Billie Piper

-As alwaysI do have a step by step for this one so if anyone’s interested just ask:)


6/50 gifs of Lee Jonghyun

Hey guys, thank you all for sending me so many asks last night!  Quite a few more have come in that I need to reply to, but I spent so long thinking about all this sad stuff last night that today I just want to doodle.  Meaning, as usual, I’m horrible at replying on time, but I have received your messages and will reply!  Thank you so much!  Hopefully part one of my new AU will go up Friday ^ ^;

my life is not going in the direction i want it to go and it’s really starting to get discouraging

I’m…. I’m gonna get Jaws of Hakkon when I come home later from my tutorials today *heavy breathes*

For anyone curious this means:

  1. I will tag any relevant spoilers with ‘Jaws of Hakkon’ ‘Jaws of Hakkon spoilers’ and ‘spoilers’ 
  2. Happy to take screenshots/answer questions/etc about the DLC if people do want spoilers!
  3. There may be incoherent flailing posts this afternoon, if there is, just assume Solas or Cullen did some fluffy cute romance stuff in the DLC and I can’t handle the feels


Trying to talk about politics with my mom just leaves me so drained and depressed. I just want to be able to say what I really think and have my opinion be respected. And not keep silent because I know it will be like talking to a wall. That’s all.