Massage from Aaron R

With all the hours you’re working lately you’ve been feeling sore and tired all the time. Aaron has noticed and is highly concerned, he’s always telling you to take a break but you don’t want to not work. It isn’t fair for him to be the only one bringing in the money. Every time you get home you try to act like you’re fine but Aaron sees through everything.
Once again your shift ended later than what it was suppose to and you knew you were going to hear it from Aaron. As you walk through the door you were expecting to be scolded by Aaron but instead got a warm embrace and a kiss on the forehead. That absolutely melted your heart.
“Hey baby, how was your day?”  Aaron says while looking down at you.
“Tiring, I tried to leave early but we had a meeting that would not end. Sorry about that.”
“Don’t apologize I know it isn’t your fault. Why don’t you go shower while I finish up dinner.”
You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Aaron was making dinner. Usually you come home to cook for the both of you. You look up at him and plant a kiss on his lips then making your way upstairs. As you walked into the bedroom you gathered some pajamas to put on and took off your shoes and stuff. You walk into the bathroom connected to the room to see the most amazing thing ever. The bath was filled with rose pedals and was the color pink. All around the floor were more rose pedals along with heart shaped stuff. Around the tub was your favorite chocolates and a bottle of wine. You were smiling super hard and started tearing up because of what Aaron did for you. You get into the tub and all your tense muscles finally were relaxing and it felt like a weight being lifted off your shoulders. You stay in the bath for about an hour soaking in everything. Once you felt like you were done you got out and decided to put on sexy pajamas for Aaron. You wrap a towel around yourself and look for Judge’s favorite pajamas he likes on you. Once you fully dry you lotion your whole body and put on pink suede shorts that stuck onto your butt nicely making it pop. You also put on a cute pink t shirt without a bra so your boobs would be noticeable. You make your way down stairs and Aaron’s back was towards you and you immediately hugged him from behind. You could tell he got surprised because of how he flinched a little but once he saw it was you he smiled.

