saw some progress and know that I’m doing something right. The 21DF and Shakeo have legit helped me more than I had imagined. 

friendly reminder that it’s okay to leave fandoms

friendly reminder that it’s okay to not be as obsessed as other fans

friendly reminder that it’s okay to like things casually, you can like a book/movie/show and never talk about it, it doesn’t mean you liked it any less

friendly reminder that books/movies/shows can inspire original stories and artwork and new hobbies as well as fanart and fic and fandom related hobbies and it is 100% okay to steal parts of a story and make it yours

friendly reminder that you can be any kind of fan you want, including not outwardly looking like a fan

Accepting Doodle Prompts

48 hours from now I’ll start facing airports, flights, and domestic transportation, all of which I’m going to attempt to be awake for (and hopefully Jet Lag will not catch me during my hotel stay in the process). I make no promises, but feel free to send prompts for things to doodle to try to keep myself awake. Seeing as it will be in public, no NSFW prompts allowed. 

Send prompts as an Ask, anons are allowed.

Cute Date Ideas

•Go out to breakfast. See if theyre a french toast person or a pancake person.
•Have a movie date in your backyard with a projector and a white sheet.
•Go to a park and play on the swings. Bring candy.
•Go to a pet store to play with puppies. I’d marry a person on the spot if they offered this date.
•Go to the beach at night and take pictures of the moon. Also take pictures of your date while they arent looking. Its romantic, fuckers.
•Hop on the train and go exploring. This works if you live in a big city. Try not to get too lost.
•Wait for a rainy day. Have a picnic in one of your living rooms. Clear the furniture and lay out a blankie. Be careful not to spill stuff.
•Go to the library. Get library cards together if you dont already have them. Pick one book for the other to read.

