Ah the Book Mill. This converted mill houses a brilliant used book store (their slogan is “books you don’t need in a place you can’t find), a delicious cafe, a hip restaurant, an art and craft gallery, and an indie music store. Out in the middle of nowhere (aka near Deerfield and Sunderland – which is where Mount Sugarloaf is, a great hike with an even better view at the top), the Book Mill is a Pioneer Valley favorite. 

The Book Mill is a lovely place to spend an afternoon, studying and drinking tea over the sound of the falls. It’s a trek from Smith (about 40 minutes by car), but it’s so worth it, even if you don’t end up picking up any books (though I bought two paperbacks for my trip for less than $3 each!). 

  • Me:*in shower*
  • Me:* thinking about song lyrics*
  • Me:* thinking about reason of existence*
  • Me:* thinking about all the cool ideas I have I and want to text my bff*
  • Me:*thinking about all the stuff I have to do and order myself to do them in the right order*
  • Me:* singing in shower*
  • Me:*gets off shower*
  • Me:........
  • Me:........
  • Me:........
  • Me:* falling in bed thinking
  • " wow that was exhausting"*
fun games to play with friends #142

play I bet you have. it’s like never have I ever but you make it super personal by directing it at someone else!! if you’re right and they’ve done it, they drink. if you’re wrong, you drink!! everybody gets embarrassed and everybody knows each other super intimately and you end up super drunk. a++

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations on things to do between high school and college (other than things that cost money)?

  • volunteer - there are hundreds of opportunities around you
  • get a job
  • explore your city - you’d be surprised how much free entertainment you can find. Check your city’s tourism website for local events on the calendar.
  • learn to cook. You don’t need classes. Try some youtube videos and attempt new recipes you’ve never tried. Plan meals around stuff you already have in the kitchen. You will thank yourself for the creativity when you are a starving college student.
  • cook some meals in advance and freeze ‘em.
  • catch up on all the fun reads you’ve been putting off
  • join an adult sports league like ultimate frisbee or basketball or softball. They usually have a sign up fee but are pretty cheap entertainment / exercise.
  • have friends over for game nights / movie nights / potlucks / poker night / clothing swap
  • pick up a hobby and learn online - drag your dad’s old guitar out or learn to knit or draw
  • learn something useful, like how to drive a stick shift or change your own oil or tires
  • go on a photo excursion around town. Try to see things you’ve seen a million times in new ways.
  • blog
  • brush up on your knowledges - use iTunesU or Khan Academy to learn something valuable
  • plant a garden
  • go berry picking and make jams / jellies
  • start exercising if you don’t already, or find some new fun ways to work on your fitness
  • blanket fort. I feel like this needs to be on this list. 
  • reconnect with old friends or family
  • have a yard sale and clean out your closets - it will de-clutter your room and help you pare down for moving to college
  • start learning a new language. There are plenty of free resources online to get you started
  • back yard slip n slide. Alls you need is trashbags, duck tape, dish detergent, and a sprinkler
  • attend a religious service - learn about a faith or denomination different than your own
  • go swimming. Surely someone you know has a personal or neighborhood pool. 
  • become an extreme coupon-er
  • help out someone who needs it - dog sit for your neighbor while they’re on vacation. Take an old lady to the grocery store or doctor. Babysit for your single-mom friend who needs a break.
  • binge watch a tv show you have never seen before
  • re-read your favorite book. in a hammock. hammocks are the greatest.
  • go hiking or for a bike ride
  • people watch. Malls and flea markets are great places for this
Time for a break

When you see this post:

-Get up
-Get off the computer or put down the phone or whatever you’re using
-Stretch, shake those muscles out
-Go get a drink of water and a breath of fresh air
-Eat something, if you haven’t for awhile
-Talk to a real human, or a pet, or your stuffed moose, whatever’s around. Exercise those vocal cords
-Take a moment to check if there’s anything important that needs attention (kid, pet, oven left on, essay that’s due tomorrow, etc.)
-If there is, go take care of it

Okay, you can go back to blogging now!! Love you all! ❤️

4/4/16 Monday
First post ! So hi I’m isa and I’m new to the whole studyblr space but I’ve been through hundreds of other blogs and I find it really motivates me to put my shit together and be more organized so here I am!
Today I’m just writing down what I need to do for the day, especially focusing on my Economy exam on Thursday!


From Nets to Decks: Upcycling Fishing Nets in Chile

Join us this Thursday, 9/17, for a free lecture from the founders of Bureo Skateboards. Active members in the growing community of ocean activists, the team will share insight into the latest research on ocean pollution and walk through a few everyday solutions to support the push for cleaner oceans. An interactive presentation, visuals and a short documentary film will be followed by a Q&A session. The Bureo Skateboard project has been supported in part by the New England Aquarium’s Marine Conservation Action Fund.

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