You clung onto him tightly placing kisses on his back and thanking him for what he did. Judge turns around so now your both facing each other and his eyes widen and darken. He looks you up and down while biting his lips. You get on your toes and pucker your lips showing that you want a kiss. Being that he’s 6’7 and your super short you cant ever reach him. He looks at you with a smile and plants his lips on yours. the kiss started off slow but you soon wrapped you arms around his neck and his went down to your waist. You felt his hands rub your waist and move down to your butt. Giving your ass a nice squeeze. You let out a small moan against his lips and Judge pulls back. In his eyes you could tell he wanted more but he refrained himself.
“I made us dinner.” Aaron says leading you to the living room. on the small table in front of the couch was two plates of mash potatoes and chicken along with some drinks and a small vase of roses. You smile at Aaron and take a seat next to him. Your legs tangle together as you both ate while watching tv and talking here and there. When you both finish you start to clean up and pick up the dishes. As you bend in front of Aaron to pick of the plates you could hear him groan. You look back to see him staring at you with so much lust. You smirk and walk away from him swaying your hips. You make your way to the kitchen to begin washing dishes. As your washing the dishes you felt a pain in your back and wince. Aaron saw and asks if you’re okay. You say “yeah it’s just a little cramp or something.”
Judge looks at you with concern and says “would you like a massage maybe that could relieve some pain.”
“Sure baby, you say while pecking him on the lips.
Judge picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. He lays you face down and climbs on top of you. He straddles you without applying any pressure onto you. He reaches for the dresser and gets some lotion that has pain reliever in it.
“Can I remove your shirt so I don’t stain it.” Aaron says while slowly tugging on your top.
“Sure baby.” You say leaning up a bit so he could take it off.
Once it’s off you lay back down a grab a pillow to rest your head. Your boobs were completely exposed but since you were face down Aaron couldn’t see them.
You felt his huge hands slowly caress your back. He applied small amounts of lotion rubbing it in nice and gently. You shut your eyes enjoying every moment of this. Judge starts at your shoulders moving down to your back. As he gets to your lower back he applies more pressure making you let out a little moan.
“Mmmmm Aaron” you moaned out his name.
Aaron stopped for a second then moved his hands lower and lower until they are completely on your ass. He starts to rub your ass and giving it a squeeze. You let out a even louder moan enjoying every second of what he was doing. Judge moves his hands back up to your back and you let out a groan wanting more from him. Since Judge was on top of you, you could feel his boner press against your butt and it turned you on. Judge knew you were getting turned on so he began grinding himself against you. You could feel his dick through your shorts and you were getting all wet down there. As Judge rubbed himself against you he still massaged your back.
“Ohhhhh Aaron.” You moaned out his name.
“Fuck that was hot.” Aaron says now trailing kisses onto your back. He kisses from your shoulder all the way down to your back. You felt butterflies in your stomach. The way his kisses trailed and breath hit your back drove you wild. Aaron’s hands returned to your ass and he began rubbing you in-between your legs.
“Fuck you’re soaked.” Aaron says while sliding his finger over your pussy. You let out a loud moan and pushed your self onto Aaron. Aaron pulled your shorts to the side and slid his finger deep inside of you.
“Ohhhhh Aaron.” You let out a low moan and your breathing got heavier.
Aaron started pumping in and out of you faster and faster and soon enough your walls tightened and you released all over his fingers.
Aaron then flipped you over and placed a kiss on your lips. HIs kisses trailed from you mouth, to your neck, down to your chest.
Aaron hands soon found there way to your breast. As he played with your breast you tugged on his pants and shirt.
“You want me to take these off.” Aaron says hovering over you with a smirk.
You were lost for words and could only nod.
Aaron lets out a small laugh and slowly removes his shirt. You tugged at it and it just made him take it off even slower. Growing frustrated to switch spots with him and completely rip off his shirt.
“Damn baby I didn’t know you were that strong” Aaron says with a shocked expression.
You were now on top straddling him. You lean down and place kisses on his lips down to his neck down to his stomach.
You unbuckle his pants and he leans up letting you slide down his pants.
You start rubbing on his thighs and he lets out a loud deep groan.
You feel him through his boxers and he lets out an even louder groan.
You pull down his boxers and his dick sprung up. You kissed the tip while looking him in the eyes. You slowly put him in your mouth
“Oh baby” Aaron says while shutting his eyes and leaning his head back.
You smile at what you do to him and begin sucking him off. You put him as far as you could and used your hands to stroke what couldn’t fit.
“Fuck baby I’m close.” Aaron says through pants
You start to bob your head even faster and Aaron loses it.
“Can I cum in your mouth baby.” Aaron says all out of breath
You look up at him and nod while still sucking him off. A couple seconds later Aaron explodes in your mouth and you swallowed what you could.
Aaron then lays you down and gets on top. He plants kisses all over your body and looks you in the eyes while saying “Are you ready.” You nod your head wanting to feel him inside you already.
Judge grabs himself and rubs it up and down your pussy so he’s nice and wet. He slowly inserts himself and you let out a loud moan. He looks you in the eyes and does it again. He stares you deeply in the eyes and slowly begins going in and out of you. You grip onto his back bringing his body closer to yours.
“Baby go faster.” You through moans
Aaron places kisses on your shoulder and starts going full speed slamming in and out of you hitting your g spot. You both moaned out each others names enjoying every second of what was going on. Aaron then flips you over so you’re on your stomach. He arches you back and inserts himself again. He somehow manages to go in deeper making you scream out his name. He slides in out of you until you were both ready to cum. Before you can cum he flips you back over and looks you directly in the eyes saying “you ready.” You nod your head and grip onto him tightly feeling your walls tighten up for the second time tonight. after a couple of seconds you both released onto each other. Fully exhausted Judges roles over next to you trying to catch him breath as you did too. You lean over and place a kiss on his lips and wrap the covers around the two of you.
“You should give me a massage more often.” You say winking at Aaron cuddling into his side.
“Anything for you baby.”

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hi i love lance, he is a precious perfect baby boy who deserves all the cuddles, hugs and kisses

WAit- you didn’t say he deserves even more angst?? I misread.

I said I will not do it and look what we’ve got here. The kiss. I guess I really have to learn to say no? *sigh*

Since I’ve been workin’ on a little side-project where I’m trying to pick up the old calendar-style Gosho once used anyway, I shamelessly tried to mimic it here too. So I turned the kiss into some kind of fake-calendar-page… It was a pain in the ass but also…fun? 