MY Summer Bucket List(2013)
  1. Go to the beach
  2. Go fishing
  3. Pull an all nighter
  4. Spend a whole day at the mall with your besties
  5. Do a treasure hunt
  6. Have a cookie baking contest with some friends
  7. Make your own ice cream
  8. Have a lemonade stand
  9. Walk through a drive through
  10. Propose to a stranger with a ring pop
  11. Have a flour fight
  12. Run a 5K
  13. Wear a shirt that says “Life” and hand out lemons in public.
  14. Go camping
  15. Have a movie marathon(Lord of the Rings or something)
  16. Go to a firework show
  17. Get a summer job
  18. Fingerpaint
  19. Go to a midnight premiere
  20. Tan on the roof
  21. Fry an egg on the road
  22. Sleep on the beach
  23. Craft day with friends
  24. Take a picture every hour of the day(for a day)
  25. Go a day without shoes
  26. Go a week without ANY technology(nothing)
  27. Swim every morning
  28. Get abs
  29. Sleep under the stars
  30. Have a mud war
  31. Water balloon fight
  32. Water gun fight
  33. Learn how to surf
  34. Road trip.
  35. Put soap in a public fountain
  36. Re-create a Starbucks recipe
  37. Learn how to skateboard
  38. Have a glowstick fight
  39. Go beach hopping
  40. Grow an herb garden
  41. Write a letter and send it to a random address
  42. Have every meal backwards for a day(breakfast for dinner, dinner for breakfast, etc.)
  43. Toilet paper your friend’s house
  44. Have a “national” dance party. Create an event on Facebook that says at a certain time no matter where you are, you have to dance.
  45. Start a summer blog OR write on a current blog about summer happenings
  46. Travel somewhere
  47. Start a diary/journal and write in it every day
  48. Make a field journal
  49. Spend a day sketching things you find outside
  50. Beach weekend with friends
  51. Watch every movie Marilyn Monroe acted in
  52. Watch every movie Audrey Hepburn acted in
  53. Watch all 6 seasons of Lost(again)
  54. Disney movie marathon
  55. Spend a whole day watching movies
  56. Invent a recipe
  57. Learn to climb a tree
  58. Go roller skating
  59. Learn how to cartwheel
  60. Tie a message to balloons and let them go
  61. Find out just how many balloons it takes to be lifted off the ground
  62. Go to a zoo
  63. Go to an aquarium
  64. Buy combat boots
  65. Get a polaroid camera
  66. Talk in a foreign accent all day
  67. Spend a day gazing at the clouds
  68. Create a summer playlist
  69. Bake sale
  70. Surprise a neighbor by baking something for them
  71. Pay for something in all pennies. The people in line and the cashier will be really annoyed with you
  72. Smash a shaving cream pie in someone’s face
  73. Help out with VBS at church
  74. Get my license
  75. Have a small concert with some friends
  76. Make a band
  77. Write a novel
  78. Make a time capsule
  79. Write a letter to myself and open it in 5-10 years
  80. Try on every scent at Bath and Body Works
  81. Work at a store in the mall
  82. Work at Starbucks
  83. Make a scrapbook
  84. Make smoothies
  85. Make 3-D sidewalk chalk art
  86. Go to an amusement park
  87. Eat breakfasts outside
  88. Make popsicles
  89. Make iced coffees
  90. Make s'mores
  91. Go to a baseball game
  92. Pick berries
  93. Play flashlight tag
  94. Build a sand castle
  95. Collect sea shells
  96. Catch a butterfly
  97. Go to a museum
  98. Play in sprinklers
  99. Face paint
  100. Make a flower crown
  101. Redecorate your room
  102. Spray paint something
  103. Buy chalkboard paint(for projects)
  104. Make/Buy barefoot sandals
  105. Have an at home spa
  106. Get a manicure and peticure
  107. Silly string fight
  108. Stargaze
  109. Make perfect egg rolls
  110. Go to Myrtle Beach
  111. Buy a ukulele
  112. Compliment a complete stranger
  113. Tye dye something
  114. Paint fight
  115. Cut and make your own t-shirts
  116. Decorate an old pair of shorts
  117. Learn new recipes
  118. Play hop scotch
  119. Catch fireflies
  120. Wade in the creek
  121. Make root beer floats
  122. Have tea parties
  123. Build an awesome blanket fort(on a stormy night)
  124. Go to a drive-in theater
  125. Use a fake name at Starbucks(Cinderella, etc)
  126. Cover room with lights, pictures & lyrics
  127. Walk to get donuts for breakfast
  128. Try a new food each week
  129. Do a car wash
  130. Friendship bracelets
  131. Make new friends
  132. Get a sun tattoo(or try) using a silly band
  133. Go around a whole day with a sign that says “Free Hugs”
  134. Sticky note someone’s car
  135. Fly a kite
  136. Become good at diving
  137. Paint with water colors
  138. Work out often
  139. Learn how to do the perfect hair flip
  140. Learn new braids
  141. Have long hair
  142. Try chalking the ends of my hair
  143. Make a shared Tumblr/blog with a friend
  144. Night swim
  145. Bonfire
  146. Watch the sunset
  147. Watch the sunrise
  148. Make my own pasta(from scratch)
  149. Make a dreamcatcher
  150. Do a lip sync
  151. Make a terrarium
  152. Go somewhere new
  153. Buy at least 5 new songs
  154. Go thrift shopping
  155. Stay at the pool for a whole day(from opening to closing hours)
  156. Stay up for 24 hours straight
  157. Buy some awesome flip flops
  158. 4th of July party
  159. Jump on the trampoline often(for exercise)
  160. Buy lots of ice cream from the ice cream truck
  161. Water park
  162. Pick flowers for someone
  163. Blow bubbles
  164. Go to the library
  165. Go to the farmer’s market!
  166. Spend a whole weekend with a friend
  167. Live in the tree house for a few days(and nights)
  168. Learn new songs on guitar
  169. Walk on the side of the highway
  170. Make a book clutch
  171. Dress like Indians for a day
  172. Go to McDonalds or The Waffle House at 3 am
  173. Order something in a different language
  174. Messy twister
  175. Bake a rainbow cake
  176. Go trail riding
  177. Be hippies for a day
  178. Gummybear + Sprite popsicles
  179. Dress up like superheroes for a day
  180. Conquer a fear
  181. Run around town at night(if parents let me)
  182. Make crazy costumes and wear them
  183. Photo shoot on a train track
  184. Spend an entire day outside(even meals)
  185. Buy matte nail polish
  186. Buy glitter nail polish
  187. Give a friend a makeover
  188. Eat lots of watermelon
  189. Stop being afraid and start living
  190. Try lots and lots of new things
  191. Be original and creative
  192. Stop caring about what people think about me
  193. Hang out with my friends
  194. Make a face mask
  195. Make an obstacle course
  196. Play on a slip n slide
  197. Take a group picture
  198. Shaving cream fight
  199. Glow paint fight
  200. Do something I’d never do
  201. Play man hunt
  202. Silly string fight
  203. Find the perfect theme song for this summer
  204. Watch a lightning storm
  205. Go to Cookout
  206. Learn how to use chopsticks(properly)
  207. Plant a tree
  208. Sleep on a trampoline
  209. Chase the ice cream truck
  210. Make a summer quote book
  211. Ride around in a shopping cart
  212. Food fight
  213. Eat a cake without using my hands
  214. Cover the driveway with chalk art
  215. Spray paint t-shirts(using tape)
  216. Sit on a roof and watch the sunset
  217. Make play do
  218. Make worms and dirt
  219. Make a family tree
  220. Say ‘yes’ to everything for a whole day
  221. Make music
  222. Be happy
  223. Wear something different
  224. Stay up till 3 am talking
  225. Dance freely
  226. Swim in the ocean
  227. Walk around the city at night
  228. Brave the weather
  229. Let loose
  230. Do a french manicure
  231. Feel beautiful
  232. Exercise more
  233. Time travel
  234. Play 'What are the chances’ a lot
  235. Buy red lipstick
  236. Learn how to walk in heels
  237. Don’t worry as much
  238. Pray more
  239. Read all of Psalms
  240. Ruin a pair of running shoes from running so much
  241. Take lots and lots of (polaroid)pictures
  242. Paint my dog’s toe nails
  243. Make someone breakfast in bed
  244. Learn how to waterfall braid(correctly)
  245. Eat healthier
  246. Be in two places at once
  247. Perfectly straighten my own hair
  248. Curl my hair perfectly
  249. Learn how to curl my hair with a straightner
  250. Have my windows open a lot
  251. Watch Grease
  252. Watch Gone With the Wind
  253. Do more DIY projects

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Time for a break

When you see this post:

-Get up
-Get off the computer or put down the phone or whatever you’re using
-Stretch, shake those muscles out
-Go get a drink of water and a breath of fresh air
-Eat something, if you haven’t for awhile
-Talk to a real human, or a pet, or your stuffed moose, whatever’s around. Exercise those vocal cords
-Take a moment to check if there’s anything important that needs attention (kid, pet, oven left on, essay that’s due tomorrow, etc.)
-If there is, go take care of it

Okay, you can go back to blogging now!! Love you all! ❤️