Headcanon that R is walking pencil-case. Like, he likes to have his hair tied up and when he write something or doodle he just put pen or pencil into his hair and forget about them and then he takes another one from someone.
Les amis stopped actually caring their writing equipment with them, they just walk to Grantaire.

(Everyone finds it really sweet and hilarious that Enjolras just approach R in the middle of his rambling, take out a pen from his hair, writes something down on his forearm and put it right back. R is so used to it he couldn’t care less)

fun games to play with friends #142

play I bet you have. it’s like never have I ever but you make it super personal by directing it at someone else!! if you’re right and they’ve done it, they drink. if you’re wrong, you drink!! everybody gets embarrassed and everybody knows each other super intimately and you end up super drunk. a++

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Do you have any recommendations on things to do between high school and college (other than things that cost money)?

  • volunteer - there are hundreds of opportunities around you
  • get a job
  • explore your city - you’d be surprised how much free entertainment you can find. Check your city’s tourism website for local events on the calendar.
  • learn to cook. You don’t need classes. Try some youtube videos and attempt new recipes you’ve never tried. Plan meals around stuff you already have in the kitchen. You will thank yourself for the creativity when you are a starving college student.
  • cook some meals in advance and freeze ‘em.
  • catch up on all the fun reads you’ve been putting off
  • join an adult sports league like ultimate frisbee or basketball or softball. They usually have a sign up fee but are pretty cheap entertainment / exercise.
  • have friends over for game nights / movie nights / potlucks / poker night / clothing swap
  • pick up a hobby and learn online - drag your dad’s old guitar out or learn to knit or draw
  • learn something useful, like how to drive a stick shift or change your own oil or tires
  • go on a photo excursion around town. Try to see things you’ve seen a million times in new ways.
  • blog
  • brush up on your knowledges - use iTunesU or Khan Academy to learn something valuable
  • plant a garden
  • go berry picking and make jams / jellies
  • start exercising if you don’t already, or find some new fun ways to work on your fitness
  • blanket fort. I feel like this needs to be on this list. 
  • reconnect with old friends or family
  • have a yard sale and clean out your closets - it will de-clutter your room and help you pare down for moving to college
  • start learning a new language. There are plenty of free resources online to get you started
  • back yard slip n slide. Alls you need is trashbags, duck tape, dish detergent, and a sprinkler
  • attend a religious service - learn about a faith or denomination different than your own
  • go swimming. Surely someone you know has a personal or neighborhood pool. 
  • become an extreme coupon-er
  • help out someone who needs it - dog sit for your neighbor while they’re on vacation. Take an old lady to the grocery store or doctor. Babysit for your single-mom friend who needs a break.
  • binge watch a tv show you have never seen before
  • re-read your favorite book. in a hammock. hammocks are the greatest.
  • go hiking or for a bike ride
  • people watch. Malls and flea markets are great places for this
Ideas of things to do when feeling blue
  • Do you have a pair of white shoes? Decorate them!!! Sharpies work fine
  • try to listen to music outside of your regular genre
  • paint your nails (hands and feet) ALL DIFFERENT COLORS
  • go on a walk and take pictures of flowers and plants and doggies
  • thrift shopping is always a fun time
  • sit in front of a mirror and compliment every inch of yourself (even if you aren’t convinced 100%)
  • try and memorize a super hard rap so u can show off to urself and friends (maybe a song thats popular at school dances)
  • do you have a wii or other game station??? break out an old game that you used to love. Just Dance is a favorite of mine.
  • look up a dance to a song u love on youtube and try to learn it (trust me it will be very hard and u will look silly but its super fun) ((also u can whip the dance out @ school dances))
  • organize your school bag
  • make outfits with the clothes u have
  • paint!!
  • add to this list :))

Aug 29. Stuff to do pt. 2!

Ooh look fancy font!! I’d been wondering how people did that I guess my tumblr app didn’t update until just now!

Things done:

✅ Eat Breakfast

✅ Brush teeth and hair

✅ Clean Kitchen

✅ Straighten up bedroom

Things to do:

🌧 Eat Lunch

🌧 Therapy

I’m going to take a nap now and finish those up when I woke up! Hope everyone is having a good day!!